A few more smiles

Bean was goin’ back to Grammy Happy’s to help with more sortin’ an’ stuff. Cooper’n me asked if we could go too. We wanna see the big box where Smidge’s Big House got packed, cuz it looked pretty cool on Facebook. An’ I know Cooper was kinda hopin’ He might maybe see Pinkly again.

Oh my gumdrops! The house box was huge! We were checkin’ it out when Grammy Happy undid the hibernatin’ box, an’ alla cuzzins an’ friends came out! You shoulda seen Cooper. His whole face lit up bright like sun comin’ outta clouds.

We all sat up onna big box, chattin’ an’ smilin’ an’ laughin’. There was a whole big crew of us, lined up an’ hangin’ out. Beans did their beamy things, an’ we did our Dollie things.


An’ it was super sweet that Cooper an’ Pinkly got a li’l more time together. They sat together an’ talked an’ held hands sn’ Stuff. I know Cooper was sad bout sayin’ goodbye, but he was smilin’ too.  We all were.

Love you all!


Sayin’ goodbye

3819A1C6-750C-4231-BB57-2CAADE39E844I don’t like it. At all.

We gotta find a solution, one so we don’t need “goodbye” no more. Just “I’ll see ya tomorrow” an’ a jaunty li’l wave. But goodbye? No. It’s gotta be black-lined outta dictionaries cross the globe. Or at least the ones I can find.

Grammy Happy told Cooper an’ me we had to go. Dollies were gettin’ packed the next day, bein’ Hibernated in boxes so they could be shipped cross America to Washington, where Grammy Happy’s gonna go live. It sounds kinda like Postal, but maybe safer (or maybe not), with a bigger ticket, an’ more direct. The only boxes inna truck are Grammy Happy’s. But things still might get broke or lost or somethin’.

Grammy Happy’s goin’ carvin’ first in Arkansas, tho, an’ she’s takin’ alla Hittys there with her in her car (not onna big not-Postal Bus Truck). Smidge an’ Snip an’ Pinkly an’ alla other cuzzins too.  I thought it’d be nice to go back an’ say hi to Mr. Glenn an’ Miss Janice an’ teachers Adonai an’ Janet, an’ I figured somebody’d Send us home sometime onna Postal, an’ it’d be super awesome nice too to see Pip an’ Amalynn again in Washington. I even sorta kinda tried to make Bean forget us, but it didn’t quite work.

I got worried. What if we got packed inna box that wasn’t fully dollies an’ put onna big not-Postal Bus Truck? They were sayin’ boxes onna truck would get packed inna pods instead of houses, an’ those things might stay in pods for years an’ years, an’ I didn’t wanna be hibernated inna box inna pod for years! It’d be like bein’ a pea. Or an Alien. Or a Gremerlin. No an’ no an’ no again.

So I was good. I did the good Dollie thing an’ yelled at Bean so she’d remember us (I could see her lookin’ at us, so I knew she was givin’ us time to think about what sort of adventure we wanted). An’ we said proper goodbyes, with lotsa hugs an’ sniffles an’ stuff. Sigh.

Hugs to Goobie.


Hugs to Snip.


Hugs to dear sweet Smidge, my tiny Pinkmost cuzzin.


An’ Cooper hadda say bye to Pinkly. Poor Cooper. I think he really likes her. He asked if she knew how to play chess. I think he’s tryin’ find a way to play chess cross states. It’s a very slow game.


So,…yea. I don’t wanna say goodbye no more. We outta all live in one big house, or a neighborhood of houses, or somethin’. Me an’ Cooper an’ Smidge an’ Snip an’ Kele an’ Pinkly an’ alla cuzzins an’ Pip an’ Amalynn an’ Wren an’ Lark an’ Sparrow an’ Falcon an’ Meikiko an’ alla Littles an’ Voir an’ Kylie an’ Tiny an’ Small an’ alla Dollies I’m maybe forgettin’ who have a big place in our so big, kinda broken hearts. Alla ones we love an’ don’t wanna be without ever again. It’d be nice.

Love you all. I’ll see you again as soon as I can.


