Arkansas, Day 3: Dragons!

Today started kinda sad. Voir’s bean, Wizzy, wasn’t feeling too good an’ hadda go home. They left this mornin’. I’m glad she’s goin’ somewhere that’ll help her feel better, but I’m gonna miss her too. Voir was tons of fun! An’ her bean was super awesome.  So was her bean’s husband. Smidge left with ‘em, since Voir is takin’ everybody (her beans an’ Smidge) to Hawaii. We were all sad to see ‘em go, but I hope Wizzy feels better an’ all of ‘em have fun at Hawaii!

The green dragon head had eyes this mornin’.  Yikes!  Forgot my sword, which mighta been important cuz dragons are takin’ shape.


I kept Pip kinda close so she wouldn’t get hurt if a dragon came after her.


But those dragons sure are takin’ shape!  They’ve gone from somethin’ on paper to a buncha little heads with horns an’ teeth an’ stuff.


More about dragons tomorrow!  I’ll bring my sword for sure.


Arkansas, Day 2: Dragons!


Dragons still just heads.  Not too scary yet.  But maybe kinda sorta dangerous?  The green one looks like it might maybe wanna take a chunk outta someone.  Little dollies gotta be careful.  After Pip’s party, Smidge was still worn out, but Pip came too.  I brought my sword an’ made sure she’d stay safe.


There were lotsa knives an’ gouges an’ things that might be dangerous too.  But it was fun, watchin’ different folk makin’ neat things like big wooden dollies or buffalo or bears.  Cooper an’ Amalyn watched too, an’ teacher Adina brought her puppy!  (it was so hard to ignore the puppy, cuz it was super cute, an’ I missed Riley, but I hadda keep an eye on those dragons).  Oh my gumdrops, that puppy was cute!

But those dragons are bein’ hatched bit by bit.  They seem safe so far, but I’m gonna keep an eye on ’em to be sure.


Pip’s Party


Oh my gumdrops!  Pip hadda party!  An’ alla Hittys came.  An’ Voir was there!!  It was super duper great.  We had gobs of fun.


We had such fun!  Smidgie thought it was maybe a naked drunken party, but she at least came with her swimsuit on.  She’s gonna go to Hawaii with Voir after Arkansas, so I gotta make sure no dragons eat her or nothin’. Cuz of Hawaii, though, she’s gettin’ pre-dressed an’ super excited.

But tonight was about Pip!  We had fun, singin’ an’ dancin’ an’ playin’ games an’ gigglin’.  It was a super good time.  We couldn’ find or make a real cake (cuz we’re stuck up onna mountain), but there were yummy peanut butter pretzel pillows an’ a great pumpkin painted kinda sorta pinky purple.


Pip blew out her pumpkin cake, then she got busy checkin’ out her presents.  Aunty Glenda gave her a great box of pretties, an’ Grammy Happy an’ Smidgie gave her a pretty purple dress an’ some pretty purple shoes, an’ I made her a nice purple steampunky hat.  I think she liked it. (I hadda work on it in secret while we were drivin’ to Arkansas, cuz it took a while for all the right parts to come inna postal.  We were on the road right after I got ’em all.  Nothin’ like last minute stuff, right?!  But I think it turned out ok.)

I liked her pretty purple dress, but for sure it wouldn’t fit me.  Might fit Meikiko or the Littles.  But I’d never take it from Pip, cuz her favorite color is purple.  Maybe Grammy Happy can teach Wren, though, an’ we can make some pretty dresses too?

After we all got tuckered out, we lined up sleepin’ bags an’ blankets an’ the whole lot of us snuggled up together an’ passed out.


It was so much fun!  I hope we can do this again next year!!

Love ya, Pip! Happy birthday!


Day 1: Dragons!


Oh, gumdrops!  There’s dragons everywhere.  The first one wasn’t a carved dragon.  An’ it’s kinda big.  But it was just a head.  I hadda watch it carefully, makin’ sure it wasn’t gonna hurt anybody (cuz everybody was there:  me, Cooper, Amalyn, Pinkly, Smidge, Pip, an’ Voir, as well as Grammy Happy an’ Aunty Glenda an’ Wizzy an’ Bean an’ lotsa other folk)

I wasn’t quite sure what to think.  It coulda been a mean dragon.  But it’s hard for a dragon that’s only a head to do much damage.  So it was ok just to keep an eye on it.


At least for a li’l bit.  Good thing, too, cuz I forgot my sword back atta cabin.  But it was just first day, so the dragons couldn’t do much anyway.  An’ they’re just babies.  Baby dragons can kinda nibble a bit, but they’re too little for breathin’ flames an’ causin’ chaos.

But Smidgie took a tumble on alla wood chips from carvin’.  She needed a bit of rescuin’.



By day’s end, the li’l dragons were startin’ to take shape.  It’s kinda cute.  I don’t think it’s dangerous yet either, so that’s good.


More tomorrow!


Winslow, Arkansas


We’re in Arkansas!!!!

