My friend Vale was talkin’ bout settin’ up a whole disguise for herself, which is pretty cool an’ really impressive, cuz she’s a cyborg, an’ her disguise is a computer thing, sorta like a hologram?  It looks totally real!  Then she was talkin’ bout bein’ a private investigator onna Caribbean island, an’ I gotta grand idea that maybe I’d be her partner.  But I’d need a disguise too!  So I got to playin’ inna closet, makin’ up different disguises.  I need help thinkin’ bout which one seems like a good idea, tho, cuz I don’t think I’m real good at some disguises, but others work pretty ok.

First disguise:  Beach girl


Vale said maybe a beach getup would be a good disguise.  An’ this isn’t much like beach stuff I wanna wear, but I look an awful lot like myself.  Dunno if it’s a good disguise, then.  But if you didn’t know who I was, maybe it’d be ok?

Next Disguise:  Girly Girl


This one’s a lot more not me.  It’s somethin’ Wren might wear.  It’s cute, I guess, an’ sorta very girly.  Vale said maybe I outta look for hats or somethin’ as disguises, so I tried puttin’ a bow on my head.  Oh, gumdrops.  Why do people wear bows?  Maybe I didn’t know how to put it on, though.  I thought about that after a bit:  I’d’ve been much better off if I’d asked Wren to help me with gettin’ stuff on.  (this outfit woulda been more complete if I’d put on pantyhose or tall socks an’ some shoes.  I didn’t do shoes for many outfits.  I know I’d need ’em, but I was gettin’ in an’ outta clothes so fast, I didn’t wanna bother with shoes much).

Next Disguise:  Camper


I started to realize, after tryin’ on a few disguises, that a really good disguise has a story with it.  So I tried comin’ up with stories (or characters) before I put on an outfit.  When I found these pants an’ shirt, I thought it’d make a good campin’ outfit.  Then I found this awesome backpack (it’s gotta be Cooper’s) an’ shovel (which IS Cooper’s).  The shovel made sense.  I could figure out how to work it.  But the backpack…  why does it have so many straps???  What do you do with ’em all??

I tried putting the pack on, hopin’ that maybe, once it was sort of in place, the straps would make sense, but…no…  I still couldn’t figure it out!  There were buckles an’ clips everywhere.  I’ll ask Cooper bout it later.  But the whole camper story seemed like a good idea.


Next Disguise:  Birdwatcher


There’s bird’s everywhere, right?  So maybe bein’ a birdwatcher would be a great disguise!  Though I do kinda just look like me…

Playin’ with the binoculars was fun, though.


By the way, as I was takin’ things off, I kept droppin’ them on the bed.  It started piling up pretty deep…  I was gonna have some work to clean up after. (we don’t have an apron, though, or I would’ve made a maid disguise too!!)

Next Disguise: Gypsy

Pip gave me this really pretty dress.  It makes me think of gypsies.  So, when I found a pretty scarf, I popped that on my head.  I actually think this disguise might be the best.  It covers up more hair, so it’s harder to tell it’s me.  An’ I really never wear dresses, so puttin’ one on an’ actin’ like some sorta gypsy person might be a good idea.  Only problem is, I dunno how gypsies act.  I think maybe they offer to tell your fortune? Or they play music an’ dance an’ stuff.

Next Disguise:  Tomboy


Thought this one was pretty good, too, cuz it’s got a hat, an’ it’s a wee bit harder to tell it’s me.  But the cloths are a lot like what I’d wear, an’ the hat’s mine anyway…  It was really the most comfy disguise.  I liked it a lot.  I liked the birdwatcher outfit too.

Next Disguise:  Kid


Ok.  Maybe this wasn’t a good disguise after all.  I mean, who disguises like themselves? Doesn’t that kinda make it all pointless?  I wished I had a baseball cap an’ a skateboard.  Then I’d be less like me, an’ more like a disguised kid!  The shoes were good, though.  I think they’re Falcon’s.  Hope he doesn’t mind.  Might be a bit before he gets ’em back.

Next Disguise:  Tourist


I borrowed Wren’s hat for this one.  It actually looks pretty good!  I might wear this one when I’m feelin’ like I outta get kinda dressed up, an’ I don’t got plans to go fight things or run through a field or nothin’.  The hat’s cute.  I’ll give it back, cuz I don’t wanna steal things offa Wren, but I hope she lets me borrow it sometime.

When I found Wren’s hat, I found something else, too.  It was really a disguise thing!  A wig.  A real wig!  People who are tryin’ look like someone else really do wear wigs.


I couldn’t figure out how to get it on, though.  I think it would’ve made a better disguise if I couldn’ve hidden my hair an’ made the wig look real.  I kept tuggin’ on it, an’ tuckin’ my braids back, an’ tryin’ to stuff my hair outta sight, but…well…I should’ve probably asked someone to help me with gettin’ dressed an’ stuff.  The wig was a good disguise idea, but I dunno quite how to make it work right.  I put it somewhere safe, tho.  It does a really good job of makin’ me not look like me.

Next disguise:  ???


I wasn’t quite sure what I was goin’ for here.  I was gettin’ pretty tired of tryin’ on clothes.  But there was this awesome cowboy hat, an’ it wanted to be tried on.  The whole thing, though…I dunno what I’d call the disguise.  Cowboy? Country girl?  None of that’s really right.

Most of the outfits hadda problem, too: nowhere to hide weapons.  I dunno if private investigators need swords, but I kinda like havin’ mine nearby.  I kept tryin’ stick it in different costumes.  I don’t think it worked too good as a prop, though…  It sure didn’t stay hidden, but at least I found some ways to carry it!


I’m gonna keep thinkin’ bout disguises.  It was fun makin’ up stories an’ characters an’ stuff.  I can’t wait to be a real private investigator!!


PS:  I didn’t wanna make Wren mad, so I cleaned everything up, too.  I even picked up the toys we had lyin’ round the room an’ put ’em all away.  Hope it makes Wren happy!

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