Eclipse Viewing


There was an eclipse!  The itty bitty moon covered up the great big sun inna middle of the day.  Wow.  Some places, the moon blocked out the whole sun, an’ it got dark as night. Pip an’ Auntie Glenda went to a place called Salem where they could see it happen.  Round here, we got somethin’ Cooper called a partial eclipse, which meant the moon only covered up some of the sun, but it didn’t get night-dark.

But it DID get dark.  An’ chilly!  It was awful strange, standin’ out inna field, watchin’ it get darker an’ darker.  There were some clouds, too, an’ I was worried that’d mean we couldn’t see the shadow in our box, but it worked out ok.  We saw the shadow of the moon slidin’ over the bright of the sun!  Cooper said we shouldn’t ever look straight at the eclipse, or it’d hurt our eyes a lot (an’ maybe make us blind).  I don’t wanna be blind.  It’s hard fightin’ monsters when you can’t see ’em.


We talked bout eclipses, an’ how they work, an’ why they’re special.  Long time ago, people thought maybe an eclipse meant somethin’ awful was gonna happen, but now we know it’s just cuz the moon’s spinnin’ an’ the earth’s spinnin’ lined up with the sun an’ made something neat happen.  But there’s somethin’ sorta magical about it, too.  I bet the Witch at Dolli Lane was watchin’ it too!  (Meikiko an’ Falcon took the other box over there so the Littles could watch the eclipse)

It took a li’l bit to figure out how to use the box.  I kept coverin’ the hole with my head or my hair or somethin’, an’ Cooper kept tryin’ move me around to help me make it work.  He’d look inna box, turn li’l bit, say “Ooh, it’s there!” Then I’d take it an’ try, but I couldn’t find the sun anywhere.


But it worked after a li’l bit, an’ I got to see the sun an’ shadow too!  Wow.


An’ there it was!  It worked!


Some people had glasses with special lenses that let them look atta sun without hurtin’ their eyes, but I thought our box was pretty special.  No hurt eyes, either!  Cuz some companies made bad glasses, an’ people might’ve gotten hurt tryin’ to see this special thing, an’ that doesn’t seem very nice at all.

Total Eclipse

After it covered up, the moon slid back off the sun.  It took a while for alla sun to come back out–bout three hours–but it was super neat to sit through.  I tried to get Wren to come out an’ watch, but she said that was ok.  An’ Sparrow stayed an’ kept her company.  Juniper kinda vanished, but I’m sure she’ll be back.

Hope alla you enjoyed the eclipse too!


Solar Eclipse

Cooper says there’s gonna be an eclipse tomorrow.  Cooper an’ Falcon were talkin’ bout it, an’ I kinda listened a bit.  The earth an’ moon an’ sun are gonna line up so one of ’em gets inna way, an’ all we’re gonna see is a lotta shadow.  I think the moon’s gonna get ‘tween sun an’ earth?  It doesn’t happen much where we can see it.  But it’s happenin’ tomorrow ‘cross a lotta the country.  An’ partsa the country are gonna go full black with shadow during the eclipse.  Pip an’ Auntie Glenda are in Salem, waitin’ for it to happen.  They’re gonna see the whole sun get turned dark inna middle of the day.

We’re not supposed to look at the sun, though.  It’d make us blind if we did.  There are special glasses with dark dark lenses that can let you look atta sun, kinda like sunscreen for your eyes.  But we didn’t get those.  The boys were talkin’ bout how to see the eclipse without ’em.  We could watch it onna internet, but that’s not gonna be seein’ it ourselves.  Instead, they wanna build a box for watchin’ the eclipse, sorta like a camera but…not.

They got busy, cuttin’ an shapin’ an’ tapin’ an’ stuff.  I got ’em stuff to work with:  cardboard boxes an’ duct tape an’ scissors an’ things.  Meikiko helped too, cuz she’ll do anything Falcon says.  It’s cute.  Inna li’l bit, they had two boxes built.


Falcon said the pinhole needed to be a li’l bit bigger, but Cooper was sayin’ it was plenty big.  Meikiko wanna look inna box.  I did too.


Falcon was talkin’ measurements an’ angles an’ shadows an’ stuff.  None of it made much sense.  He turned the box so Meikiko could peek in, but she said it was all dark.  Somehow the pinhole’s gonna let light inna box, an’ that’ll let us see the eclipse onna back.

I took the other box an’ peeked in.  Full dark.



“How’s it work?” I asked.  “It’s dark inna box.  Is it broken? Where’s the sun?”


“It won’t work in here, Kestrel.  You need to be out in the sun for the pinhole to show the sun’s light.  We’ll get to see the eclipse as a shadow passing over the sun’s light on the back of the box tomorrow.”

“So nothin’ now?”  I looked back inna box.

Cooper grinned a li’l bit.  “No, nothing now.  We’ll test the boxes tomorrow morning.  The eclipse will start tomorrow after lunch.  It will work better then.  You’ll see.”

So, tomorrow: an eclipse!  Or a shadow.  I think they’re the same thing.