Gingerbread Houses!

Last year, Aqua an’ some Littles hadda mix up with the witch an’ a gingerbread house.  An’ there’s a story bout Hansel an’ Gretel an’ a gingerbread house.  When they found it an’ ate bits of it, some witch came out an’ caught ’em an’ stuffed ’em inna cages.  But lotsa folk seem to like gingerbread houses, too, an’ they use ’em round Krissmiss time for special yummy pretty treats.

I was tryin’ make somethin’ neat for Pip for a present, but it didn’t quite work out.  Sparrow saw me bein’ all sorts of frustrated, an’ she came over an’ said she’d help me make up somethin’ else.  She suggested a gingerbread house.  So we got to workin’ ’round a li’l table.  Even Wren came to help.


We got so excited bout makin’ the one li’l house, we made another!  We gave it to Grammy Happy, cuz she likes little things, an’ we’re pretty sure she’ll share it with Smidge an’ our other Dollie friends that live over with her.


I like decoratin’ the houses.  Sparrow’s good at makin’ all the walls an’ the candy an’ the icing we gotta use to make it all work together.  Wren’s good at the little parts, like the icing roofs an’ alla pretty details.  But I was good at puttin’ big candy pieces on an’ li’l marshmellow bits.  It was fun!

I dunno if I wanna live in a candy house (cuz I’m pretty sure I’d eat my house down to nothin’), but it was fun makin’ a tiny one!



Travel by Postal

We got home from Arkansas by Postal.  Travellin’ by Postal was pretty cool.  It was totally an adventure.  It was bumpy an’ jostley an’ rattly.  We got moved a lot.  It was kinda like what the Mini-Beans call a “roller coaster.”  But we were safe inna Pink case, cuz we were all tucked inna blankets an’ sleepin’ bags an’ clothes.  Super soft.  Sometimes, we’d be inna postal office for a bit, an’ Cooper helped me get inna the different wi-fi signals, so we sent out li’l messages on Facebook to let people know we were safe an’ all.

I wanted to go out an’ poke round the postal trucks, but Cooper said that was a very very very bad idea.  Postal people might not be super nice like Miss Janice an’ Mister Glenn.  So I stayed inna pink case.  We hadda few pieces of candy to keep us from starvin’, so I guess there wasn’t really a need to go out, but I do like explorin’…

Travel by Postal takes a while.  Kind of a long while.  With Grammy Happy an’ Bean, we went from home to Arkansas in about two days.  By Postal, it took loads longer, maybe a week or somethin’?  I got sorta kinda super bored (but don’t tell Bean!)  The best part was tryin’ figure out where we were when we got onna wi-fi system.  Lotsa places didn’ look at all familiar, but then we started seein’ names for places inna home state, an’ names for postal offices that looked a whole lot more like hometown.

Then the Postal Truck stopped, an’ we were the only box lifted out.  There was a knock, an’ our box got put down, an’ that was it.  So I hopped onna ‘puter an’ checked to see if I could find a wi-fi, an’ it said HOME!  I was super happy.  I loved our adventure, an’ travel by Postal was pretty cool, but Home meant seein’ Wren an’ huggin’ Riley an’ knowin’ we were really safe again.  Plus Bean sent a message sayin’ it was gonna snow!!

Cuz I had my sword, I wanted to break outta the box, but Cooper stopped me.  We were still outside.  Once we left the box, we’d have to figure out how to get inna door, an’ that was a lotta work.  We didn’t have a key.  We outta wait, he said, til a Mini-Bean got home an’ took us inside.  So I sat back down an’ waited.

Cooper was right, tho.  After a bit, I heard a Mini-Bean voice, an’ our box got lifted.  The door got unlocked an’ opened, an’ our box got put back down again.  It was loads warmer inna house, too.  Then the Mini-Bean voice went away, an’ I think somethin’ sniffed atta box, an’ then it was quiet.  Cooper said ok then.  So I went to work, gettin’ us outta the Postal Box.


After a couple cuts with the sword, I poked my hand out an’ pushed.  An’ pushed.  An’ there it was, our door outta Postal Box!


I helped Cooper out, an’ we sat there for a bit, feelin’ happy.  We were free!  Then we both looked at each other, an’ looked back inna box.  The Hittys.  We hadda get them out too.


I told Cooper to stay.  I’d go back in, an’ he could help ’em from out here.


It worked out ok, I think.  Alla Hittys got out safe! One, two, three.


Gumdrops, but it was good to be out.  Better still to get back home that night, an’ see the whole Flock again.  We did big hugs all around.


