Orionids 2017

Inna middle of the night, when it was full dark, Cooper an’ me snuck out.  (Riley stayed curled up with Meikiko).  Cooper said he had somethin’ he wanna show me.  There was gonna be a meteor shower called the Orionids.  I was yawnin’ an’ havin’ a devil of a time wakin’ up, but I do like an adventure.  He had a blanket, an’ I helped him spread it out on the grass, which was kinda dewy an’ damp, then we flopped down an’ looked up.  It was super dark.


Meteors are like fallin’ stars.  Only they ain’t really stars.  They’re like…star dust?  This one was from the tail of a comet called Halley’s comet.  I think that’s good.  I don’t wanna think about stars fallin’ outta sky, or burnin’ up so they won’t be up there, twinklin’.  But it’s just li’l rocks an’ comet dust brighting up as it comes inna our atmosphere.

Then I got worried that maybe the rocks’d hit people inna head.  You ever been hit inna head by a falling acorn? Ouch!  I didn’t wanna think about a rock gettin’ thrown from cloud-height.  But Cooper laughed an’ said the rocks would be burned up before they ever hit anybody, so there wasn’t much to worry about.  He said that sometimes giant rocks do get through, an’ sometimes they don’t burn up alla way, an’ when they hit the earth, they make big, giant craters, an’ sometimes they do all sortsa damage.  I got worried all over again, cuz he said that’s what happened to kill alla dinosaurs.

But Cooper promised it was nothin’ like that.  There weren’t gonna be giant fallin’ rocks, or even tiny li’l pebbles.  There’d just be bright lights flashin’ cross the sky.

It took a bit.  My eyes weren’t ready for dark-watchin’, an’ I kept seein’ hope-stars goin’ cross. Cooper’d gasp, an’ point up, but I’d have a hard time figurin’ out where he was pointin’, an’ it’d be gone.  Have you ever tried to figure out where inna sky someone’s pointin’, when your only reference is another point of light?


But they were there!  An’ I started seein’ ’em too.  It was like watchin’ magic happen.  Some of ’em were just quick flashes, but others made a nice, slow, long burn cross the sky.  We didn’t see any real big things like fireballs (an’ I’m kinda glad about that!), but I made a lotta wishes.  Then I made wishes for my dolli-sisters that weren’t out there too.  Then I started storin’ up more wishes, in case I needed some extra magic later on.  I kinda wish the fallin’ stars made actual magic powder, cuz I would’ve pocketed loads of it, but there’s plenty in my heart!

I did find out my camera doesn’t take good night pictures, so I can’t put any up of what we really saw, but I found someone’s pretty awesome photo onna internet.


Hope some others got out an’ watched the star show, too!