Oh, hats!


Hitty hats.  Hitty hats, Hitty hats, Hitty hats.  I told Wren I wanted to make it myself.  I was gonna go see Hittys born.  I outta be the one to make the hat.

It was a great plan.

I’ve made hats before.  Made my own hat.  Made a hat for Pip.  Made a hat that went alla way cross the ocean to Kylie!  I helped Wren make animal hats for the Littles.  I can do hats.  I ain’t so good at makin’ whole outfits, but I can do hats.

Or…I thought I could…

Hitty hats are different.  Hittys are tiny.  But they’re not really tiny…I mean, they’re bigger’n Littles, after all!  But they got these super tiny heads, like they got stuck in a shrinky dink machine or somethin’.  Some of ’em don’t.  Like Hawthorne.  She’s got a sorta normal head.  But really it’s a sorta biggish head, for a Hitty.

Hitty Lily an’ Hitty Lily Too have normal Hitty heads.  An’ I didn’t realize that at first.  That was a problem.  So, without realizin’ what was gonna happen, I made a smallerish hat (cuz I realized they’re tinier an’ daintier an’ they need a smaller hat).  Hitty Lily said she’d help me with tryin’ stuff on an’ gettin’ things to the right size.  So I popped it on her head!


Whoops!  All I heard was this muffled voice, sayin’: “I think it’s a bit big, Kestrel.”

Yeah.  I think so too.  So I hadda rescue a Hitty from a hat.

That was loads better.  But it was time to go Think Again.  I remeasured, an’ cut again, sewed again.  Loads of Agains.  But they were good Agains, cuz the next hat actually fit Lily’s tiny Hitty Head!  Phew.  No pictures yet of what worked.  I wanna keep it a surprise!

Really, though, the hat wasn’t all that small.  I dunno why Hittys got such tiny heads!


(Don’t tell ’em I said that, tho.  They might get mad.  I can’t go to the place where Hittys are born with all of ’em mad at me already.  Lemme make a real mess first.  Then they’ll have a good reason for bein’ mad.)


One thought on “Oh, hats!

  1. We here at the Capital City Hitty house and the other dollies are all laughing our heads off at this. Poor Lily Emiline. She is swamped by that hat. I’m sure you’ll stick it in the shrink-dinky machine (the hat, not her) and it will eventually fit great.

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