Halloween Eve, after alla Littles were tucked in blankets on the floor an’ cozy, I was lookin’ for monsters out the window (just in case).  I mean, it was Halloween.  It was time for ghosts an’ ghouls an’ monsters an’ evil spirits makin’ tricks.  So it was time for keepin’ watch.

Out the window, I thought I saw a light.  I watched it for a bit.  It kinda came an’ went a little.  Then it was steady.  Hmm.

I checked the Flock.  Asleep, all of ’em.  Falcon sprawled on his back, mouth gaped open an’ snorin’ soft.  Meikiko asleep face down over his stomach.  Cooper inna ball.  Wren an’ Sparrow an’ Nim tucked under their blanket.  All good for now.  But somethin’ might be comin’.

So I stepped out inna night.  It was cool, but not cold.  I was barefoot, feet soft-swishin’ through the leaves an’ silent-steppin’ on pine needles.  The moon was a tiny sliver, but the light ahead was steady gettin’ brighter.  Looked like fire.  I started thinkin’ bout alla fire monsters: dragons, phoenix, hellhound, salamander?  But no, not a monster.  Just a fire.  An there were people sittin’ by it.


Juniper an’ the witch.  They said this was how we all outta celebrate Halloween.  Only they didn’ call it Halloween.  They called it “Samhain” (I hadda look it up later, cuz it didn’t sound nothin’ like how it’s spelled).  They asked me to sit with ’em.  They were gonna sit all night with their fire cuz it was a way to honor dead spirits an’ cuz it was a good time for powerful magic an’ a time when doors inna other worlds might open for a bit.


It was nice, sittin’ with them.  I didn’t see any doors openin’, an’ I didn’t see any magic happenin’, but it felt special, like first snow inna night, when snowflakes are driftin’ down through trees an’ it’s so quiet you might be the only soul inna world.  I kinda fell asleep sometime inna night.  When I woke up, it was mornin’, the fire was out, an’ both witch an Juniper were gone.  The house was quiet still an’ everybody safe.  No monsters.  So maybe keepin’ watch by a fire kept alla monsters away?

I dunno where the Witch an’ Juniper went.  Maybe a magic door really did open an’ they slipped through.  I don’t mind not goin’.  I wouldn’t wanna leave the others behind.  But I hope those two are doin’ ok, wherever they got to.


Halloween Party!

I’m late with my writing, but I promise I didn’t forget.

The day of Halloween, Wren showed us all what she’d been workin’ on.  She an’ Sparrow didn’t wanna dress up in costumes, but they both had pretty Halloweeny dresses, hers with cobwebs an’ Sparrows with bones (an’ paws, but don’t mind alla paws.  They’re just there for extra cute).

Cooper an’ me gotta be Victorian steampunk monster hunters!!  I’m super excited.  I love our hats, an’ our capes, an’ I get to carry a sword.  So if anybody comes playin’ tricks, or if any monsters come inna house, I can take care of ’em right quick.

An’ Falcon an’ Meikiko got costumes, too.  Theirs match up too!  Lately, Meikiko’s been watchin’ a show about a girl that fights crime.  Her name’s Ladybug Girl.  An’ she has a friend who fights crime too.  They’re friends as super heroes, but they dunno each other in real life.  His name is Cat Noir.  Wren made Meikiko a ladybug costume (kinda different from what Ladybug Girl wears, but Meikiko liked it better) an’ made Falcon a black cat costume!  When Falcon said the other day that he thought we outta get a black cat, it made me giggle.


We finished putting out alla decorations, movin’ the pumpkins around, an’ gettin’ cobwebs set up.  Before long, there was a knock, an’ the Littles arrived!  They came in, some walkin’ with a friend, some walkin’ alone: Aqua an’ Rosy an’ Poppy an’ three kittens, an’ a couple girls I dunno, an Nim an’ a baby.  Our whole room was filled up!  Vega an’ Hazel an’ the other new girls didn’t come, an’ I’m kinda glad, cuz I dunno if there’d be room for everybody.  I mean…wow!


(Wren says next year, we gotta find somewhere else for a party)

I think it surprised the rest of the flock, too, cuz Falcon’s eyes got kinda big, an’ Sparrow just kept blinkin’.  An’ yea, it’s a lot.  Alla Littles make a big crowd.  But they’re fun, an’ happy, an’ it was good to see ’em all here again.

An’ then the party began!