Comin’ an’ Goin’

Oh, gumdrops.  There’s been a lotta comin’ an’ goin’ round here.  Pip an’ Amalynn were here for a bit.  I think I mentioned that before.  We hadda good time, visitin’, an’ it was a good excuse for seein’ Smidge an’ Snip an’ Kele an’ alla others.  Cooper spent bunches of time talkin’ with Pinkly.  I know he told her every single Pi joke he knew.  Poor Pinkly.  She’s so sweet: she never told him to stop.


Alla beans were busy, tho.  Smidge an’ Snip an’ alla cuzzins are movin’ away.  They’re gonna go way out west, near Pip, an’ live there in a new house.  I’m super glad Pip’s gonna have more family near her, but I’m gonna miss everybody too.  No more quick jaunts down the road to visit Smidge, or Krissmiss visits, or stuff like that.  We’ve still got friends over at Dolli Lane, but…  it’s just not gonna be the same.  I’m gonna have to go Postal again.  An’, with how Cooper’s talkin’, maybe he’s gonna do it too.  I think he’s kinda sweet on Pinkly.  Last time I asked him bout it, he said no no no an’ got all red inna face, but Wren hugged him an’ said it was ok even if he did.

So alla Beans are runnin’ round, fixin’ stuff an’ packin’ stuff an’ throwin’ stuff away.  The Witch is gonna inherit Snip’s old breadbox house, so she’s gonna get a place where she can live without traumatizin’ alla Littles at Dolli Lane.  That’s good.  An’ she can do her witchy things without makin’ anybody sick or nothin’.  I’ll help her get her things all set up an’ stuff.  Snip an’ Smidge an’ Kele are livin’ together now inna Big House.  They say it’s gonna get moved to Washington too.  It’s good to have a home that goes with you, like turtles an’ snails.


I’ve been spendin’ loads of time makin’ sure nobody gets sold or nothin’.  It’s hard.  Beans are doin’ hard work, too, specially cuz the date’s gettin’ closer an’ closer for movin’.  Cooper an’ me are stayin’ here long as we can to get in last minute visits with cuzzins afore they’re all gone away.

(Pip gave me a dress, an’ Amalynn got a dress kinda sorta like it, so we got to playin’ like we were twins one day an’ dressed up in our matchin’ stuff!)


Leavin’s sad.  When Pip an’ Amalynn had to go, everybody was cryin’ an’ weepin’.  I forgot to grab pictures of sayin’ bye, but there was plenty of sad after an’ plenty of time for pictures then.

Forgot to say, two new friends came to stay with Pinkly an’ Riki an’ them.  Their names are Tansy an’ Quinn.  Tansy kinda sorta reminds me of Wren.  But I’d know Wren anywhere, so I’m not worried bout it.  There’s a set of boys that look an awful lot alike.  I dunno if they’re twins, but they outta be.  I can never tell which is which.  Maybe that’s why Cooper’s always inna girl’s dorm, hangin’ with Pinkly.  Least he knows who she is.  Twins like Cooper an’ me are smart: you can tell who’s who.

Today, Smidge an’ her friend Goobie are gonna go get lunch with Goobie’s bean an’ Grammy Happy.  There’s a lotta goodbyes goin’ on.  Cuz they’re out, I’m borrowin’ Snip’s computer.


He got me through his passwords an’ stuff.  So here I am, writin’!  I’ve still got this dress from Pip on.  I don’t much like dresses, but it’s soft an’ pretty, an’ it makes me feel happy, sorta like I’m gettin’ a hug while I wear it.

I’m tryin’ to not think much. But I’m gonna miss everybody.  Enjoyin’ bein’ with ’em as much as I can til they gotta go.


Fun in Washington: Art Show

Early durin’ my trip, Pip took us to Aunty Glenda’s studio, an’ we all messed ’round with paints an’ paper an’ stuff, havin’ some fun.  Then Pip hadda good idea:  we outta have a real, honest-to-goodness, art show!  I was kinda scared.  I ain’t so good at makin’ art, not like Aunty Glenda an’ Pip.  But what I did was all right, an’ she really liked the idea, so I liked it too.  I just wanted to put a li’l cloth over my picture (but I didn’t!!)

Aunty Glenda helped us all get a studio space set up for the show, an’ she brought in some paintings from other artists for decoratin’ the back walls an’ creatin’ conversation an’ stuff.  I think maybe they were all her own art?  They were awful pretty.  But she said they weren’t parta the show, they were just filler.  We sent out invitations an’ got ready.


