Snow Day!

It’s been super cold lately. I thought that was all it was gonna do—be cold!—but then we gotta little change an’ some snow came! It was so cold, I almost didn’t wanna go out an’ play but—nah. I love snow. I hadda go. I left Riley inside though.

i went an’ found our sled, cuz it’s been a bit since I went sleddin’. I’m thinkin’ I wanna try somethin’ like snow boardin’ sometime. Gotta get one first. For now, sleddin’ an’ snowmen is good!



But when I went an’ tried to make a snowman, alla snow fell like powder through my fingers. That was no good. I gave up on it an’ went to make some snow angels instead!


It wasn’t half bad. Not too sure where its head went, tho. I think I was tryin’ to keep snow outta my back, so I didn’t put my head alla way back? It was so super cold!


So cold, in fact, I went inside to warm up then. When I hopped on Facebook, I found Vale talkin’ bout maybe droppin’ Nuclear bombs on herself to test her shields?! Gumdrops, that worried me. She swears she’ll be ok, but wanted ideas bout remote places where maybe it’d be “safe” to drop a bomb. I mentioned some islands inna Pacific I found cuz I zoomed inna Google Maps an’ moved the mouse round the ocean. They’re called atolls, an’ they’re little islands with rims of land an’ a big circle lake inna middle (kinda like a short volcano inna ocean that got filled up with water instead of lava?). An’ now Vale’s talkin’ bout maybe takin’ me on a trip to the Pacific, maybe to an atoll!

I dunno when she’s sendin’ her jet, though, so I gotta go pack an’ get ready! Wow! An island! From snow to tropics? That’d be pretty cool!


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