Fairy Stones at Fairy Stone State Park


Cooper wanna take me somewhere an’ do somethin’ he like doin’ from when he live with he adopt family.  He wanna go out findin’ rocks.  Cuz it meant I gotta dig inna dirt, I said that sounded grand, an’ off we went to Fairy Stone State Park.  We was lookin’ for fairy stones!

Yeah, I know.  Whassa fairy stone?  I asked same thing.  There’s a legen bout some fairies what lived round there inna woods, an’ when they hear bout some guy who died, they cried so much it made li’l cross stones inna earth, an’ people walk round an’ find ’em still.  In true, it’s a kinda rock called staurolite. Cooper say it gets made way down deep inna earth, an’ it sits down there for long long time, til the earth gets all rocky an’ up-heavy an’ makes some mountains, an’ then the fairy stones come up too.  Maybe he could tell more bout the rocks for real, but that’s what I remember.  I like the fairy story.

Atta park, we ain’t ‘lowed t’ use no tools or nothin’.  We hadda dig with we hands an’ fingers, pushin’ dirt round a bit.  Cuz it’d rained some, the park guide said that’d make it easier, an we outta look up near some tree roots cuz somehow trees make ’em come up better?  I guess maybe trees like fairies, an’ they wanna…mmm…I guess trees like fairies?

CooperKestrel Prep Phase 01 ruruko

We hadda li’l talk bout how to dog, an’ whatta look for, an’ Cooper showed me some other rocks round there so I’d know what I wasn’t lookin’ for.  I kinda listened, but it was nice lookin’ round atta forest, listenin’ to alla birds an’ watchin’ butterflies an’ all.

CooperKestrel Prep Phase 05 ruruko

Then he got down an’ showed me how we outta be diggin’ an’ lookin’ inna dirt.  So I got down too an’ poked round through sticks an’ old leaves an’ such.

CooperKestrel Searching 01 ruruko

When I look up, I seen a spider crawlin’ cross Cooper’s back.  He ain’t too keen onna creepy crawlies, but when I try’n coax it offa he back, he got all suspicious an’ made me tell he what was happenin’.  An’…oh…I tell he I wasn’t gonna repeat what happen then, but it made me laugh an’ laugh, til I gotta stich uppa m’side!

(shhh…don’t tell he I shared this picture. whole forest sure did turn when he hear what was crawlin’ onna he!!)

Cooper Searching 02 ruruko

After that, he says that weren’t a good spot at all, not at all.  I was still laughin’.  But we move on a bit.  Was awful nice: warm, sunny, li’l breezy.  We was outside, an’ spring was for sure inna air.

After a bit, we came to a hill an hadda climb up.

Cuz I gotten up first (I was wearin’ m’ hikin boots, after all, an Cooper just had he sneaks), I try’n help he up by talkin’ an’ reachin’ m’hand down.  An’ both we gots uppa hill after a bit, an’ started lookin’ again for fairy stones.  We found some, too!  They was neat, sorta geometric-shaped things all cover up by dirt.  An’ I find some strange strange thing.  They was pokin outta tree root, like they was the root itself, but they ain’t the tree root atall, cuz…well…cuz they’s stone, an’ trees ain’t stone.

When I showed it to Cooper, he said maybe it was stone-wood, called petrified wood.  What?  When inna world did a tree ever become a stone!?  But he said was for true, it happen alla time.  Lotsa stones is made outta dirt an’ wood an’ things what gotten trap down inna earth an’ gotten pressed or heated or dried out or somethin’, an’ time turn ’em from good clean dirt or tree inna stone.

Oh gumdrops.  My head hurt, tryin’ make sense outta what he say.  Even though it weren’t a fairy stone, I keep my stone tree piece.

That got me thinkin’ bout trees, though, an I unfocus from what Cooper wanna do.  See, there was this tree, an’ I wanna climb it some…  I try’n’ get Cooper climb with me, but he say no no no, he wanna stay safe onna ground, lookin’ for he stone.

Tree CooperKestrel 01 ruruko

Ok by me!  I climb uppa tree!

An’ climbin’…

Tree Kestrel Climbing 04 ruruko

After a bit, I stopped an’ sat an’ just looked ’round.

It was awful pretty.  I could see some water off a ways, an’ Cooper down inna dirt, lookin’ for he rocks.  There was a pair of hawks inna tree, buildin’ they nest cuz they was gonna lay eggs an’ have chicks.  They were awful pretty hawks, all soft brown an’ white banded on they wings an’ chest an’ tail.

I kinda forgot bout searchin’ for fairy stone, it was so nice up inna tree.  There was squirrels an’ chipmunks an’ lizards, an’ flowery trees, an new-grow leaves, an’ alla world smell fresh an green.  It was warm, an’ I wanna taken nap, but I knew I’d fall outta tree for sure, an’ that didn’t seem like too good an idea.  So no nappin’.  Just watchin’.

When I climb down, Cooper was finishin’ up he findin’ trip an’ packin’ rocks inna bag.  We haul it back down the mountain an’ headed home, where we gotta show alla fairy stone to we friend.  Wren got alla big-eye when we came in with red dirt an’ rocks, cuz it mussed up her clean floor, but I’ll get sweepin’ soon.




While we was talkin’, off inna corner, I seen Juniper watchin’ we right close, like we got somethin’ special she wana be parta.  Or like we got somethin’ she thinks she wanna have?  But she ain’t come no closer.


I hadda good time with Cooper inna woods.  We’re gonna go out again sometime soon, maybe try’n find somethin’ else inna dirt.