The Littles kinda did their own thing.  Poppy was dressed up like a DJ an’ had a radio, so she played alla music for the night.  She had spooky sounds an’ good dance music an’ all sortsa fun stuff for a party night.


The Kittens got inna mischief fast, messin’ round with Mr. Bones inna corner.


There was apple bobbin’, an’ Meikiko helped the new girl nab her apple before she got one for herself, too (I dunno why we didn’t put water inna bowl first).


An’ New Girl an’ the baby played ball with an eye, pushin’ it back an’ forth a bit.


After a bit, I noticed that lotsa the big kids were missin’.  First I missed the boys, then I didn’ know where Sparrow’d gone, then Wren was gone too…  Wren leavin’ surprised me.  But the Littles were bein’ awful noisy.  They were havin’ fun, but it was noisy fun.  I looked over at Nim an’ asked if she knew where the others got to.

She didn’ know.  I didn’t know either.  But we giggled an’ slipped off, lookin’ for the others.  The Littles’d be ok, Nim said.  They did all sortsa stuff on their own without gettin’ hurt too bad.  We’d cleared out alla sharp swords (I put ’em inna closet before the party), an’ we’d moved the rocks away.

We found the others hidin’ inna bedroom.  Cooper an’ Falcon were playin’ dinosaurs, an’ Wren an’ Sparrow were talkin’ onna bed about just how many Littles were inna other room.  Nim joined the girls, an’ I sat down with Riley to cuddle.  Even the bunnies were hidin’ out.

Out inna main room, tho, the party raged on.  New girl found some rock candy.  The kittens got mixed up with a ouija board.  Rosy an’ Aqua started makin’ some witchy brew (I cleaned it up after–man, was it nasty!).  An’ the baby was playin’ with a pumpkin, kinda suckin’ on her thumb too.



The kittens even started a game of monster tag!  I could hear ’em runnin’ round.


There was only the tiniest bit of danger, when Aqua got ahold of a sword.  I dunno if it’s the one Cooper was usin’, or if I left mine behind.  But she got it, an’ she brandished it, an’ things were lookin’ kinda scary.


Meikiko stepped in real quick, tho, an’ told em they hadda put it down cuz a sword’s not a toy.  Not that kinda sword.  I was a bad dolli for not makin’ sure alla swords were picked up afore I snuck off.  I’m glad everybody was ok.  Go Meikiko!  Ladybug Girl to the rescue!


But they all got worn out.  Nim said they would.  We found ’em sitting quiet, kinda lookin’ sorta dazed.  The baby was asleep, curled up round a pumpkin.


We spread out some blankets an’ set out pillows an’ made ’em all comfortable.  It was too late to be trekkin’ alla Littles back through the woods to Dolli Lane.  So we hadda sleep over with a lotta little friends.  It was kinda hard to tiptoe round ’em all, but they were safe an’ warm.  It was a good night.

Hope everybody else had a fun, happy Halloween too!


Happy Halloween!

We’re all abuzz!  Wren’s been busy sewin’, an’ we’ve been busy decoratin’, an’ today is Halloween!!!  (Juniper says it’s “Samhain,” though, an’ we’re calling it all wrong? An’ we need a bonfire?  I dunno bout that.  Littles are…well…little.  They might get hurt near a big fire, since we don’t got a good setup here like Smidge’s got.)  Anyhow!  We’re still settin’ stuff up.  As soon as it all seems done an’ ready, there’s somethin’ else inna corner that really has to be put out too.  I haven’t had much time for pictures, but Wren made me’n’Cooper stand still while we were tryin’ on the costumes she made.  An’ they’re awesome!  Cuz we’re twins, she made us twin outfits.  We’re Victorian steampunk monster hunters.  I forgot to grab my sword for the picture.  I’m sure we’ll take more later.  Wren’s the best, though.  I think she has fun makin’ costumes!

If I don’t get back to share more pics today (an’ I might not, cuz it’s gonna be B.U.S.Y.!), hope everybody has a super fun, spooky cool Halloween!!

(Falcon says we need a small black cat.  He cracks me up!  I’ll show you why later)


Halloween Decorations

Cuz Wren’s been awful busy makin’ costumes, an’ I’m not too good with sewin’, I figured I’d work on decorating up the main room for Halloween!  Cooper an’ Falcon said they’d help.  Meikiko wanted to help too, but Wren couldn’t get her to take her costume off, so she had to sit out.  But that’s ok.  She can help with other stuff.

