Travel by Postal

We got home from Arkansas by Postal.  Travellin’ by Postal was pretty cool.  It was totally an adventure.  It was bumpy an’ jostley an’ rattly.  We got moved a lot.  It was kinda like what the Mini-Beans call a “roller coaster.”  But we were safe inna Pink case, cuz we were all tucked inna blankets an’ sleepin’ bags an’ clothes.  Super soft.  Sometimes, we’d be inna postal office for a bit, an’ Cooper helped me get inna the different wi-fi signals, so we sent out li’l messages on Facebook to let people know we were safe an’ all.

I wanted to go out an’ poke round the postal trucks, but Cooper said that was a very very very bad idea.  Postal people might not be super nice like Miss Janice an’ Mister Glenn.  So I stayed inna pink case.  We hadda few pieces of candy to keep us from starvin’, so I guess there wasn’t really a need to go out, but I do like explorin’…

Travel by Postal takes a while.  Kind of a long while.  With Grammy Happy an’ Bean, we went from home to Arkansas in about two days.  By Postal, it took loads longer, maybe a week or somethin’?  I got sorta kinda super bored (but don’t tell Bean!)  The best part was tryin’ figure out where we were when we got onna wi-fi system.  Lotsa places didn’ look at all familiar, but then we started seein’ names for places inna home state, an’ names for postal offices that looked a whole lot more like hometown.

Then the Postal Truck stopped, an’ we were the only box lifted out.  There was a knock, an’ our box got put down, an’ that was it.  So I hopped onna ‘puter an’ checked to see if I could find a wi-fi, an’ it said HOME!  I was super happy.  I loved our adventure, an’ travel by Postal was pretty cool, but Home meant seein’ Wren an’ huggin’ Riley an’ knowin’ we were really safe again.  Plus Bean sent a message sayin’ it was gonna snow!!

Cuz I had my sword, I wanted to break outta the box, but Cooper stopped me.  We were still outside.  Once we left the box, we’d have to figure out how to get inna door, an’ that was a lotta work.  We didn’t have a key.  We outta wait, he said, til a Mini-Bean got home an’ took us inside.  So I sat back down an’ waited.

Cooper was right, tho.  After a bit, I heard a Mini-Bean voice, an’ our box got lifted.  The door got unlocked an’ opened, an’ our box got put back down again.  It was loads warmer inna house, too.  Then the Mini-Bean voice went away, an’ I think somethin’ sniffed atta box, an’ then it was quiet.  Cooper said ok then.  So I went to work, gettin’ us outta the Postal Box.


After a couple cuts with the sword, I poked my hand out an’ pushed.  An’ pushed.  An’ there it was, our door outta Postal Box!


I helped Cooper out, an’ we sat there for a bit, feelin’ happy.  We were free!  Then we both looked at each other, an’ looked back inna box.  The Hittys.  We hadda get them out too.


I told Cooper to stay.  I’d go back in, an’ he could help ’em from out here.


It worked out ok, I think.  Alla Hittys got out safe! One, two, three.


Gumdrops, but it was good to be out.  Better still to get back home that night, an’ see the whole Flock again.  We did big hugs all around.


But the next day, more adventures, cuz there really was snow! Riley an’ me went out an’ ran around an’ played an’ made snowballs an’ snowmen. I even tried makin’ a snow pup, but it looked kinda more like a snow bunny…



I really liked Arkansas an’ Dragons an’ seein’ Pip an’ Smidge an’ Voir an’ Overstay  an’ ridin’ Postal, but it sure is nice bein’ home too!



One thought on “Travel by Postal

  1. Naturally, I followed the Facebook adventures, but this was much better because I already knew the happy ending. So glad you made it home safely. I’m glad to have you back. Please come for Krismiss with the Bean and Mini Beans. All the Rurukos are looking forward to seeing you.


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