Back to Virginia

Before we hadda leave Washington (cuz Pip an’ Amalynn an’ Aunty Glenda were comin’ back to Virginia with me!), we sat down an’ watched  a video an’ ate popcorn an’ did sleepover things.

Movie Night

Flyin’ back wasn’t so bad.  Onna way out, we got extra-checked by security, cuz they thought…well, I dunno what they really thought, but we sure got extra checked.  We was poked an’ prodded, an’ they made us lift up our arms an’ stuff.  Nothin’ like that happened onna way back, tho.  We just watched clouds outta window, an’ talked, an’ were glad we’d have more time spendin’ together until they gotta go back home to Washington.

In Virginia, there was a lot of work with alla beans cuz they were cleanin’ outta house an’ moving things.  I kinda sorta ignored alla that.  I think Snip paid more attention.  But we girls just hung out together an’ had fun.  Gramma Happy’s house has a lotta cousins now, an’ they gotta nice room set up with bunk beds (bunk beds!!  Wren, we gotta get some bunk beds.  They are super duper cool!!)  Amalynn an’ me hadda idea first, an’ we tested it out…

Upside Down

Hehe!  Yep, the world upside down was super cool!!  It looked all wonky an’ weird!  An’ it just made us giggle.  I called over to Pip an’ Smidge, invitin’ em to try it out too!

Upside Down Everybody

Havin’ alla we upside down just made me laugh more.  It was awesome good!  But it gave Pip a headache after a bit, so she an’ Smidge hopped up.  Then they found out that, cuz they’re short, an’ the mattress is squishy, they could jump onna bed while we was upside down, an’ everybody could be havin’ fun!  (without gettin’ a headache)

Jumping On Bed

An’ then, I guess cuz I’d been in Virginia for a bit but hadn’t come home, Cooper came lookin’ for me.  Poor Cooper.  Grammy Happy said he hadda stay inna room with alla boys, an’ I think he got kinda overwhelmed.  He likes history an’ books an’ stuff, an’ they was all talkin’ to him bout…well…I dunno. He wouldn’t say. But it was more’n he wanted!


He brought somethin’ for Smidge, tho.  Back at Krissmiss, Wren helped me make her an elephant hat.  But when I came to gift it, she wasn’t home.  An’ Snip seen it, an’ he took it for himself, cuz he loved it so.  I know Smidge didn’t mind.  Like I wouldn’t mind if Cooper loved somethin’ I was given an wanted it himself.  But I wanted to give Smidge a hat too.  So Wren’s been workin’ on somethin’ special…


Hehe!  She’s so stinkin’ cute!  PINK elephant hat.  Perfect for Smidge!  Apparently the ears are a bit big, cuz there was a gust of wind, an’ Smidge kinda almost went flyin’ off!  But she says she doesn’t mind.  She loves it.  I don’t think she’s taken it off since Cooper brought it.

Cooper an’ me went an’ explored the campsite one morning, afore anybody was awake.  I dunno if he’d ever been campin’.  He sure was interested in alla different parts!  So I took him out to the campsite, an’ we explored round a bit.


Cooper found a bag of marshmallows near the fire, so once we got it goin’, he stuck one onna stick an’ started roasting.


I guess marshmallows smell good, an’ the scent carried.  Soon, a whole lotta folk showed up!  An’ we got to singin’, an talkin’, an’ makin’ food, an’ havin’ a good time.  Cooper kept makin’ everybody marshmallows.  He found a good way to get ’em toasted onna outside (but not charred black!) an’ super soft an gooey inna middle.


Pip an’ Amalynn showed up, too.  It was a good day.

An’ there was a holiday!  The country’s birthday, 4th of July.  Alla beans had good food, an’ there were fireworks, an lotsa music.  There were sparklers too, an’ bubbles.  I like sparklers an’ bubbles!



But sparkler time meant it was time for Pip an’ Amalynn an’ Aunty Glenda to go home to Washington.  I don’t like goodbyes.  They aren’t fun. Lotsa hugs, lotsa tears, lotsa sad.  I like hellos so much better.

Smidge an’ me helped Grammy Happy take ’em to the airport, an’ wave goodbye.  I don’t think they like goodbyes either.  Solution:  we gotta find one place where we all can live.  That way the goodbyes aren’t so much like goodbyes, but more like see ya laters.  I wonder if Wren knows how we can get the government to move our house?


Smidge found me loads of kleenex.  Then a bucket.  An’ a mop.  I made a real mess.  Thank you Smidge, for bein’ such a good friend.