Gettin’ here took a bit.  I hadda pack a bunch of stuff, an get Hittys loaded inna carry-van, an’ Cooper said he really really wanted to come too.  So Cooper’s with Pip an’ Smidge an’ VOIR (yes, Voir!  I’m gonna meet Voir!) an’ me.

First, I hadda pack up lots of carvin’ tools.  Knives an’ gouges an’ sandpaper, paints an’ paintbrushes an’ stuff.


Oh, an’ I outta share the raccoon hat picture now.  Hitty Lily looked loads better in this hat than the one that swamped her.


Grammy Happy’s help with the suit was awesome.  It looks super cute!

The roadtrip was forever long.  Hours an’ hours an’ hours of long.  Cooper an’ me played funny games, like lookin’ for letters onna signs an’ things (he’d find A, I’d find B, an’ we’d get through the alphabet).  We saw some interesting things too, like a sign about Johnny Cash (he was a singer?), an’ we followed parts of a circus down the road!  I saw a tiger inna car, too, but didn’ get a picture.  Lions an’ tigers an’ bears!  Just gotta find some lions.


An’ I saw this weird thing goin’ down the road.  I think it was a vehicle?  But it’s got a face!  I’m callin’ him Angus.


Kirsten Obitsu Birch (Kylie’s cuzzin? I think? or sister? or somethin’?) says she thinks Angus is related to “BRWABLGABLWRABRABLA” boat

But now we’re up onna mountain, sleepin’ inna cabin.  Gotta meet a bunch of people who are carvin’ different things, like buffalo an’ babies an’ big dolls an’ little dolls an’ Hittys an’ dragons.  Met carvin’ teachers, Janet an’ Adina (sisters).  Met Voir an’ Wizzy too!!

An’ mornin’s gonna be carvin’ time.  Can’t wait!


Oh, hats!


Hitty hats.  Hitty hats, Hitty hats, Hitty hats.  I told Wren I wanted to make it myself.  I was gonna go see Hittys born.  I outta be the one to make the hat.

It was a great plan.

I’ve made hats before.  Made my own hat.  Made a hat for Pip.  Made a hat that went alla way cross the ocean to Kylie!  I helped Wren make animal hats for the Littles.  I can do hats.  I ain’t so good at makin’ whole outfits, but I can do hats.

Or…I thought I could…

Hitty hats are different.  Hittys are tiny.  But they’re not really tiny…I mean, they’re bigger’n Littles, after all!  But they got these super tiny heads, like they got stuck in a shrinky dink machine or somethin’.  Some of ’em don’t.  Like Hawthorne.  She’s got a sorta normal head.  But really it’s a sorta biggish head, for a Hitty.

Hitty Lily an’ Hitty Lily Too have normal Hitty heads.  An’ I didn’t realize that at first.  That was a problem.  So, without realizin’ what was gonna happen, I made a smallerish hat (cuz I realized they’re tinier an’ daintier an’ they need a smaller hat).  Hitty Lily said she’d help me with tryin’ stuff on an’ gettin’ things to the right size.  So I popped it on her head!


Whoops!  All I heard was this muffled voice, sayin’: “I think it’s a bit big, Kestrel.”

Yeah.  I think so too.  So I hadda rescue a Hitty from a hat.

That was loads better.  But it was time to go Think Again.  I remeasured, an’ cut again, sewed again.  Loads of Agains.  But they were good Agains, cuz the next hat actually fit Lily’s tiny Hitty Head!  Phew.  No pictures yet of what worked.  I wanna keep it a surprise!

Really, though, the hat wasn’t all that small.  I dunno why Hittys got such tiny heads!


(Don’t tell ’em I said that, tho.  They might get mad.  I can’t go to the place where Hittys are born with all of ’em mad at me already.  Lemme make a real mess first.  Then they’ll have a good reason for bein’ mad.)


Winslow, AR: More than just Hittys?

Oooh.  Just heard that there’s gonna be more than just Hittys bein’ born at Arkansas!  I’m not sure what everybody is workin’ on, but my bean says she’s carvin’ a dragon.  A dragon.  A for-real dragon born outta wood!  Oh, my gumdrops!  I hope it’s not the kinda dragon you gotta keep an eye on, cuz it’s out there tryin’ eat sheeps an’ burn houses.  Maybe it’ll be just a li’l-dribble-of-smoke kinda dragon, a sweet baby dragon that needs loves an’ cuddles.

But the ladies who teach do all sortsa amazin’ art.  They make horses an’ cougars an’ crows an’ giant, bean-sized people an’ enormous babies…  Plus they make Hittys.  An’ sometimes they make other dollies with joints an’ parts, ones that move like me an’ the rest of the flock.  But…wooden.  They’re like Pinocchio, but real!

Check out their websites.  Their work is amazin’.  I hope someone’s birthin’ a Hitty, cuz I wanna help a Hitty be born, but it’s ok if I gotta wait for that too.  I have another goal: dragon raisin’!  My bean’s gonna have to work hard to tease her dragon outta its wood.  Maybe she’ll let me help some.

Ooh.  If it’s like Riley, it’s gonna like treats.  What do dragons like for treats?  Gonna go do some research!