Last days atta beach

I wrote this last bit after we’d left the beach, cuz there wasn’t time to enjoy it all an’ write up about it.  So I’m a bit late with everythin’, but I hope maybe it’ll be ok.  Oh!  I forgot t’ mention: when we were packin’ up to come here, we found the missin’ ‘puter!  I’ll miss goin’ to Dolli Lane t’ borrow their ‘puter alla time, tho.  I’ll just hafta come up with new reasons for bein’ over there so much.

Goin’ out onna beach that last day, tho, I found alla missin’ birds!  They was out an’ about again, so I guess they weren’t worried no more about gettin’ stuffed an’ eaten.  Poor birds.  It’s awful they gotta worry bout that.  D’you think carrots an spinach an alla vegetables worry bout it too?  Geez.  If alla food we eat gets worried bout bein eaten, don’t we gotta, like, stop eatin’?  I’m gonna think ’bout that a bit more.  Cuz I don’ wanna starve, neither.

Anyhow.  Birds!  There was seagulls, an’ sandpipers, an’ pelicans, an’ alla sortsa birds I dunno what to call.  Some of ’em didn’ wanna sit still for a picture, but I got a few cuz they were playin’ inna water by the shore, where it was shallow.  The tide was comin’ in a bit too, so they kept runnin’ closer to where I was, then headin’ back out a bit afore they got scared an’ flew off.



Seein’ alla birds again was nice.  When I got back t’ the house, I helped Pip sort through alla shells she’d gathered, an’ we traded some back an forth.



After that, I kinda did a not-so-good thing: I left Wren an’ Nim with alla Littles an’ alla packin’ so I could hang out with Pip, cuz she was leavin’ to go with Smidge an Snip to a faraway place called Arkansas, where they’d be helpin’ more Hittys come alive. Sounded mighty cool, an’ I wish I could go with ’em, but not this year.  Wren didn’ mind.  So Pip an’ me, we hung out through the evenin’, laughin’ an playin’ an tellin’ stories an’ jokes an’ all.


When we got so tired we couldn’ see straight, we decided to go to sleep.  Pip hadda extra-big sleepin’ bag, so I tucked in with her an’ her Hitty friends.  It was nice, havin’ a sleepover.  Dunno why we didn’ think of it sooner.


There wasn’t much time inna mornin’ afore Pip an’ Smidge hadda go, so I helped Pip pack her stuff up real quick.  We each hadda cup of tea afore it was time for to go.  Even tho we neither one wanted to part, Pip hadda really awesome adventure waitin’.  So Pip an’ me hugged an’ hugged an’ said we’d keep in touch, an then we hadda go.


I wanted to stop her car from goin’, but I knew that was a selfish doll-friend thing to do, so I only sat onna windshield for a li’l bit.  Then I hopped off an’ waved nice an wished her good travels.  But boy, I’ll sure be missin’ my li’l friends.  Can’t wait for to hear about their new awesome adventures!

I helped Wren finish up alla packin’ (tho there wasn’t much left, she’d kept some for mornin’ cuz she knew I’d need somethin’ to keep my mind offa missin’ friends).  Then I got alla Littles inna travel box (oh my gumdrops!  so squished!  next time we goes somewhere, we gotta take the cargo crate so we ain’t pokin’ each other inna stomach an’ stuff!) an’ signaled to our bird-transport that we was ready to go.  We waved bye to the beach as we were takin’ off!

I’ll miss it here, but can’t wait to see what’s comin’ next.