An’ I was such a mess, when it came time to go, I ain’t seen Riley jump outta bag!  I didn’ realize she wasn’t with us til we got home.  Then I quick-wrote to Grammy Happy, who wrote back that she’d have Smidge take care of Riley.  But it was the middle of the night, an’ Smidge found Riley on her own inna mornin’, an’ now she kinda wanna keep Riley, or get a pup of her own…  hehe.  I guess that’s somethin’ she’s gotta sort out with Grammy Happy!  At least I know Riley’s safe.



Cooper’s Eyes: New Boy

A new lad has been sent to our door.  I thought I would let you know so his presence was not so surprising upon your return.


He is a striking fellow, with a shock of messy black hair and violet-colored eyes (similar to ours). Wren located some more clothing for him, as he showed up in what appeared to be under-garments? I believe he said his name is Falcon.

Meikiko took an immediate shining to him.  She abandoned her totoro figure and ran over, staring up at the fellow with her big brown eyes.  Then she reached up, as if begging to be picked up or hugged or held.


I don’t think he knew what to do.  But she did.  After grabbing his hand and holding on, but getting nowhere with her attempts to woo his attention, she wrapped herself around his leg and sat on his foot.


I believe he was surprised.  I certainly was.  I have not seen Meikiko act out in such a fashion.  But she started talking to him as if he was her brother, and it made me wonder if perhaps she used to have a sibling?  But she is so young.  At what age do we start to remember our family?  After what length of separation would we begin to forget each other?


I don’t know how long she intends to stay there.  After a time, I’m sure she will fall asleep, and he’ll be able to extract his leg.  But, once she wakes, will she return to her perch?  Or will he begin to accept his role as a big brother in our little flock?

I’ll advise as the situation develops.



Cooper’s Eyes: Legos

Kestrel, since you’re away, I thought I might try my hand at recording things of interest that we’re doing around the house.  This one involved something I think you too would like a great deal: Legos.

I had never heard of these before.  They are small plastic bricks used to build, construct, and create.  They are truly amazing.  Sparrow said there was a basket of them at the side door this morning with a note from Vega, saying that the government sent some to Dolli Lane and that Nim wanted to share them with us because the Littles enjoyed them so.  (no, she did not send everything they have, so thankfully they are still entertained)

The bricks stack on top of each other and latch together fairly tightly.  It’s akin to building with blocks, but the blocks don’t tumble apart if you touch them the wrong way.  At first, I had to stop and look at them, considering what to do with them.


But then Meikiko came over with a brick and suggested that we build a house.


There was a doll made of the same material, and Meikiko has her Totoro figure, so making a house was logical a idea.  So we each picked up some different pieces and started building it up.

Sparrow was less invested in the construction phase.  She was fascinated by the doll figure.  (I did not mention to her that it had a face on the back of its head as well.  I was concerned that might be upsetting.  I don’t think she has noticed yet.  I would rather not  be the one to bring it to her attention.)


I was still busy working over the finer points of the house when Meikiko decided that no, we were most definitely done, and it was time to play.  Sparrow had set the Lego figure in the house area, and that was enough invitation for the both of them.


I watched while Meikiko and Sparrow worked with the figures, moving them in and out of the house area.  I wish we had more bricks, though: the walls were fairly short, and I could see definite possibilities for making Lego-based furniture for the dolls.  Perhaps another time.

These toys seem like something you would greatly enjoy, Kestrel.  We’ll probably return these bricks to Dolli Lane, but I’m sure Nim would loan us some more when you get back from Washington State (or we can go over there and play with the Littles).  In the meantime, I hope you and Pip are having a good time!  We do miss you and Riley around here, but I know we’ll see you again soon.  Please say hello to Pip and Amalynn and Auntie Glenda for us.


Problems with packing

IMG_2553I’m way excited bout visitin’ Pip in a Washington, but I got started pack for real, not just talkin’ bout it. So I done drag out the suitcase what Grammy Happy given me.  But I think there’s gonna maybe be a problem. Just a li’l problem…

Ain’t there, like, limitations bout what size luggage you can bring?  For sure, her bean’s gonna have a bag she gotta check, an y’ain’t able take more’n one bag.  So alla rest gotta go under seat or maybe inna bin overhead.  I’m thinkin’ this is gonna be too big.

I ain’t gotta ruler, but I gotta Meikiko.  She’s kinda little, but kinda whole-self sized.  I’m thinkin’, if a whole self fits inna bag, it’s too too big.  I called her down and asked her for help.


