Guess who’s Heeere!

Cooper ‘n’ me went over to Smidge’s cuz we heard Pip an’ Amalynn we’re in town. When we got there, everybody was just sittin’ Round, talkin’. So I snuck up real quiet—which was tough, cuz the room’s got three big beds an’ lotsa stuff onna floor ‘tween ‘em!—an’ covered up Pip’s eyes before she could see me.


Guess who!

Pip’s smart. It didn’t take her long to guess. She squealed out my name and hopped up right quick (hope nobody minded her purple jellies on the bedspread). An’ I gotta great big hug!


Pip insisted I hadda open up Krissmiss gifts she hadn’t mailed. Oooh, presents! Nobody hadda ask me twice.


“What’s in here?”

”Just open it!”

It’s a—! It’s a—! It’s so cute! But what is it?


Pip an’ Amalynn also gave me a cute rubber ducky an’ awesome overalls an’ a super pretty dress with bright colors an’ pretty patterns! Amalynn’s gotta dress made outta the same fabric, so we’re gonna dress up like twins one day this week. It’ll be cool. Ooh, an’ Pip found me a book bout cryptozoology. That’s a sorta science bout supernatural critters, an’ it’ll help me with monster huntin’. Maybe, cuz it’s sorta like science an’ studyin’ Bones an’ things, I can get Falcon an’ Cooper to help.

Speakin’ of Cooper, last I saw, he was off tellin’ pi jokes to Pinkly. Hope she doesn’t mind. Hope she maybe gets ‘em.

If Smidge doesn’t mind, we might be stayin’ a bit! Maybe even all week, to help with packin’ an’ stuff.



One thought on “Guess who’s Heeere!

  1. We love having you and Cooper here with us. No problem. I see Cooper is cozying up to Pinkly again…probably telling her all his Pi jokes. 🙂


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