But the next day, more adventures, cuz there really was snow! Riley an’ me went out an’ ran around an’ played an’ made snowballs an’ snowmen. I even tried makin’ a snow pup, but it looked kinda more like a snow bunny…



I really liked Arkansas an’ Dragons an’ seein’ Pip an’ Smidge an’ Voir an’ Overstay  an’ ridin’ Postal, but it sure is nice bein’ home too!


Gettin’ offa Arkansas mountain


Ok.  Somethin’ happened.  I dunno if maybe I made it happen, or if maybe I didn’t, but that last mornin’ onna mountain didn’ quite go as planned…

Bean an’ Aunty Glenda an’ Grammy Happy was packin’ an’ movin’, gettin’ stuff outta cabin an’ inna car.  Cooper an’ Hittys an’ me were waitin’ in our pink case onna table, wishin’ we could stay a li’l bit longer, watchin’ Hittys an’ dollies an’ dragons bein’ born an’ spendin’ time with Pip an’ Amalynn an’ Pinkly an’ Smidge an’ Voir (even tho Smidge an’ Voir’d been gone a bit).  We were talkin’ bout the Big Green dragon, an’ how super cool it was but super scary too, an’ Cooper was talkin’ bout how a dragon coulda flown us up inna tree to get some mistletoe (cuz alla Beans kept talkin’ bout some mistletoe inna tree!), an’… An’… Wait.  It was awful quiet.  No Beans were talkin’.  Nobody was movin’ things around.

I flipped the pink case latch an peeked out.  Cabin was empty.

But we were still onna table.  Oh.  My.  Gumdrops!

I slid back inna case.  It shut with a soft click.  Cooper looked over at me.  I think he was startin’ to realize somethin’ wasn’t quite right.  We let the Hittys keep talkin’, an’ he scooted over closer to me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.  When he’s worried, his right eyebrow goes up high.  It was wavin’.

I pushed open the case a li’l bit.  It took him a minute, but then his mouth rounded into an “O” an’ his eyes got all big.  “Bean’s gone,” he said, closin’ the lid again.  Gotta hand it to Cooper.  He’s gotta good brain.

“Yep,” I said.  I pushed the lid open again.  The sky through the window was pretty an’ blue, an’ there were no clouds.  It was a nice day. “We said we wanna stay onna mountain longer.  Guess we’re here now.”  We got out of the case an’ sat onna table, watchin’ things for a bit.  There was a hawk flyin’ inna sky, an’ a dog barked off inna woods.  Cooper was swingin’ his legs off the table edge.  I confessed I didn’t know if I’d done somethin’ to make it so Bean didn’t see us when she was leavin’.  I didn’t think I could do that, but I did really wanna stay longer an’ watch sunrises an’ listen to coyotes an’ stuff.

But there’s only so much sky watchin’ I wanna do from inna cabin.  It seemed too far to jump to the ground–like, break-your-leg kinda too far.  Maybe we could slide down a table leg…

While I was thinkin’ bout whether or not we’d get splinters, Cooper told me I hadda stay with him an’ the Hittys.  An’ he had a point.  If somethin’ bad might come, I outta be near to keep everybody safe.

“Besides,” he asked, “how are we getting home, Kestrel? We can’t live here forever.”

He hadda point.  But now this was an adventure.  I was ready to go!  Still…Cooper would worry.  An’, if I did have somethin’ to do with us bein’ left, I didn’t wanna leave him worried an’ alone.  I needed a plan.

For sure Bean would realize she didn’t have us.  Right?  But maybe she wouldn’t know where we got left.  Or maybe she’d worry our case fell outta car or somethin’.  Plus I didn’t have a plan yet for gettin’ us back offa mountain…  Maybe Bean would come back for us.  That wouldn’t take too long.  We just hadda make sure she knew.

Hitty Lily popped outta the pink case.  She had our ‘puter with her.  Hittys are so smart!

So I wrote messages onna Facebook, cuz ‘puter was hooked inna Sky Vue‘s wifi already.  Bean’s not much on Facebook, but Grammy Happy an’ Aunty Glenda are.  So I wrote messages on their pages too, an’ made a big, stinky message on my page.  Somebody would see it.  Somebody would let Bean know, an’ she’d figure out a plan.

Pretty soon, messages started comin’ back.  People knew we were stuck onna mountain.  An’ a plan was made for gettin’ us home:  Miss Janice an’ Mister Glenn, the nice beans that own Sky Vue Lodge, would box us up an’ get us tickets to ride the Postal!  I was super excited.  I always wanted to ride Postal, but Bean said it was too dangerous.  Plus, super added bonus, the Postal wasn’t gonna leave ’til Monday, so we hadda whole extra weekend onna mountain!