She brung her Totoro.  I ain’t seen her without it since she gotten it for Yule.  She said she’d help me test the suitcase’s size.

She hopped up onna edge for a good close, look.

I hadda help her, cuz she’s still just a Little, an I wanna see too how big it was.  Then–whoops!–we gotta good measure test.


Hmm.  When she sat up, I hadda ‘nother idea.


Yep.  For sure, it’s too big. Botha we an’ Totoro fit in right good.  Dunno if the lid’d close.  Then again, dunno if I wanna close the lid with botha we inna suitcase.  Maybe we ain’t able get out.  Or maybe somebody think we wanna get ship somewhere an’ mail us off.  Not a good idea.

Pip!  This is too much, right?  I gotta rethink packin’ inna summin else.  Maybe a red bandana onna stick, like a hobo?


Gingerbread House–2nd visit

Meikiko took me back down the trail to visit the gingerbread house.  I wan’t sure what I was gonna see.  Was it the witch’s new home? Was the witch gonna catch an eat alla Littles wha’ came round?  But I wasn’t a Little.  An’ she’d have a bit more t’do to catch me.

When we broke through the forest an entered the clearing, Meikiko said “There.”  An’ there it was, a house made all outta gingerbread an’ done up wit’ icing an stuff.  But I wasn’t sure we was at the right place.


“Um…how mucha th’ house did ya’ll eat?”  Suddenly, I kinda understood why th’ witch mighta been upset they was munchin’ on her house if they ate down alla candy an icin’ and stuff.

“No no no…we didn’t eat that much,” Meikiko said.  “I don’t know what ate the rest.”  And she sat down on the rock and wouldn’t go any closer.


So I went closer an’ spent some time examinin’ the house.  It looked empty.  An’ munched.  Really, really munched.

But I couldn’ find anythin’ like no witch or nothin’ what mighta eaten th’ candy offa house.  Th’ whole thing was confusin’.  Cuz I sure believed the Littles when they told me they only licked a little an’ the witch came out.  Maybe she was just visitin’ too an’ was tryin’ t’play with the girls?  Dunno.

As Meikiko an’ me was leavin’, I thought mebbe I heard some gigglin’ from the house.  Made me turn right quick an’ look again, but there wasn’t nothin’ there.  I mighta gone back for another look, but Meikiko grabbed m’ hand an’ dragged me off.


I’ll keep an eye out, but it’s lookin’ maybe kinda ok for now.


In which the Littles have an adventure

Yesterday was a kinda nice day.  It’d been super cold for a bit, an’ I thought for sure it was gonna snow! But no snow. So yesterday, it started off pretty cold, but it got nice inna afternoon, so alla Littles were outside playin’.  They were over at our house cuz Nim needed time t’ get Dolli Lane cleaned up.  Hazel an’ Vega were over there, helpin’ her.  Wren an’ me was inside, cleanin’, so we could maybe getta Christmas tree set up afore too long, so I guess we weren’t payin’ too good a mind to the Littles.  I mean, we’d go check on ’em an’ stuff, but it wasn’t like we was standin’ out inna grass with ’em.

It gotta be dinner time, an’ Wren finally stopped an’ said that hadda be good enough.  She told me go get the Littles an she went t’ heat up a pot of soup.  So I put on m’ hat an’ headed for the door.

Alla sudden, the Littles came burstin’ in.  They was wild-eyed an outta breath an’ scared.  Alla they grabbed onna my legs an’ just shivered.  I patted their backs for a bit.  The calmin’-down-after-nightmares is more Wren’s style, but I tried.  Finally, Meikiko calmed down an’ started talkin’

They was outside, playin’ tag, when somebody suggested maybe they go for a walk inna woods. (At this, I reminded Meikiko that they shoulda come an’ gotten me first afore they went wanderin’ off.  She kinda hung her head an mumbled, an’ I let it go.) So they all picked a path an’ wandered down it.

Thankfully, it was a nice day.  It wasn’ too cold or too hot, there wasn’t lotta rain or snow, an’ there ain’t a whole lotta scary bad animals inna wood, like bears or coyotes or nothin’.  They said they saw chipmunks an’ rabbits an’ even a red fox, so they kept walkin’  When they came to a path inna woods, they’d lay down some rocks onna side of the path so they’d know how to get home again in case they got confused.  I told Meikiko that was a smart idea.

