Winslow, AR: Where Hittys are Born

I’m gonna go on a trip soon!  I get to go where Hittys are born, in a place called Winslow, Arkansas.  (correction:  Hittys are born in lotsa places.  But this is a place where people teach about how Hittys are born an’ how to help them get born). An’ I get to go!  I don’t know if I get to help?

Smidge an’ Pip are gonna be there.  They’ve gone before.  An’ Voir’s gonna be there, which is super cool.  I get to meet Voir!  An’ help with Hittys, an’ explore mountains, an’ see Grammy Happy an’ Auntie Glenda…

I gotta take a gift, so Wren’s helpin’ me with making some hats like she makes for the Littles.  They’re cute.  But we’re makin’ it smaller, cuz most Hittys have smallish heads.  But I’m worried: what if it’s not pretty enough for a Hitty?  Wren says I shouldn’t worry about that.  It’ll be a cute hat, an’ that’s the important part.  Grammy Happy’s helpin’ with an extra special part of the outfit, too.  I’m really grateful that she’s helpin’.  It’ll make the whole gift perfect.

Cooper looked up the weather in Arkansas, so I can pack an’ stuff.  He says it’s kinda like the weather here now:  pretty chilly, but not too bad yet.

(Oh!  that reminds me!  First frost was this mornin’!!  It tipped up all the leaves an’ shined up the grass, an’ my breath puffed like a dragon.  Check it out:


So I wanna pack warm.  I’ll need somewhere to sleep, so I got a sleepin’ bag.  I dragged it out of a closet an’ dusted it off some an’ tried to roll it up.  Sleeping bags are weird.  They’re hard to roll!  It kept un-doing itself all over the room.  Wren kept gigglin’ while she watched.  Finally, cuz I was mad, I sat on it.  That seemed to work best!  I got it tied up nice an’ neat then.

But that’s enough packin’ for now.  I’m gonna keep an eye on the weather an’ figure out what I need then.  Maybe make a list, like I did last time?  I won’t be gone as long as I was at Pip’s, tho, so it’ll be easier to pack.  Oooh…  do you think I could maybe fit it all inside the sleeping bag an’ roll it up tight that way?  Or maybe I can borrow the Littles’ backpack again.  I don’t need a whole suitcase.

I can’t wait!  It’s gonna be exciting!



Last one

The cold took out the whole pumpkin plant. It’s sad. Really, really sad. It all crisped up an’ wilted an’ fell down flat onna ground. I don’t wanna picture. I ain’t gonna share that kinda pain.

But I found one last pumpkin! It’s kinda sorta huge. I almost couldn’t wrestle it inna kitchen, but I got it in!


It was hard work. I was pretty proud of what I did! Ok, so maybe I didn’t think it all the way through. I mean, it is an awfully big pumpkin…

An’ that’s pretty much what Wren said when she saw it. She was sure I’d worked hard an’ it was nice I’d found it when the cold killed the whole plant, but we hadda move inna house too an’ it was just too big. It had to go back out.


But…pie an’ soup an’…uh…whatever else people do with pumpkins.

Nope. There was no swayin’ Wren. Nobody’d eat that much pie. So I rolled the pumpkin back outside.

Best hope is it makes more pumpkins inna  spring. That’s a long way off, tho! My pumpkin’s gonna have a good hibernation  an’ some sweet dreams. (I’ll put a li’l blanket on him when Wren’s not lookin’)


Cold Snap!

Oh gumdrops! It is COLD this mornin’! Cooper says there was a freeze last night. This mornin’, we’re all turnin’ in our short sleeves an’ huntin’ down sweaters.  I hadda pile wood in our wood stove so Meikiko would get out of the blankets!

When I took Riley out for her walk, it was like steppin’ straight into winter. Forget fall! No pretty frost, but there sure coulda been. Wish I knew what made frost. I’ll ask Cooper or Falcon.

