Pocky Sticks: Weapons or Sweet Treats?

We’ve been looking around the house, trying to find weapons to fight the monsters.  Picking weapons is tough when you don’t know what you’re fighting, so a lot of it is guesswork.  We started of with these things called Pocky Sticks.  I mean, a stick sounds like it’d make a good weapon, right?  Sure, there aren’t any pointy parts or sharp blades, but Hazel pulled up youtube videos showing monks that fight with little sticks, and they do a lot of damage!  These pocky sticks are pretty long. One of them is taller than me!  We could beat something back with them. No doubt.


The stick is so big, it took two of us just to get it out of the box!

It took a bit of work, and some careful maneuvering, but we finally got two sticks out–one for each of us–and in hand.  If difficulty was a good measure for how well a weapon worked, this was gonna be perfect!  We hiked the sticks up in our hands.  Then we tried not to fall, because not only were the sticks big and awkward, they were pretty heavy too!  But we each raised our stick, tapped them against each other’s ends, and prepared to duel.


Um…yeah.  It was interesting.  Here, I’ll show you the whole thing.  The first move was tap one to get us started, kinda like knights crossing swords out of respect.  We wanted to bow, but we were both afraid we’d drop the pockies or land on our heads or something.


Our second move was to whack the sticks against each other.  It was a really good blow.  Or I guess it would have been, if the weapons had lasted.  After that first hit, the sticks kind of…exploded.  There were pocky pieces everywhere in the bedroom!  Wren and I just looked at each other and sighed.  Clean-up time.

Pocky sticks do NOT make good weapons.  Remember this.

Hazel passed by the room while we were cleaning.  She helped for a little bit before vanishing.  We found her finally in the main room, nibbling on part of a pocky stick.  She said they were really tasty!  I think she was a little surprised that we caught her in the act, but then she shared what she had.  We forgave her for ditching us .


Pocky sticks make terrible weapons, but really awesome sweet treats.