We cleaned up the room some first, cuz it was fulla dust an’ dirt.  That part wasn’t so fun.  But I knew Wren would say it was important.  Personally, I thought maybe alla dusty stuff would make it look creepier.  Cooper said that was just a lazy thought.

Alla stuff was packed away, so we pulled it outta storage an’ set stuff up.  I found this awesome tin with a ouija board onna front, an’ a creepy coffin, an’ thought the corner over by our stove would be good.  Riley tried to help, but mostly she just barked atta coffin.  I love Riley.  She’s a good guard pup.


Falcon focused onna middle, using some cut-out pieces for decoratin’.  He found a cauldron, too, an’ those awesome eyeballs!  Oh, I remember those!  Wren thought she’d scare me with ’em last year.  They are pretty creepy, tho.  I wish they glowed inna dark or somethin’.  We could turn off alla lights an’ watch ’em watchin’ us.  Falcon’s fox wasn’t too sure what to think of it, even without it glowin’, so I think that means it’s spooky enough.


An’ Cooper…well, he kinda struggled a bit.  He put some li’l pieces out inna other corner, where we got chairs, but he said the skeleton didn’t look right sittin’ there, an’ it kept fallin’ down, an’ he just didn’ know what he outta do with it.


So I popped it inna different place, an’ I think it looks all right.


I’ll probably move it again later.  For sure, some Little’s gonna wanna hide inna coffin.  I hope they do!  It makes a frightful sound, an’ I bet it’s gonna make ’em all jump.  They’re so cute when they get scared, cuz their eyes get all big, an’ then they get all angry cuz I giggle.  I can’t help it!  They’re just so cute!

But that was it.  I told Cooper we needed more.  If we could find some spider things, an’ rig up somethin’ so it’d look like cobwebs, that’d be neat.  An’ maybe if we could make somethin’ look like a science experiment gone wrong, that’d be cool too.  But “gone wrong” sounds kinda like “make a mess,” an’ I’m not too sure Wren would like that much.  Plus we need snacks an’ candy an’ things.  Apples too.

Oh gumdrops!  An’ pumpkins!


“We need pumpkins ’bout this big.  At least this big.  Bunches of ’em.”

Cooper just laughed.  “It’s going to be ok, Kestrel.  We’ll find pumpkins.  Maybe not quite that big, though.  That’s about as big as Meikiko.”


I can’t wait.  It’s gonna be so much fun!



There’s this plant growin’ outside.  It’s neat.  It has huge yellow-orange flowers an’   great big leaves.  They’re kinda hairy (the leaves).  An’ there are spikes on the vine.  An’ li’l creepy tendril-y things.  It’s neat!  Walkin’ under the leaves makes alla world turn into a forest.



Cooper says it’s a pumpkin plant.  Dunno why it’s growin’ here.  We didn’t plant pumpkins inna spring.  It doesn’t have any pumpkins, tho, just big leaves an’ pretty flowers.  But I’m gonna keep an eye on it, cuz Halloween’s comin’, an’ we kinda need a pumpkin for carving.  I hope alla Littles get to come over for a party again!  Wren’s workin’ on somethin’ special for Meikiko, but neither one of ’em’ll tell me what she’s makin’.  Guess I gotta wait to find out!  I’m excited.


Hope everybody’s bein’ safe an’ gettin’ ready for Halloween.  Gotta watch out for extra monsters cuz there’s loads more magic inna air.  Falcon says there’s news bout lots of fires onna West coast, in California, an’ I’m gettin’ worried that maybe there’s a dragon hoarde?  Fightin’ one dragon’s tough, but a hoarde…that’d take a whole buncha hunters workin’ together.


Happy Halloween!

It’s that awesome, spooky time of year when the ghouls come out and the ghosts get to play!  Nim said Halloween’s also called All Hallow’s Eve, which sounds spookier and niftier than Halloween.  Like somethin’s lurking round the corner in the dark, ready to pounce out atcha if you aren’t paying attention.  Yeah!  Who doesn’t love Halloween? (specially cuz the monsters are really just Littles dressed up all cute, and there aren’t no monsters ya gotta cage up in some iron bars…least, not as I’ve seen. Not yet.)

We decided Trick or Treating wasn’t gonna work.  There’s just not enough houses in the area, an’ tryin to walk all the Littles to somewhere other houses would be was…yea, it wasn’t gonna happen. Their legs’re too short to go that far.  So Nim brought ’em over to our house to have a fun evening.

