Kestrel’s Roost


Hi!  My name is Kestrel.

Some background stuff:  I am a 1:6, 21cm Ruruko doll made by a company in Japan called Petworks (CCSgirl 15AW Ruruko Girl).  I’m supposed to be part of a twin set, but I’ve never met my twin.  The adoption agency kinda messed that one up, I guess!  Maybe we can have a family reunion someday.

I like to play games and have fun.  I like to explore new places and things, so I’m always getting into loads of trouble.  My favorite thing in the world (so far!) is SNOW, so I guess you could say I love winter.  Snow is just so much fun!  You can make things out of it, you can flop down in it and not get hurt, you can have snowball fights, you can catch snowflakes on your tongue!  But there’s lots of fun stuff to do even if there’s no snow on the ground.  I can’t wait to share all of it with you.

Updates:  MY BROTHER FOUND ME!!  His name is Cooper.  He was adopted (when we were both very young) by a family that studied anthropology and archaeology, so he likes to dig things up and study them.   He tracked me down after he found and read my blog, but he had to reach out to my cuzzin Smidge for help and directions.  His adopted family said it was ok to leave.  Now he lives with us!


Speaking of “us,” our flock has grown a little bit.  There’s me, Cooper, Wren, Sparrow, Falcon, and our little sister, Meikiko, who thinks that Falcon is honestly her big brother (and he lets her now).  Vega and Hazel have both been more-or-less re-stationed to Dolli Lane so they can help Nim with the Littles. And Kitty hasn’t come back for a bit either.  It’s more fun to have lots of playmates, and the other kittens are at Dolli Lane too.  Oh–and Juniper.  She’s usually in one corner or another, wisping about.  And I have a puppy named Riley, and we have bunnies.  I dunno their names.


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