Gingerbread Houses!

Last year, Aqua an’ some Littles hadda mix up with the witch an’ a gingerbread house.  An’ there’s a story bout Hansel an’ Gretel an’ a gingerbread house.  When they found it an’ ate bits of it, some witch came out an’ caught ’em an’ stuffed ’em inna cages.  But lotsa folk seem to like gingerbread houses, too, an’ they use ’em round Krissmiss time for special yummy pretty treats.

I was tryin’ make somethin’ neat for Pip for a present, but it didn’t quite work out.  Sparrow saw me bein’ all sorts of frustrated, an’ she came over an’ said she’d help me make up somethin’ else.  She suggested a gingerbread house.  So we got to workin’ ’round a li’l table.  Even Wren came to help.


We got so excited bout makin’ the one li’l house, we made another!  We gave it to Grammy Happy, cuz she likes little things, an’ we’re pretty sure she’ll share it with Smidge an’ our other Dollie friends that live over with her.


I like decoratin’ the houses.  Sparrow’s good at makin’ all the walls an’ the candy an’ the icing we gotta use to make it all work together.  Wren’s good at the little parts, like the icing roofs an’ alla pretty details.  But I was good at puttin’ big candy pieces on an’ li’l marshmellow bits.  It was fun!

I dunno if I wanna live in a candy house (cuz I’m pretty sure I’d eat my house down to nothin’), but it was fun makin’ a tiny one!




One thought on “Gingerbread Houses!

  1. The houses are adorable – especially ours. And yes, I’ll definitely share with Smidge and the others…and a wee little Meerkat moved into it. Hope he doesn’t eat himself out of house and home. LOL.


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