After wanderin’ a bit, they came to a clearing.  Inna clearing was a house.  It wasn’t no ordinary house, tho.  Meikiko said it was made all outta candy, like gumdrops an’ gumballs an’ icing an’ gingerbread.  An’ I couldn’ say I blamed them for wantin’ a closer look, but parta me was wonderin’ if they ain’t never heard the story bout Hansel an’ Gretel!?


They hadda talk bout whatta do.  Rosy an’ Aqua wanna turn round an go back home.  But Poppy an’ Meikiko wanna make sure it was for real a gingerbread house.  An’ inna middle what they was talkin’ bout, Meikiko walked over an’ started messin with somethin’ onna roof.


She said she licked it, an’ it was candy for real, an’ that kinda decided it for alla they:  they wanna try some too.  I mean, what kid could resist an entire house made outta candy?!  I bit m’ tongue an’ let her keep tellin’ me what happen.  Onna other side of th’ house, Rosy scraped icing offa roof an’ licked it an’ said it was good too.  So then Poppy went to the walk an’ tried a gumdrop, an Aqua went for th’ gingerbread tree, an’ alla they was tryin’ somethin’ sweet.

Then Aqua stopped, an looked ’round a bit, sayin she thought she heard somethin’.


An’ Poppy stop too, an pointed atta house, sayin’ she thought she saw somethin’ movin’ inna window an’ maybe they outta stop eatin’ alla candy an’ let it be.  Which is kinda weird, cuz Poppy’s usually the first one who wantsta do somethin’ kinda dangerous.


Aqua an Rosy started listenin’ to Poppy, tho, an’ they agreed maybe they outta get outta there.  But Meikio had finally gotten an entire candy offa roof, so she wasn’t listenin’ too good to her dolly sisters.


Then, outta blue, Meikiko heard somethin’ from behind her, near the back of th’ house, an’ when she turned, she saw lotta curly red.  She yelled, “Witch!” an’ threw her candy down an’ alla Littles high-tailed it outta there.

Poppy said the witch was sayin’ somethin’ as they ran, but not a one of ’em stopped t’ hear what she hadda say.  I think every one of ’em was thinkin’ hard bout Hansel an’ Gretel an’ how that story ended, an’ they sure didn’ wanna have no part of it!  They woulda gotten lost but for the rocks they left, an’ afore too long, they cam burstin’ outta woods at our house an’ came runnin’ in.

Oh my gumdrops!

I told ’em I was glad they got home safe.  An’ I made ’em all promise me they wouldn’ go wanderin’ off again without gettin’ a big doll t’ go with ’em.  They said ok.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get one of ’em to take me back to see it.


(ps:  from Kestrel’s BEAN:  The gingerbread house was constructed by my two little beans and their friend.  They kindly allowed me–encouraged me, even!–to take pictures with the Littles, which prompted this story line.  Thanks, guys!)

Alla we at Myrtle Beach, SC

We had so much fun today!  Alla we went down to play onna beach.  We found some pretty pretty seashells an played inna sand.  I hoped maybe we’d see Jax the dog again, but he wasn’t out playin’ with his ball.  Saw a poor doggy stuck on a balcony, barking, but then his people came out an let him in.  Oh! An’ there were pelicans an seagulls an seaweed.  I was hopin’ maybe we’d see a dolphin or somethin’, but Wren said she didn’t think it was good dolphin weather or somethin’.  What kinda weather does a dolphin like?  How can it tell what the weather’s gonna be if it’s swimmin’ inna sea??  I didn’t see dolphins today, but I’m gonna keep lookin’ tomorrow.

We came ‘cross bunches of beach chairs out onna sand an though maybe it’d make a nice picture.  So alla we stood pretty an got our picture taken together, as one big family. Alla dolli sisters an’ cousins an’ friends.  It was good to do that.  We took another up onna porch when we got back to the house, too.



(Left t’ right: back: Sippie, Wren, Rikki, Hazel, me!, Vega. middle: Snip, Poppy, Nim, Smidge, Lily Kitten, Pip, Kitty Kitten, Angel Kitten. bottom: Meikiko, the Witch, Winter (who was kinda havin’ a hard time keepin’ it all t’gether today), Baby Bunny, Aqua, Rosy, House Boy)

When we got back inside, Rikki told me I outta go back out an stomp my boots some more cuz I was makin a mess still.  So I sat down an’ tooka look, an’ sure enough, she was right.  I oughta’ve wiped my boots off a bit more.  I had all sortsa sand stuck inna treads!  I went out an’ cleaned ’em up a bit, but I took a picture first so’s I could remember!  How cool, right?  I mean, there’s sand in m’ boots!


Tomorrow’s gonna be awesome. I just know it!