But my breath billowed, so I played at bein’ a dragon while we walked. Riley was a little dragon, with tiny puffs out her nose.

We passed by the pumpkin plant, an’ it was sad. Half the leaves were brown an’ curled up. Most of its pretty orange flowers were crimped shut, like they were tryin’ shut out the cold. Some of the leaves were still bright green, but I dunno if it’ll keep growin’ now. Poor thing probably wanted a blanket too.

Brr! I know they say “winter is comin’” but I think I’m gonna say winter is here! For today, at least!




Halloween Eve, after alla Littles were tucked in blankets on the floor an’ cozy, I was lookin’ for monsters out the window (just in case).  I mean, it was Halloween.  It was time for ghosts an’ ghouls an’ monsters an’ evil spirits makin’ tricks.  So it was time for keepin’ watch.

Out the window, I thought I saw a light.  I watched it for a bit.  It kinda came an’ went a little.  Then it was steady.  Hmm.

I checked the Flock.  Asleep, all of ’em.  Falcon sprawled on his back, mouth gaped open an’ snorin’ soft.  Meikiko asleep face down over his stomach.  Cooper inna ball.  Wren an’ Sparrow an’ Nim tucked under their blanket.  All good for now.  But somethin’ might be comin’.

So I stepped out inna night.  It was cool, but not cold.  I was barefoot, feet soft-swishin’ through the leaves an’ silent-steppin’ on pine needles.  The moon was a tiny sliver, but the light ahead was steady gettin’ brighter.  Looked like fire.  I started thinkin’ bout alla fire monsters: dragons, phoenix, hellhound, salamander?  But no, not a monster.  Just a fire.  An there were people sittin’ by it.


Juniper an’ the witch.  They said this was how we all outta celebrate Halloween.  Only they didn’ call it Halloween.  They called it “Samhain” (I hadda look it up later, cuz it didn’t sound nothin’ like how it’s spelled).  They asked me to sit with ’em.  They were gonna sit all night with their fire cuz it was a way to honor dead spirits an’ cuz it was a good time for powerful magic an’ a time when doors inna other worlds might open for a bit.


It was nice, sittin’ with them.  I didn’t see any doors openin’, an’ I didn’t see any magic happenin’, but it felt special, like first snow inna night, when snowflakes are driftin’ down through trees an’ it’s so quiet you might be the only soul inna world.  I kinda fell asleep sometime inna night.  When I woke up, it was mornin’, the fire was out, an’ both witch an Juniper were gone.  The house was quiet still an’ everybody safe.  No monsters.  So maybe keepin’ watch by a fire kept alla monsters away?

I dunno where the Witch an’ Juniper went.  Maybe a magic door really did open an’ they slipped through.  I don’t mind not goin’.  I wouldn’t wanna leave the others behind.  But I hope those two are doin’ ok, wherever they got to.


Halloween Party!

I’m late with my writing, but I promise I didn’t forget.

The day of Halloween, Wren showed us all what she’d been workin’ on.  She an’ Sparrow didn’t wanna dress up in costumes, but they both had pretty Halloweeny dresses, hers with cobwebs an’ Sparrows with bones (an’ paws, but don’t mind alla paws.  They’re just there for extra cute).

Cooper an’ me gotta be Victorian steampunk monster hunters!!  I’m super excited.  I love our hats, an’ our capes, an’ I get to carry a sword.  So if anybody comes playin’ tricks, or if any monsters come inna house, I can take care of ’em right quick.

An’ Falcon an’ Meikiko got costumes, too.  Theirs match up too!  Lately, Meikiko’s been watchin’ a show about a girl that fights crime.  Her name’s Ladybug Girl.  An’ she has a friend who fights crime too.  They’re friends as super heroes, but they dunno each other in real life.  His name is Cat Noir.  Wren made Meikiko a ladybug costume (kinda different from what Ladybug Girl wears, but Meikiko liked it better) an’ made Falcon a black cat costume!  When Falcon said the other day that he thought we outta get a black cat, it made me giggle.


