Snow Day!

It’s been super cold lately. I thought that was all it was gonna do—be cold!—but then we gotta little change an’ some snow came! It was so cold, I almost didn’t wanna go out an’ play but—nah. I love snow. I hadda go. I left Riley inside though.

i went an’ found our sled, cuz it’s been a bit since I went sleddin’. I’m thinkin’ I wanna try somethin’ like snow boardin’ sometime. Gotta get one first. For now, sleddin’ an’ snowmen is good!



But when I went an’ tried to make a snowman, alla snow fell like powder through my fingers. That was no good. I gave up on it an’ went to make some snow angels instead!


It wasn’t half bad. Not too sure where its head went, tho. I think I was tryin’ to keep snow outta my back, so I didn’t put my head alla way back? It was so super cold!


So cold, in fact, I went inside to warm up then. When I hopped on Facebook, I found Vale talkin’ bout maybe droppin’ Nuclear bombs on herself to test her shields?! Gumdrops, that worried me. She swears she’ll be ok, but wanted ideas bout remote places where maybe it’d be “safe” to drop a bomb. I mentioned some islands inna Pacific I found cuz I zoomed inna Google Maps an’ moved the mouse round the ocean. They’re called atolls, an’ they’re little islands with rims of land an’ a big circle lake inna middle (kinda like a short volcano inna ocean that got filled up with water instead of lava?). An’ now Vale’s talkin’ bout maybe takin’ me on a trip to the Pacific, maybe to an atoll!

I dunno when she’s sendin’ her jet, though, so I gotta go pack an’ get ready! Wow! An island! From snow to tropics? That’d be pretty cool!


Travel by Postal

We got home from Arkansas by Postal.  Travellin’ by Postal was pretty cool.  It was totally an adventure.  It was bumpy an’ jostley an’ rattly.  We got moved a lot.  It was kinda like what the Mini-Beans call a “roller coaster.”  But we were safe inna Pink case, cuz we were all tucked inna blankets an’ sleepin’ bags an’ clothes.  Super soft.  Sometimes, we’d be inna postal office for a bit, an’ Cooper helped me get inna the different wi-fi signals, so we sent out li’l messages on Facebook to let people know we were safe an’ all.

I wanted to go out an’ poke round the postal trucks, but Cooper said that was a very very very bad idea.  Postal people might not be super nice like Miss Janice an’ Mister Glenn.  So I stayed inna pink case.  We hadda few pieces of candy to keep us from starvin’, so I guess there wasn’t really a need to go out, but I do like explorin’…

Travel by Postal takes a while.  Kind of a long while.  With Grammy Happy an’ Bean, we went from home to Arkansas in about two days.  By Postal, it took loads longer, maybe a week or somethin’?  I got sorta kinda super bored (but don’t tell Bean!)  The best part was tryin’ figure out where we were when we got onna wi-fi system.  Lotsa places didn’ look at all familiar, but then we started seein’ names for places inna home state, an’ names for postal offices that looked a whole lot more like hometown.

Then the Postal Truck stopped, an’ we were the only box lifted out.  There was a knock, an’ our box got put down, an’ that was it.  So I hopped onna ‘puter an’ checked to see if I could find a wi-fi, an’ it said HOME!  I was super happy.  I loved our adventure, an’ travel by Postal was pretty cool, but Home meant seein’ Wren an’ huggin’ Riley an’ knowin’ we were really safe again.  Plus Bean sent a message sayin’ it was gonna snow!!

Cuz I had my sword, I wanted to break outta the box, but Cooper stopped me.  We were still outside.  Once we left the box, we’d have to figure out how to get inna door, an’ that was a lotta work.  We didn’t have a key.  We outta wait, he said, til a Mini-Bean got home an’ took us inside.  So I sat back down an’ waited.