All the costumes that Wren and Nim made were sitting out, waiting for a Little to choose.  When the whole pack of ’em got in and they saw ’em, they were all a jabber about who wanted what and why and how much fun and–!  So many conversations all at once.  But they didn’t fight or nothin’, which was nice.  They did pounce on ’em like little wild beasts, though.  It was pretty funny.  Wren was kinda horrified.

The outfits were simple.  Mostly just hats.  While the Littles were sortin’ out who was gonna be what, Nim looked at Wren and kinda whispered “Did we forget something?”  Wren was kinda puzzled for a bit, then her eyes went wide.  “Oh, the tails!”  Oops.  Maybe next year?  They were cute anyway.

I got alla them to let me take pictures, so you can see how cute they were.

First, the kittens.  They decided they didn’t want costumes, cuz they already had fur an’ ears an’ tails an’ everything. Angel-kitten came over in Nim’s bunny jacket, though, which was pretty cute.

Rosy got to wear the bunny costume.  You can kinda see her in the kittens’ pictures, standing behind Kitty, but she’s cuter when you get to see her face-on.  She an’ Angel kinda hung out during the evening, cuz they were both bunnies!


Poppy picked out the little fox hat (she said she loved it cuz red’s her favorite color!)


An’ Meikiko picked up the little panda hat, saying it reminded her of somethin’ from  when she was a baby.


An’ Aqua picked the elephant!


I mean, they were all just so super cute!  There was one hat left over, a kitty hat.  I guess there were enough kittens in their group that nobody wanted to dress up like one?  At least, not at first.  Nim, Wren, an me sat down on the bench for a bit while they all ran around, playing ring round the rosy an’ London Bridge an’ duck duck goose an’ things like that.  We three got to talkin’ an’ payin’ not enough attention to the Littles, cuz they were doin’ a pretty good job of entertainin’ themselves.  At some point, Meikiko ran over an’ grabbed the kitty hat off my lap.  I was happy someone was gonna be a kitty!  Then Wren told me I outta put on the panda hat, so she helped me. (I make a pretty cute panda, right?)


But that’s when things started to go way wrong…

First, it was Meikiko, bein’ a little crazy-rough onna chair, climbin’ over it like it was a jungle gym.  Wren told her be careful an’ all.  Then I looked around a bit, cuz what’d been all the Littles’ voices singin’ different songs was all-a-sudden a lotta voices gigglin’ an being crazy-loud, not singin-loud.  Whoa.


There were kittens onna bench.  Not sittin’ down, but climbin’ on toppa the bench.  I dunno how they got up there without us noticing, but there they were.  An’ Rosy was off on the side, standin’ on another chair.  At first, I thought she was tryin’ to get up there too with Lily an’ Kitty, then I realized she was tryin’ to grab a cat down.



At first, we just kinda stared around at it all.  I’d never seen the Littles get so crazy afore.  But then Nim said, kinda laughing an kinda deep-sighing, to please let ’em keep on doin’ it so they’d wear themselves out. Poor Nim.  It’s gotta be hard tryin to take care of alla them Littles all the time.  No wonder she loves it so much when we come over.

But when Kitty flipped herself down and said “Boo!” beside Wren, that was a bit much.


Then Wren hopped up and backed herself inna corner, an I hopped up and tried to keep Lily from joining her sister (who had laughed and crawled back up on toppa the bench), an it was jus’ total chaos!

I guess Wren backin’ up was enough, cuz then Nim started talkin’ in this soft, calm voice, but one that sorta kinda sounded like maybe she wanted to kill somethin’ at the same time.  All the Littles stopped what they was doin, looked at her, then meekly got down an’ clustered up all nice and calm, like they ain’t done nothin’ bad at all.  After a little bit, I got Wren to come back so we could take a nice picture with alla us sittin’ together, bein calm.


I love Halloween!  Not sure Wren feels much the same anymore…  Next time, though, the animals gotta all have tails.  I think the weight’ll keep the Littles more butt-heavy, so they won’t go scalin’ everything in sight an bein’ so crazy-wild.

(I am not gonna ask Wren, but I do kinda wanna know what happened to Hazel an Vega. I didn’t see hide nor hair of ’em during the party.)

I was sad to see all the Littles go when the evening was done.  If it wouldn’ give Wren a heart attack, I’d say we should do this alla time!