Cooper’s Eyes: birthday, 2018

I didn’t really want to admit it, but I’m a little bit sad about today. It is my birthday,  but it’s also Kestrel’s birthday (after all, we are twins). But Kestrel was invited to an isolated South Pacific island by her friend Vale, a cyborg from England (though, to be honest, I’m not clear about Vale’s nationality). Anyhow, Kestrel has an adventurous spirit, so off she went, with only a bag over her shoulder. I believe they intend to camp and forage for several days?

I am glad she went. I would not want to hold anyone back from an experience like that. After all, I should hope nobody would keep me back if I was invited to an island getaway! But I do sort of wish that I could have gone too. A weekend in the sun and sand sounds lovely.

Instead, I am here alone, surrounded by snow and bitter cold temperatures. Our friends are doing special things to make me feel better, though. Sparrow says she’ll bake a cake soon. And Falcon agreed to a game of chess with me.


Lark watched, having played the game before. She seems an astute player and suggested several good moves during the game. I tried to let Falcon win, but he tried to do the same for me. Lark left us, frustrated by our lack of vigor, and we ultimately called the game a failure as our  kings chased each other slowly round the board without ever making a conquest. We were laughing at the end and finally agreed that we would actually play next time.

oh! And since Kestrel is not here to object, I am going to share a picture of her trying on her bathing costume prior to leaving for the island! I don’t believe she say me take the picture. And I am certain she would not want me to share it if she had a voice in making the decision!


So, happy birthday, Kestrel! I hope you’re having a wonderful time. Catch a fish for me. But leave the birds alone. The Kure Atoll is a nature preserve, and the authorities would be vexed if you ate one. While I would love to visit the South Pacific, I don’t want to do so because I need to bail you out of a Hawaiian jail!


ps: Sparrow’s birthday cake gift! Thanks, my friends.



Merry Krissmiss!

For Krissmiss, Wren wanted to give Nim a special gift.  She wanted to give Nim a li’l break an’ offered to take the Littles for Krissmiss Eve.  A few stayed with Nim (Rosy an’ one kitty), but we had most of ’em over.  Lotsa floor sleepin’.  Littles don’t mind.  After we fed ’em dinner an’ read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, an’ hung up a couple stockings, everybody got ready for bed.


We were all cozied up an’ most of the Littles stopped whisperin’ when Meikiko gasped an’ hopped outta bed an’ went runnin’ for the main room.  She forgot to get Santa’s cookies an’ milk ready.  Real quick, she got out some cookies an’ poured a mug of milk an’ set it out onna side table.


Then back to bed an’ sleep an’ sugarplum fairies an’ eight tiny reindeer an’ kerchiefs an’ alla that.  (I couldn’t get alla them in one picture.  There were just too many!)


Inna morn, the Littles woke with such a ruckus an’ a bluster, cuz it was Krissmiss an’ all!  Oh my gumdrops!  I never knew Nim hadda handle so much at Dolli Lane.  Halloween ain’t seemin’ so bad now.  We all trooped out to the main room an’ found Santa had visited inna night.


Oh, the noise! the chaos! the happiness!!  The Littles were all sortsa crazy, divin’ inna things left under the tree.  There was no blood, so we kinda let them have at it.  There were dollies, an’ bears, an’ li’l toys here an’ there.  There was even a picnic basket (which Aqua squealed over, so I think maybe that was her biggest wish-for), an’ a kayak!  I dunno if the Littles keep the kayak, or if maybe that’s for one of us bigger dollies.


There were some presents left for us bigger kids too, like the kayak.  There was a sewing machine too for Wren an’ a kitty cat that immediately hopped inna Falcon’s lap (it wasn’t a sweet black kitty but a li’l striped orange kitty).   As noise as alla Littles got, though, it was awful fun to watch ’em playin’ with their toys!


There were some little wrapped gifts too for the Flock of bigger dollies.  I gotta shiny new sword, an’ Wren got a pretty li’l heart box from Nim.  The boys got a fun science kit, an’ a chess game.  Sparrow an’ me asked if they’d teach us to play chess, cuz we dunno how.  Cooper promised he would.  An’ there were some dice for a game.  Sparrow says the game is about tellin’ stories an’ makin’ characters.  We need a book first an’ some pages, but she’s gonna teach us all how to make it happen.  The dice are very pretty an’ green an’ all sortsa different shapes.