For an art show, Aunty Glenda said we outta have somethin’ ready to say bout our art an’ what it meant an’ how we made it an’ stuff.  I’d just sorta put colors onna page, tho…  She helped me with thinkin’ bout how to talk bout art, an’ helped me remember how I’d done what I’d done to make it inna picture.  Thanks, Aunty Glenda!  I woulda been lost without you!!

Then Pip hadda good idea:  we were gonna put the show onna internet, an’ get other people to vote!  Pip is super smart.  She said we would put it online after the show night, so alla guests who came would get first looks an’ stuff.

Then…show night!


Pip’s painting was called “Blue Flash on Purple.”  She said she was paintin’ sorta what it felt like to have a sudden idea.  I think it’s pretty cool, both the paintin’ an’ the reason for it!


Amalynn’s paintin’ was called “Journey.”


An’ mine was called “The Hunt.”  (no white cloth, promise)


It was super fun doin’ an art show!  I’m glad Pip had her idea, an’ Aunty Glenda helped us put it together.  Alla people who came really liked it.  Plus I know there was more votin’ an’ talkin’ online, tho I didn’t really pay a lotta attention to who said what or who voted for what.  I think we were all winners with art!


Art is fun.  Last year, Pip an’ me made a different kinda art, outta photo paper an’ ourselves!  Yep, art sure is fun.  But Pip did talk me outta smearin’ paint all over myself an’ rollin’ onna canvas.  She said there were artists who did stuff like that, but it was messy, an’ usually the art didn’t look like much inna end.  I didn’ wanna spend hours pickin’ paint outta my hair (or other parts!), so I didn’ do that kinda art.  This was better.

Thanks, Pip!  Thanks, Autny Glenda!  Thanks, Amalynn!  An’ thanks to alla Woodinville Hittys who came, an alla friends online who voted an’ talked an’ joined inna art show!  Without alla you, it wouldn’t’ve been.


Fun in Washington: Garden Adventure 2

Ok.  So mole huntin’ was a bust.  We went inna garden instead!  Pip wanted to find Aunty Glenda’s fountain.  We walked, an’ turned, an’ walked some more.  There were plants an’ flowers an’ leaves an’ all sortsa things all ’round us, so much it felt like we were lost inna woods (I wanna say jungle, cuz that makes it more adventurous, but it wasn’t really like a jungle.  Pip says Aunty Glenda spends a lotta time clearin’ out weeds an’ takin’ care of alla plants.  Right then, we were surrounded by foxgloves.)

Then I saw ’em again.  The trees.  The awesome japanese maple trees, with alla inviting branches.  An’ I hopped around an’ begged and coaxed, until Amalynn said sure!  she wanna try climbin’ ’em too!  So we went up to ’em, an’ I found out climbin’ these trees wasn’t quite so easy as some other trees I climbed.  Maybe it was alla moss?  I kept slippin’ off.  So Amalynn said she’d give me a boost.


Climbing Trees 01

I kinda sorta think I maybe hurt her a bit, climbin’ up on her shoulders, cuz she grunted a bit and oomphed once, an maybe there was a li’l “ow!”…  I’m awful sorry bout that, Amalynn.  But the boost sure did help, cuz pretty soon, I was up inna tree!


Climbing Trees 02

I love bein’ in trees.  Makes me feel like a bird!  An’ you can see real good, too.  An’ it’s quiet an’ calm an’ green an’ happy.  Trees are good friends.  I reached down to help Amalynn up (cuz it wasn’t really so far up, an’ the worst part was that first bit, with alla moss onna trunk), but she said nah, she didn’t wanna come up after all.

Anyhow, up inna tree, I saw the fountain we was lookin’ for, an’ pointed out which way we hadda go.  It was back through the forest, where we’d just come!  Dunno how Pip got so turned around.  (dawned on me later that I got a really really good friend, cuz she’d come alla way outta way so I could see the japanese maple trees again an’ climb ’em.  Thanks Pip!)

Back through the foxglove forest we went, til we got to the fountain.  Pip said we hadda be careful not to get wet, cuz Aunty Glenda didn’t know we’d come out to the fountain, an’ gettin’ wet would give us away.  Amalynn an’ me said we’d do our best to stay dry.  Then Pip quick scrambled up the fountain to the tallest part, showin’ me how to get there an’ alla best handholds an’ paths.  Wow, but she was fast!