Cooper was right, tho.  After a bit, I heard a Mini-Bean voice, an’ our box got lifted.  The door got unlocked an’ opened, an’ our box got put back down again.  It was loads warmer inna house, too.  Then the Mini-Bean voice went away, an’ I think somethin’ sniffed atta box, an’ then it was quiet.  Cooper said ok then.  So I went to work, gettin’ us outta the Postal Box.


After a couple cuts with the sword, I poked my hand out an’ pushed.  An’ pushed.  An’ there it was, our door outta Postal Box!


I helped Cooper out, an’ we sat there for a bit, feelin’ happy.  We were free!  Then we both looked at each other, an’ looked back inna box.  The Hittys.  We hadda get them out too.


I told Cooper to stay.  I’d go back in, an’ he could help ’em from out here.


It worked out ok, I think.  Alla Hittys got out safe! One, two, three.


Gumdrops, but it was good to be out.  Better still to get back home that night, an’ see the whole Flock again.  We did big hugs all around.


But the next day, more adventures, cuz there really was snow! Riley an’ me went out an’ ran around an’ played an’ made snowballs an’ snowmen. I even tried makin’ a snow pup, but it looked kinda more like a snow bunny…



I really liked Arkansas an’ Dragons an’ seein’ Pip an’ Smidge an’ Voir an’ Overstay  an’ ridin’ Postal, but it sure is nice bein’ home too!


In which Riley becomes a…problem?

Who’da thunk my sweet li’l pup would be a problem? I mean, yea, Wren’s been sayin’ I  gotsta train her an’ all, an’ she outta be a good sweet pup, an’ she can’t be makin’ messes or nothin’. But mostly she doesn’t.  Make messes, that is. Mosta time, she paws atta door, or whimpers at me, an’ I pick her up an’ take her out an’ she does her thing.

Simple, right?

But Wren says she outta walk on a leash an’ sit when she been told an’ not sneak table scraps (or even ask for some!) An’ most definitely not chew no shoes.  It makes sense, I guess, but it’s hard to figure how a pup’s gonna do alla that.

Mosta time, tho, I ain’t gotta worry none, cuz Riley’s a good pup.

Th other day, tho, I forgotten bout her. Me an’ Cooper an’ Sparrow was in a bedroom, readin’ bout butterflies inna book Pip sended, an’ talkin’ bout how we was gonna go out an’ find ’em in a summer. Cooper was sayin’ we could plant flower bushes they liked an’ make a muddy puddly spot, cuz butterflies like havin’ a li’l drink too. But then he said we outta catch ’em an’ kill ’em an’ put ’em inna box with labels, an’ neither Sparrow nor me much liked the idea. Poor butterflies!


Then, outta blue, I heard Wren holler: “Kestrel!”

It weren’t no happy-Wren voice. She wasn’t gonna gimme no cookies or nothin’. Cooper looked at me, an’ I looked at he, an’ we both kinda cringed.


But he didn’t go with me or nothin’. Nope, I hadda do it all by meself.  So off I went, wonderin’ if maybe I’d forgotten to match socks or if I done left m’ sword lyin’ out an’ about or if maybe maybe maybe Wren wanna gimme somethin’ nice, like a ice cream cone or somethin’!  I kinda walked a li’l faster then, thinkin’ maybe I weren’t inna trouble after all!

But I got inna main room, an’ alla that good thought went flyin’ ‘way, cuz I took one look atta Wren’s face an’ knew for sure I done somethin’ wrong.


Uh oh.  Big wrong, too.

“Hi, Wren,” I say.  “Whatcha need?”  Alla innocent-like, like I ain’t done nothin’ bad.  Cuz I still ain’t figure it out, an’ I’m standin’ there, lookin’ at her.

“Kestre,” she said, an’ her voice was calm down a bit, “did you forget something?”

I looked down at myself.  I was wearin’ a shirt, an’ pants, an’ I’d got on clean unders that mornin’, an’ I passed a brush through m’ hair, an’ another over teeth… “Um…shoes?”  I looked back uppa at Wren, hopin’ I got it right.


She pointed, an’ I followed her finger, an’ I bust out laughin’.  I think doin’ that wasn’t right, but I couldn’ help it none!