People onna Facebook were blamin’ Bean for leavin’ us behind, an’ I kinda felt bad bout that.  I mean, I guess she did kinda leave us, but I also dunno if I made it happen too, just a li’l bit…  I figured people outta blame me too if they were gonna blame.  Pinkly investigated the mess too, an’ she ruled it was just an accident, so I felt kinda better.  Bean didn’t mean it, an’ we didn’t really mean to be bad dollies either.  Accidents happen.  But we got an Overstay outta it!

Pink Case got moved from the cabin inna main lodge.  It smelled mighty good there!  An’ it was warm an’ cozy.  We were safe, we hadda plan, we were gonna go home, but we gotta enjoy the mountain a li’l bit longer.  Everything seemed all good.  Cooper could stop worryin’, so maybe I could start pokin’ around a li’l bit.

After alla Bean’s voices were gone an’ it seemed quiet, we peeked outta the case.  The Hittys’ tummies were rumblin’, an’ mine was too.  Cooper didn’t say anything, but he also didn’t object.  He said he was comin’ with me, tho.

Coast seemed pretty clear.  So Cooper an’ me got outta box an’ started pokin’ around, foragin’ for food.

Cooper found somethin’ inna bag.  I dunno what it was.  Maybe beans?  Or peas? Or corn?  Somethin’ kinda healthy.  But we didn’t have any way to cook stuff.  I didn’t wanna use a bean’s stove, in case it got us melted or somethin’.  That seemed like a bad idea.  We kept lookin’.  Most everything was put away nice an’ neat.  But we found a cookie, an’ rolled it back for the Hittys.  Gettin’ it back up the table was tough, but we used some rope an’ cables an made a pulley thing.  Then everybody was fed an’ happy!


At nights, I poked around outside a li’l bit too, lookin’ for coyotes an’ takin’ walks.  Cooper kept trying’ to get me to stay put, in case I got lost, but I couldn’t resist.  There was a whole mountain out there, beggin’ to be looked at!  It’d be a shame not to explore it a li’l more.  I saw an owl.  I heard more coyotes, an’ maybe some wild dogs.  I saw mistletoe inna tree an’ wanted to go get it, but Bean let me know she an’ Aunty Glenda got some on their way home too, so I didn’t climb up after it.  I almost fell down the mountain when I slipped on moss.  It was super fun.

Cooper an’ me kept foragin’ for food, too, tryin’ keep Hittys fed an’ keep our stomachs from rumblin’ too loud.  We found an’ shared some cake, which was yummy.

But Cooper found this drink, too.  There was only a li’l bit left, I think.  After he drank it, tho, he got kinda weird an’ crazy an’ talked like a mile a minute.  He wouldn’t stop talkin’, which was kinda weird an’ not really Cooper-like.  Then he got a headache, so maybe I’m glad there wasn’t much of whatever it was.

One foragin’, though, we found a bunch of candy!  Oh my gumdrops, it was good!  I know we were supposed to share with the Hittys, but I kinda forgot, an’ I think Cooper forgot too.  Instead, we ate…an’ ate…an’ ate!

Then we passed out onna table from too much sugar.  The Beans found us there like that inna mornin’.  Oops.  But it was Postal day anyway, so they put us back inna pink case an’ got us ready for travel.  They put us inna pink case inna big brown box.  There was lotsa tapin’ an’ jostlin’, an’ I heard someone say they were takin’ us to the Postal Office.  An’ we were off!

Thanks to Miss Janice an’ Mister Glenn an’ Sky Vue Lodge, we hadda great Overstay!



Arkansas, Day 5: Carving’s end

Day 5.  Last day.  Started beautiful an’ clear an’ bright.  Oh my gumdrops! Those clouds are somethin’ else, right?!

We hadda say goodbye to Big Green dragon.  We were all sad, cuz he’s super fun, but his bean left early an’ all. We gave his bean a Nutty Buddy to say thanks for lettin’ Big Green camp on our table!

The wood dragon babies got more carved than they were afore, too.  Heads an’ necks got attached to bodies, an’ legs got jointed inna place.  I don’t think they’re gonna be breathin’ fire for a bit.  That’s good.  We got time to make sure they’re good afore they turn mean or somethin’.  Plus, the li’l tykes got stuck up onna stick!  Maybe it shook alla bad outta ’em already.

But right now, they seem awful cute an’ little an’ nice.  No fire, no clawin’, no death or maimin’ or nothin’.  Stick-shakin’ afore full-born seems to really make ’em inna good critters.  I tested it first, though, tryin’ to make sure they were good babies, not bad babies.  Pip helped.  We fed it some li’l bitty treats (not people!). It seemed like a good dragon.