We finished putting out alla decorations, movin’ the pumpkins around, an’ gettin’ cobwebs set up.  Before long, there was a knock, an’ the Littles arrived!  They came in, some walkin’ with a friend, some walkin’ alone: Aqua an’ Rosy an’ Poppy an’ three kittens, an’ a couple girls I dunno, an Nim an’ a baby.  Our whole room was filled up!  Vega an’ Hazel an’ the other new girls didn’t come, an’ I’m kinda glad, cuz I dunno if there’d be room for everybody.  I mean…wow!


(Wren says next year, we gotta find somewhere else for a party)

I think it surprised the rest of the flock, too, cuz Falcon’s eyes got kinda big, an’ Sparrow just kept blinkin’.  An’ yea, it’s a lot.  Alla Littles make a big crowd.  But they’re fun, an’ happy, an’ it was good to see ’em all here again.

An’ then the party began!

The Littles kinda did their own thing.  Poppy was dressed up like a DJ an’ had a radio, so she played alla music for the night.  She had spooky sounds an’ good dance music an’ all sortsa fun stuff for a party night.


The Kittens got inna mischief fast, messin’ round with Mr. Bones inna corner.


There was apple bobbin’, an’ Meikiko helped the new girl nab her apple before she got one for herself, too (I dunno why we didn’t put water inna bowl first).


An’ New Girl an’ the baby played ball with an eye, pushin’ it back an’ forth a bit.


After a bit, I noticed that lotsa the big kids were missin’.  First I missed the boys, then I didn’ know where Sparrow’d gone, then Wren was gone too…  Wren leavin’ surprised me.  But the Littles were bein’ awful noisy.  They were havin’ fun, but it was noisy fun.  I looked over at Nim an’ asked if she knew where the others got to.

She didn’ know.  I didn’t know either.  But we giggled an’ slipped off, lookin’ for the others.  The Littles’d be ok, Nim said.  They did all sortsa stuff on their own without gettin’ hurt too bad.  We’d cleared out alla sharp swords (I put ’em inna closet before the party), an’ we’d moved the rocks away.

We found the others hidin’ inna bedroom.  Cooper an’ Falcon were playin’ dinosaurs, an’ Wren an’ Sparrow were talkin’ onna bed about just how many Littles were inna other room.  Nim joined the girls, an’ I sat down with Riley to cuddle.  Even the bunnies were hidin’ out.

Out inna main room, tho, the party raged on.  New girl found some rock candy.  The kittens got mixed up with a ouija board.  Rosy an’ Aqua started makin’ some witchy brew (I cleaned it up after–man, was it nasty!).  An’ the baby was playin’ with a pumpkin, kinda suckin’ on her thumb too.



The kittens even started a game of monster tag!  I could hear ’em runnin’ round.


There was only the tiniest bit of danger, when Aqua got ahold of a sword.  I dunno if it’s the one Cooper was usin’, or if I left mine behind.  But she got it, an’ she brandished it, an’ things were lookin’ kinda scary.


Meikiko stepped in real quick, tho, an’ told em they hadda put it down cuz a sword’s not a toy.  Not that kinda sword.  I was a bad dolli for not makin’ sure alla swords were picked up afore I snuck off.  I’m glad everybody was ok.  Go Meikiko!  Ladybug Girl to the rescue!


But they all got worn out.  Nim said they would.  We found ’em sitting quiet, kinda lookin’ sorta dazed.  The baby was asleep, curled up round a pumpkin.


We spread out some blankets an’ set out pillows an’ made ’em all comfortable.  It was too late to be trekkin’ alla Littles back through the woods to Dolli Lane.  So we hadda sleep over with a lotta little friends.  It was kinda hard to tiptoe round ’em all, but they were safe an’ warm.  It was a good night.

Hope everybody else had a fun, happy Halloween too!