We’re gettin’ kinda crowded.

None of us mind, but sometimes blankets get stolen.  Inna summer, that’s all good.  If it’s hot, nobody minds losin’ a blanket or a sheet.  But inna winter, brrr!  It’s no good wakin’ up inna mornin’, shiverin’ cuz the fire’s burned down low an’ cold came creepin’ inna window.

We’ve been talkin’ bout how we could fix it.  There’s not much room for another bed inna room.  Meikiko’s got a tiny sleep-sack, but she’d be onna floor then, an’ there’s bad drafts down there.  Plus she’s tiny.  She doesn’t take much room anyhow.  Wren’s thinkin’ maybe we outta get bunk beds?  There’d be two beds in one space then, an some could sleep up top an’ some in the bottom.  Or maybe we gotta build an expanding onna house.  I dunno how to do that though.  But we could try.

Meikiko thinks we outta sleep in hammocks, an’ hang ’em onna wall or get a hammock-post to tie to for the middle with bolts inna wall.  It’d be like bunk beds, cuz there’s be hammocks over hammocks.  But we’d miss out on keepin’ each other warm!  Great inna summer, maybe not so much inna winter?

If none of that works, though, Wren says she can knit individual blankets for alla we.  That way nobody’s stealin’ inna night without meanin’ to.  An’ I outta make Riley a li’l puppy bed too so she has somewhere warm for her.  But it’s kinda nice, havin’ a sweet warm pup curled up nearby.  Maybe she’ll just keep sleepin’ with me.



Holes 2

Perdita’n’me went out to check on those holes again.  Left Riley behind:  didn’t wanna disappearing dog again.  Poor pup!  We took a whumping stick an’ a nice sharp sword, in case somethin’ hadda get messy.

Holes2_ABP_Ruruko_2017Aug5_002 Holes2_ABP_Ruruko_2017Aug5_004

Perdita poked inna hole.  Nothin’ much happened, ‘cept two centipedes came crawlin’ out.  One of ’em looked like it was gonna crawl up Perdita’s leg (she didn’t see it), but then it took off  another way.  I didn’t say nothin’ bout that.  The other one turned round an’ crawled back inna hole.  Not a very deep hole. Or maybe the deep of it caved in when whatever it was crawled out?

We walked ’round a li’l bit, explorin’, an’ came across somethin’…weird.


Not just weird.  Creepy weird.  Alien-monster weird.  I mean, what in the world???  It’s huge!  It’s got these massive legs (piercin’ legs, too, with points onna end), an’ stumpy wings, an’ it was sorta see-through!  When I poked it, tho, it didn’ move none.  Maybe it’s dead?


Perdita didn’t much like it.  She stayed with me, cuz she’s got an Adventure Bear’s heart, but she wasn’t real happy.  I wondered if whatever it was came crawlin’ outta hole inna ground?  But it was so big…  too big to fit inna hole we found.  We left it behind an’ kept lookin’ round.


We found another hole.  An’ another near that.  An’ some more dead alien monsters.  Loads of ’em.

Holes2_ABP_Ruruko_2017Aug5_023  Holes2_ABP_Ruruko_2017Aug5_027

They didn’t move when Perdita poked ’em, neither.

We stumbled on a whole bunch of ’em, clinging onna tree root.

Holes2_ABP_Ruruko_2017Aug5_013  Holes2_ABP_Ruruko_2017Aug5_017

But right near alla dead ones was another monster.  It wasn’t dead.  Repeat:  it wasn’t dead.  An’ it had huge wings.  An’ huge eyes.  An’ a huge body.

Holes2_ABP_Ruruko_2017Aug5_014  Holes2_ABP_Ruruko_2017Aug5_018

Perdita really stayed back then.  But I hadda get a closer look.  I mean, if it was dangerous, I needed to know. Cuz then it’d have to die.


So I poked it with my sword.  Maybe not so smart, but it seemed like a good idea then.  It made a loud, buzzing sound, flicked its wings, an’ took off inna sky.  It was an awful loud sound, an’ made me jump back some too.  But it flew off high inna tree, an’ I watched it go.  When it landed up inna tree, it continued to make its loud, buzzing sound.  The noise got louder an’ longer, sorta inna series of waves.


I’d never seen anything like it.  Perdita hadn’t, either.  But after that sorta fright, I figured I was done lookin’ for the day an’ wanna go home.  Seemed like a good time for doin’ research.  Were the dead monsters connected to the hole or to the live monster?  Was the live monster gonna come back an’ attack us?

I kept an eye onna sky as we walked back.  More when I find out what I can.