I slapped a hand over m’ mouth right quick, but I know for sure Wren heard the laugh, cuz she just gave a big sigh.  “You have to train her better, Kestrel.  She can’t go around, stealing shoes and making messes like she’s a little hooligan.  If you’re going to keep a puppy, you need to train it right.”

“She been wearin’ her collar, though.  She ain’t even snuck outta it much.”

Wren just kept givin’ me the look.

I sighed.  I thought the collar was good enough.  Time afore, puttin’ it onna Riley’s neck’d been enough t’ make Wren happy.  Guess I gotta figure out what more t’do.  I ain’t never own a dog afore.  How’m I gona train one?  I took the shoe ‘way from Riley an’ look it over.  Weren’t in bad condition, not yet.  There was just a little spot where you could see her teeth marks inna leather.  I didn’ think that’d make Wren happy, tho, so I set it down.


I gave it one last go, tho.  “Y’know, Wren, it’s an awfu shame we gotta make her like every other dog.  She’s kinda like a free spirit an’ all…”


Yea.  No.  She didn’ budge.  In fact, she had a very firm idea bout what I needa do with Riley, an’ she made it very clear.  I looked over at m’ pup, with her tongue hangin’ outta side her mouth an’ those big brown eyes she got, an’ I just knew we was in for a mess…

To Be Continued…

(Isn’t that cool?  Cooper told me I can do stuff like that!  He showed me inna book he been readin’, that summatime, the writer’s got a spot atta end wha’ say he ain’t done writin’, but the next part ain’t writ yet!  I figgered I outta try somethin’ like it too.)


Winter? Summer? Spring?

It’s been awful lot like spring late.  There’ve been flowers alla poppin’, an’ sun, an warm breezes.  Birds been flyin’ inna sky, playin’ games again cuz the wind’s pushin’ em higher an higher.  An’ I been lookin’ atta weather, wonderin’ why, atta tail enda February, we touchin’ inna 80 degree weather.  Where’d spring go?  An’ wha happen to winter?  We ain’t even atta first day of spring yet, but it’s warm up like we already inna summer!!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I like flowers.  I like warm breezes.  I love watchin’ alla birds out playin’.  An’ maybe I getta try out me kite too!  But I loves winter.  I love snow.  I wanna li’l bit more afore it alla goes away.

So, inna true confuse fashion like spring do inna Virginia, this mornin’, the snow was fallin’ thick.  It ain’t stick onna nothin’, but it was there!  An’ it make me so so happy, just for to see it another time.  Maybe it’ll come back one more time afore winter let go for real.  Maybe it won’t.  But at least there was one last little breath of snowball an’ icicle an’ sleddin’ fun.

Hope alla you’s doin’ good!




Oh, I’m so happy!!!!  Last night, when we went to bed, there was nothin’ onna ground.  This mornin’, I woke up super duper early an ran to check an’–sure enough!–there was snow onna ground!!


Oh, how I love snow!  I shoulda waited for everyone t’get up, but I couldn’ do it.  I yanked on some boots an’ put on m’ hat an’ grabbed a coat an’ ran outta door.  SNOW!!!!



It was super deep.  I was standin’ there one second, an next I was gone up t’ my waist.  Thought for sure if I took another step maybe I’d be over m’head inna drift!  It wasn’t quite that bad, but it was enough that I tracked back the way I’d came an’ grabbed m’ sled an’ made for a hill.


I had fun for a bit, but I wanna get Wren an’ Cooper an’ Meikiko out there for buildin’ snowmen an playin’ snowball fights an’ stuff, so I didn’ stay out too too long.  Dunno what Cooper’s gonna do, tho.  Alla footstuffs he’s gots are these tennis shoes.  An’ I dunno if Meikiko’s got shoes at all.  We’ll figure it out tho.

But I’m so happy!  Yesterday was my birthday, an’ today there’s snow!!  Hope alla dollies’re havin’ fun too.