We’ve all kinda used the big house for stuff. Lark uses it as a place to write, cuz there’s a desk an’ it’s quiet. An’ Hittys been usin’ it as a place to sit an’ do Hitty things (don’t you ever wonder what Hittys do? Maybe somebody’s done a documentary or somethin’.)

Anyhow, none of us much used the whole house after Grammy Happy signed the deed over, but we figured it was time an’ we outta do more’n just store stuff there (Falcon’s been movin’ science stuff, an’ I gotta whole rack of swords tucked ‘way inna bedroom, an’ we moved in some games an’ stuff).

Cooper went sortin’ through some of his diggin’ up bones an’ rocks equipment. He was showin’ Me shovels an’ brushes an’ trowels, talkin’ bout how real paleontologists set up a site with rope grids an’ document what comes outta where in notebooks. I didn’t realize it was so complicated. I thought they’d just kinda…dig stuff up. Cooper says it helps sometimes with puttin’ skeletons back together after, cuz a dead thing’s bones are kinda like a puzzle.


I like puzzles. But Cooper says it’s like havin’ a great big puzzle without the picture onna lid to help go by. I bet that would be tough!

Falcon was mixin’ Up somethin’ sciencey while Lark watched. They were talkin’ bout moles, which seemed kinda weird. I didn’t see how li’l diggin’ creatures had anything to do with science experiments. Falcon was pourin’ different stuff inna beaker. Nothin’ blew up, though, so that was good.


Meikiko came too. But she wanted to play in her room. So we’d helped her pull in some huge dolly from the attic an’ set up some other toys. She says it’s really startin’ to feel like her own room!



So there we all were, havin’ a grand time, when outta nowhere there was a loud BOOM from up onna roof. We all looked at each other like, what the gumdrops?!


Whatever it was, it didn’t sound good. I grabbed up a sword.

to be continued…


2 thoughts on “Recreating

  1. Uh-oh. Something big landed on the roof…. Hope it’s not one of those “wild” scary things like you had before. Be careful.


    1. Lark tells me now I outta call the post somethin’ else. She says it outta be “recreation,” cuz recreating looks too much like another word for re-making things. Hmm. I kinda see her point. But oh! That bump onna roof! More bout that soon!!!


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