Pacific Island Vacation?!

This is really happenin’!  An’ I think maybe Vale’s gonna go pick up Pip too.  Cuz I think her jet’s gotta go that way anyway, so passin’ by Pip’s isn’t gonna take too long.

I packed up real quick.  Didn’t wanna take much:  shorts, T-shirts, somethin’ for swimmin’, a ‘puter, an’ some paint stuff.  I don’t got a swimsuit, but I hadda tank top an’ some knit shorts.  I think that’ll cover whatever parts need coverin’, an’ it won’t get too heavy from alla water.  Got everything packed in a backpack as fast as I could.  When Vale moves, she moves!


I didn’t wanna be not ready.  Once everything was packed up, I sat down an’ waited.  I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep.  We’re gonna go paint an’ hike an’ swim an’ watch birds.  Pip’s gonna give Vale tips about paintin’!  We’re gonna be flyin’ inna F15, an’ we’ll be gone four days.  I dunno what island we’re gonna go visit, but it’s gonna be so neat!

Waitin’ for Vale.




One thought on “Pacific Island Vacation?!

  1. Wow – I can’t wait to see how this all turns out for you. Sounds like a grand adventure, and by the time you get back, our temperatures should be back to normal. Wish I could go too. It’s cold here.


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