Valentine’s Day

Wren hadda ‘splain what today was an’ why people do stuff onna “Valentine’s day.”  I guess I just ain’t never celebrated it none afore?  I dunno.  I really don’ remember it bein’ special, tho.  But she says people likes t’ give friends an’ love ones flowers an’ cards an’ hearts an’ chocolates (chocolate?!  I could like any holiday with people givin’ away some chocolate!!).  But mostly it’s justa day for one person t’tell another that they loves ’em.

I even gotta card this year!  Pip sent it.  An’ I know is justa card, but it seems pretty special cuz it’s the first I ever gotten.  So I took lotsa pictures.  See?  It’s got m’name on it an’ everythin’!






Aww…  I loves ya too, Pip!  An’ Smidge sent me a Valentine card onna Facebook, too.  Alla pictures I tried t’take of the screen came out fuzzy, tho, so I can’t share it here.  But I loves ya too, Smidgeroonie!!  Next year, I’m gonna send cards too.  To alla my friends, like Pip an’ Smidge an’ Snip an’ Riley an’ Pinkley an’ Sippie an’ Chase an’ Kylie an’ Voir an’ Ella an’ Kris an’ alla them.  (an’ Wren an’ Cooper an’ Meikiko an’ Sparrow an’ Vega an’ Hazel an’ Nim an’ alla Littles at Dolli Lane!  That’s gonna be a lotta cards…) That means I gotta getta lotta postals, tho.  Vega’ll help, I know she will.  Or maybe I can just ask meself onna Facebook.

(by the way, Wren’ll be proud I’m plannin’ somethin’ like this.  She says thinkin’ more bout what’s gonna happen tomorrow is parta growin’ up an takin’ care of things an’ stuff.  An’ she sure been sayin’ loads bout that now that Riley’s ’round the house.  But more onna Riley later.  Today’s bout hearts an’ all.)

Anyhow, I ain’t sent cards or nothin’ this year, but alla we took a Valentiney picture so we could say Happy Heart Day to alla you!  Hope you hadda heart-full, happy day!  An’ hope alla tomorrows is just as good, too.