I gotta say, it was nice gettin’ an givin’ gifts, but the best part was actually watchin’ alla Littles get so excited an’ happy.  We all kinda got a li’l bit overwhelmed by the Littles an’ their energy, but it was pretty awesome inna end.  If Nim’s ok with lettin’ us host ’em next, year, I hope we getta do it again.  Meikiko was so happy havin’ all sortsa li’l friends over to share the day, an’ it was nice for us too.  Wren hadda really good idea.

I hope alla you hadda really great Krissmiss too, an’ gotta spend time with family an’ friends!



Travel by Postal

We got home from Arkansas by Postal.  Travellin’ by Postal was pretty cool.  It was totally an adventure.  It was bumpy an’ jostley an’ rattly.  We got moved a lot.  It was kinda like what the Mini-Beans call a “roller coaster.”  But we were safe inna Pink case, cuz we were all tucked inna blankets an’ sleepin’ bags an’ clothes.  Super soft.  Sometimes, we’d be inna postal office for a bit, an’ Cooper helped me get inna the different wi-fi signals, so we sent out li’l messages on Facebook to let people know we were safe an’ all.

I wanted to go out an’ poke round the postal trucks, but Cooper said that was a very very very bad idea.  Postal people might not be super nice like Miss Janice an’ Mister Glenn.  So I stayed inna pink case.  We hadda few pieces of candy to keep us from starvin’, so I guess there wasn’t really a need to go out, but I do like explorin’…

Travel by Postal takes a while.  Kind of a long while.  With Grammy Happy an’ Bean, we went from home to Arkansas in about two days.  By Postal, it took loads longer, maybe a week or somethin’?  I got sorta kinda super bored (but don’t tell Bean!)  The best part was tryin’ figure out where we were when we got onna wi-fi system.  Lotsa places didn’ look at all familiar, but then we started seein’ names for places inna home state, an’ names for postal offices that looked a whole lot more like hometown.

Then the Postal Truck stopped, an’ we were the only box lifted out.  There was a knock, an’ our box got put down, an’ that was it.  So I hopped onna ‘puter an’ checked to see if I could find a wi-fi, an’ it said HOME!  I was super happy.  I loved our adventure, an’ travel by Postal was pretty cool, but Home meant seein’ Wren an’ huggin’ Riley an’ knowin’ we were really safe again.  Plus Bean sent a message sayin’ it was gonna snow!!

Cuz I had my sword, I wanted to break outta the box, but Cooper stopped me.  We were still outside.  Once we left the box, we’d have to figure out how to get inna door, an’ that was a lotta work.  We didn’t have a key.  We outta wait, he said, til a Mini-Bean got home an’ took us inside.  So I sat back down an’ waited.

Cooper was right, tho.  After a bit, I heard a Mini-Bean voice, an’ our box got lifted.  The door got unlocked an’ opened, an’ our box got put back down again.  It was loads warmer inna house, too.  Then the Mini-Bean voice went away, an’ I think somethin’ sniffed atta box, an’ then it was quiet.  Cooper said ok then.  So I went to work, gettin’ us outta the Postal Box.


After a couple cuts with the sword, I poked my hand out an’ pushed.  An’ pushed.  An’ there it was, our door outta Postal Box!


I helped Cooper out, an’ we sat there for a bit, feelin’ happy.  We were free!  Then we both looked at each other, an’ looked back inna box.  The Hittys.  We hadda get them out too.


I told Cooper to stay.  I’d go back in, an’ he could help ’em from out here.


It worked out ok, I think.  Alla Hittys got out safe! One, two, three.


Gumdrops, but it was good to be out.  Better still to get back home that night, an’ see the whole Flock again.  We did big hugs all around.