After we hadda stop carving, we cleaned up the room, sweepin’ out alla chips an’ carvin’ bits, puttin’ stuff away, an’ gettin’ gear packed away.  The baby dragons are pullin’ themselves together with pegs an’ things, but they still gotta grow their tails an’ wings.  Right now, they just got stubby lil’ ends.  The teachers say they’re pretty sure the rest will grow, but it takes time.

When we got back to the cabin, we (Cooper, Pinkly, Amalynn, Pip, an’ me) were kinda hungry, an’ kinda sad.  We’re gonna all miss hangin’ out together an’ watchin’ baby dragons bein’ born.  I dunno who thought of it, but we got out a cookie that Voir’s bean made an’ shared it.  Snack time!  We were thinkin’ bout ’em an’ wishin’ they could be there with us too.  Sendin’ love to Voir an’ Smidgie an’ Wizzie an’ Mr. Wizzie.


We’re talkin’ bout a final sleepover too, just cuz it’ll be fun.



Arkansas, Day 4: Dragons an’ More!


It was a pretty mornin’!  I took a little jump inna leaf pile too.  It smelled all woodsy an’ musky an’ sorta damp.  Loads of fun!  Great way to start a day.  Everybody outta try it some.

When we got inna carving room, we found the green dragon head grew itself inna whole big dragon, with wings an’ everything.  I’ve been watchin’ the head since the class started, but to see it now with legs an’ wings an’ everything…I’m not so sure it’s really safe.



I mean, it says it’s safe.  But what monster doesn’t say that, if it gets a chance?  Sayin’ that would make it loads easier to eat things like little friends!  If a dragon walks up to you an’ says it’s a nice, safe dragon, an’ you listen to it, it’s gonna be really easy for the dragon to eat you up, cuz you won’t be ready to fight back.

(I’ve thought about this a lot)

But Pip said she really wanted to talk to the dragon, an’ the dragon said it was ok. Again. Ugh!  I hadda think bout it a bit.  So I leaned up close to the dragon an’ he an’ me had  a bit of a talk…


I told him, real clear, that he better behave an’ be a good dragon an’ not hurt anybody, cuz I had a sharp sword an’ wasn’t afraid to use it.  Then I told him bout the other dragon head that seemed like trouble earlier this week, an’ how I dealt with it…


But the dragon agreed, sayin’ again it was a good, nice dragon, an’ I relented an’ Pip hopped up onna dragon’s back.  I had a teeny tiny panicky heart attack, but I got over it.  The dragon was very nice, an’ he didn’t snarl or flare or fly or bite or nothin’.  Phew.  Pip was awful cute, though, an’ most brave!  Go Pip go!  (an’ thanks, dragon.  Sorry I didn’t much trust you).


The day went on with carvin’ an’ things.  Knives came out. Chips were flyin’.  Dragons were bein’ born!  Bit by bit, sorta.  I gotta say, I guess I didn’ know quite how this was gonna happen.  I thought maybe they’d be a bit more like the green dragon:  kinda full-sprung after a li’l bit.  The teachers’ dragon is more whole-ish sometimes.  It pulled itself all together today cuz of the green dragon, I think.  They were cute, goin’ nose to nose like they did.


The other li’l dragon babies are still comin’ along.  They’re openin’ their eyes an’ blinkin’ bits.  They aren’t born outta eggs, like most dragon babies (my monster books say they’re born outta big eggs, like snakes an’ lizards), but I guess that’s cuz they’re wood dragon babies bein’ born outta blocks?  They’re sorta cute.  Even real dragons are neat an’ cool an’ all.  Just…dangerous, too.


Pip got in some work today.  She’s been wantin’ to earn a nursin’ degree, like Smidge an’ Voir have, cuz Aunty Glenda sometimes needs lots of doctorin’ help.  So today, when carvers cut themselves an’ bled, Pip hopped up an’ assessed their wounds an’ applied first aid an’ stuff.  Grammy Happy an Aunty Glenda both needed tendin’ to, an she was right there, sayin’ smart stuff like “Apply pressure” an’ “Elevate the wound” an’ “Let’s affix a bandaid” an’ “There, there.  It’s going to be all right.”  She didn’t even get faint at the blood or nothin’!


After alla carvin’ an’ such, we came back to the cabin.  Pinkly’s been sorta super sad lately, with Smidge gone off with Voir an’ all, an’ lately Cooper’s been tryin’ cheer her up some.  This afternoon, tho…I dunno what was goin’ on.  He got down in front of her chair an’ was sayin’ somethin’ to her.  I couldn’t hear what he was sayin’.  Neither could Amalynn.  But she an’ me sure watched them!


Who knows what that was all about?

More dragons tomorrow!