Amalynn said she wasn’t much inna climbin’ mood, she wanna stay down by the pretty pool.  I shoulda stayed an’ kept her company, but there was climbin’ beggin’ to be done, an’ a fountain to scale, an’…  Sorry, Amalynn!


Pip kept shoutin’ down encouragements, an’ tellin’ me which way I outta go for a good climbin’ hold, until then I was up there atta top, where she’d been!  I found a good seat an’ stopped a bit, listenin’ to alla pretty water as it flowed by.  It was kinda like bein’ inna tree, calm an’ peaceful.  Thanks, Pip, for helpin’ me find a way to get up.


Onna way back home, we passed by some pretty purple Irises, an’ Pip stopped for a quick photo shoot.  She does love her purples!  Aunty Glenda has some awful pretty plants, too.  She does good makin’ her garden forest look nice.




Fun in Washington: Moles!

Haley-pup is a Molenator! She went after alla bad moles, diggin’ an’ chasin’ an’ burrowin’ down inna dirt caves they make.  She is somethin’ awesome!  So me an’ Pip an’ Amalynn wanna put our sword practice to good use.  I ain’t seen monsters round here, but moles…yea, there’s moles ‘neath these hills.


We started out right where Haley dug up her mole. Seemed like a good place for startin’, cuz I dunno how to track a mole.  We three went up to her mole hole an’ looked down innit an’ thought. We needed a closer look.  Since Pip didn’t have a sword, she went down, an’ me an’ Amalynn stood guard up top.  (yea…maybe not the smartest idea, sendin’ the girl what ain’t got a sword down where we knew a mole had been…)


So down she went inna hole.  She poked ’round a bit, lookin’ for pawprints an’ scuffle marks that might tell us where alla moles went.  But there wasn’t much down there.  Haley pup had done a good job, clearin’ that mole out, an’ it sure seemed like the others got the message.


Pip made her report: there were no more moles here.  An’ we were sad, cuz it meant there was no fightin’ to be done.  But it was good, too, cuz I dunno if mole fightin’ is the same as monster fightin’, an’ I didn’t wanna see my friends maybe get hurt.  We pulled Pip outta the hole an’ said maybe we outta be done huntin’ for the day.  We’d go find other stuff t’do instead!

Swords up, girls!  Job well done.  Mole patrol: clear.



Fun in Washington: Sword Play

I’ve gotten way late with alla writing I outta do ’bout havin’ fun with Pip an’ Amalynn.  I guess I was havin’ too much fun instead!  Figured I outta get caught up some, tho.

I guess alla Hittys have swords, cuz the ones livin’ near Pip an’ Amalynn had swords too.  We found one more for Pip that wasn’t too heavy, an’ all three of we went ahead and did some practicin’ (they wanna know more about fightin’ monsters, cuz there are somethin’ called “moles” in their yard, an’ Auntie Glenda’s Haley puppy is a mole fighter, an’ maybe they’re gonna need to defend their own house too).  So we got busy workin’ with swords!

I dunno why we thought fightin’ with swords in our jammies was a good idea, but it sure was fun.  An’ cute.  I was usin’ the Hitty’s big sword, cuz I ain’t tried usin’ a two-handed sword before.  Man, it was heavy!  I hadda hold it all different.  But I wanted to make it work.

We started first with a sword-point together thing, like Three Muskateers.  An’ that’s kinda what we were feelin’ like:  three muskateers, friends out to protect our home an’ country!  Minus alla spicy drinks an’ swear words an’ stuff.  And France.  But it was close enough!  An’ we got all fierce.


Then we got inna talkin’ bout holdin’ swords, an parryin’, an’ blockin’, an’ usin’ proper form an’ all.  I dunno how much fun Pip had (she needed a true purple sword, I think), but Amalynn seemed like she caught on quick.

An’ Pip was somethin’ fierce too!  She came right up an’ woulda gotten both of us if we were actually fightin’, cuz neither one of us was ready for her.  It was a good move for her to make if she was inna fight for real.


But Pip, oh funny Pip!  She got bored with alla sword play, an’ went off to do some of her own things.  She’d be good inna play for sure.  But I’ll take her at my side any day.  Even if swords aren’t her thing, she’s gotta good brain an’ can think her way outta problems.


Funny Pip!