But the next day, more adventures, cuz there really was snow! Riley an’ me went out an’ ran around an’ played an’ made snowballs an’ snowmen. I even tried makin’ a snow pup, but it looked kinda more like a snow bunny…



I really liked Arkansas an’ Dragons an’ seein’ Pip an’ Smidge an’ Voir an’ Overstay  an’ ridin’ Postal, but it sure is nice bein’ home too!



Arkansas, Day 2: Dragons!


Dragons still just heads.  Not too scary yet.  But maybe kinda sorta dangerous?  The green one looks like it might maybe wanna take a chunk outta someone.  Little dollies gotta be careful.  After Pip’s party, Smidge was still worn out, but Pip came too.  I brought my sword an’ made sure she’d stay safe.


There were lotsa knives an’ gouges an’ things that might be dangerous too.  But it was fun, watchin’ different folk makin’ neat things like big wooden dollies or buffalo or bears.  Cooper an’ Amalyn watched too, an’ teacher Adina brought her puppy!  (it was so hard to ignore the puppy, cuz it was super cute, an’ I missed Riley, but I hadda keep an eye on those dragons).  Oh my gumdrops, that puppy was cute!

But those dragons are bein’ hatched bit by bit.  They seem safe so far, but I’m gonna keep an eye on ’em to be sure.



Winslow, Arkansas


We’re in Arkansas!!!!

Gettin’ here took a bit.  I hadda pack a bunch of stuff, an get Hittys loaded inna carry-van, an’ Cooper said he really really wanted to come too.  So Cooper’s with Pip an’ Smidge an’ VOIR (yes, Voir!  I’m gonna meet Voir!) an’ me.

First, I hadda pack up lots of carvin’ tools.  Knives an’ gouges an’ sandpaper, paints an’ paintbrushes an’ stuff.


Oh, an’ I outta share the raccoon hat picture now.  Hitty Lily looked loads better in this hat than the one that swamped her.


Grammy Happy’s help with the suit was awesome.  It looks super cute!

The roadtrip was forever long.  Hours an’ hours an’ hours of long.  Cooper an’ me played funny games, like lookin’ for letters onna signs an’ things (he’d find A, I’d find B, an’ we’d get through the alphabet).  We saw some interesting things too, like a sign about Johnny Cash (he was a singer?), an’ we followed parts of a circus down the road!  I saw a tiger inna car, too, but didn’ get a picture.  Lions an’ tigers an’ bears!  Just gotta find some lions.


An’ I saw this weird thing goin’ down the road.  I think it was a vehicle?  But it’s got a face!  I’m callin’ him Angus.


Kirsten Obitsu Birch (Kylie’s cuzzin? I think? or sister? or somethin’?) says she thinks Angus is related to “BRWABLGABLWRABRABLA” boat

But now we’re up onna mountain, sleepin’ inna cabin.  Gotta meet a bunch of people who are carvin’ different things, like buffalo an’ babies an’ big dolls an’ little dolls an’ Hittys an’ dragons.  Met carvin’ teachers, Janet an’ Adina (sisters).  Met Voir an’ Wizzy too!!

An’ mornin’s gonna be carvin’ time.  Can’t wait!




We’re gettin’ kinda crowded.

None of us mind, but sometimes blankets get stolen.  Inna summer, that’s all good.  If it’s hot, nobody minds losin’ a blanket or a sheet.  But inna winter, brrr!  It’s no good wakin’ up inna mornin’, shiverin’ cuz the fire’s burned down low an’ cold came creepin’ inna window.

We’ve been talkin’ bout how we could fix it.  There’s not much room for another bed inna room.  Meikiko’s got a tiny sleep-sack, but she’d be onna floor then, an’ there’s bad drafts down there.  Plus she’s tiny.  She doesn’t take much room anyhow.  Wren’s thinkin’ maybe we outta get bunk beds?  There’d be two beds in one space then, an some could sleep up top an’ some in the bottom.  Or maybe we gotta build an expanding onna house.  I dunno how to do that though.  But we could try.

Meikiko thinks we outta sleep in hammocks, an’ hang ’em onna wall or get a hammock-post to tie to for the middle with bolts inna wall.  It’d be like bunk beds, cuz there’s be hammocks over hammocks.  But we’d miss out on keepin’ each other warm!  Great inna summer, maybe not so much inna winter?

