Workin’, workin’, workin’

September’s here.  School’s here. Wren’s sayin’ we gotta all go learn stuff, like numbers an’ readin’ an’ history.  Sometimes, we go help Nim with alla Littles an’ their learnin’.  It’s easier’n tryin’ make sense outta what she’s showin’ me!  Areas of circles an’ calculatin’ interest an’ balancin’ books!  Gumdrops!  All I wanna do is fight monsters.  They don’t care if I gave ’em the right tip or not.

But I like readin’, an I like helpin’ Littles with their learnin’.  It’s fun.  Cooper an’ Falcon are teachin’ ’em all about science.  Right now, they got ’em out inna woods, lookin’ for different kinds of seeds so they can talk ’bout how plants live through winter even though they look all dead.  I gotta smart brother.  Thank goodness!  Maybe he can help me with alla stuff Wren’s stuffin’ at me.

(Falcon did say there’s stuff called physics that might help with fightin’…  It’s gotta lotta numbers in it, tho, so he wants me to keep learnin’ ’em.  Grr.)

Anyhow, sorry I’ve been so quiet!  Our schedules are all a-flux.  Hopin’ soon maybe I can catch some time for pictures too.


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