Happy Shamrocks Day!


Cuz green’s my favorite color, I made everybody get dressed up. Poor Falcon, tho! I guess we only got one shirt with green? I cut out a clover to pin on, an’ he carried around a pretty green rock. I think i’m Gonna make him a green hat so it won’t happen again. Wish I’d thought bout that sooner!

Pip an’ Amalynn are with Smidge, so we’re gonna go say hi. Gotta say hi lots an’ lots afore Smidge, Snip, Kele, Grammy Happy, an’ alla other cuzzins move. They’re goin’ on a forever-away adventure to Washington, sorta near where Pip lives. I’m gonna miss ‘em somethin’ fierce!

So… lotsa love til then. Gonna help ‘em clean an’ pack an’ stuff. They gotta lotta work to do.