If none of that works, though, Wren says she can knit individual blankets for alla we.  That way nobody’s stealin’ inna night without meanin’ to.  An’ I outta make Riley a li’l puppy bed too so she has somewhere warm for her.  But it’s kinda nice, havin’ a sweet warm pup curled up nearby.  Maybe she’ll just keep sleepin’ with me.





Falcon’s been takin’ Meikiko off to ride ponies.  He told me that (or maybe Cooper said he said?) ages ago, back inna summer when I went an’ visited Pip in Washington.  But I never figured out where they went, or where the barn was at, or nothin’.  An’ I haven’t had much luck with trackin’ ’em to their ridin’ spot.  I kept gettin’ sidetracked by things, like watchin’ birds, or trackin’ animals, or maybe those holes… (I know they’re probably made by those cicada bugs an’ all, but I’m still watchin’ for giants onna pogo stick!)  You never know when somethin’s gonna turn ugly.

Anyhow, I followed ’em right this time an’ found the barn where the ponies live!  At first, I stayed back an’ just watched, cuz they were gettin’ things ready, an’ I think horses get kinda scared if they don’t know you too well?  But…oooh…  The barn’s inna clearing inna woods, kinda tucked back down a lane where I don’t go too much.


I’ve met Pip’s unicorn herd an’ fed ’em some apples an’ stuff, but I ain’t never met a real horse before.  Or ridden one.  But here was little Meikiko, doin’ somethin’ new an’ brave an’ awesome!  When I tracked in, they already had the horses outta barn an’ were gettin’ ready.  I couldn’t quite hear from where I was, but it looked at first like Falcon was tellin’ Meikiko stuff, cuz he stayed onna ground while she asked her pony to do things (like walk forward an’ stop an’ go round inna circle)

Then I thought I heard Falcon make a sound, a sorta whistle-cluck?  An’ I saw the other horse come up off inna distance an’ head towards ’em.


When it got up close, Falcon grabbed onna its neck hair, gave a li’l hop, an’ suddenly he was sittin’ onna pony’s back.  Just…pop!…an’ up he went.  Pony didn’t even blink, an’ he made it look real easy.


I’m not sure how the horse knew where to go, though, cuz he didn’t have a collar-thing round its head, like Meikiko’s horse had.  But Falcon an’ Meikiko circled round the barn a time or so, with Falcon inna front, then they set off down a trail together.



I should’ve waited for them to get back, but I popped outta woods then an’ snuck over to the barn to look around.  There wasn’t much to find, tho.  Some buckets.  Some sawdust onna floor.   There was a ladder up above the stall, but there wasn’t much up there either, except spider webs an’ hay.  I went peek-a-booing round a bit, just havin’ fun, then I sat down outside the barn to wait.


It was nice there, sittin’ inna sun.  The barn smelled woodsy from alla hay an’ sawdust, an’ it was warm.  The birds were singin’ an’ squirrels were runnin’ round with acorns an’ pinecones an’ things.  It was warm an’ comfy.

After a bit, I saw Falcon an’ Meikiko come ridin’ back on the ponies.  Falcon saw me an’ pointed, but neither pony seemed upset bout me bein’ there.


When they came up, Falcon hopped offa his pony an’ helped Meikiko off hers (she was so short up there! It looked like an’ awful long way down.  But she didn’t seem bothered at all by it).  They gave me hugs an’, while Meikiko took off her pony’s saddle an’ stuff, Falcon introduced me to his pony.


Her name is Whisper.  She has soft fur an’ tickly lips an’ big, warm eyes.  I like her.  Meikiko’s pony is named Griffin.  Falcon says he’s a sweetie.  He followed Meikiko around like a puppy–like a good puppy!  Made me think bout Riley followin’ me round the house.  Falcon walked Whisper round the barn a bit, an’ she followed him close.  He said he hadda walk her so she’d cool down before he put her back inna barn.  I walked with him an’ Whisper until he said she was good an cooled down.


When we were saying goodbye to Whisper an’ Griffin, Falcon asked if I’d wanna come back with them to the barn an’ maybe learn to ride too.  Yes please!






Checking on the ponies