Fun in Washington: Sword Play

I’ve gotten way late with alla writing I outta do ’bout havin’ fun with Pip an’ Amalynn.  I guess I was havin’ too much fun instead!  Figured I outta get caught up some, tho.

I guess alla Hittys have swords, cuz the ones livin’ near Pip an’ Amalynn had swords too.  We found one more for Pip that wasn’t too heavy, an’ all three of we went ahead and did some practicin’ (they wanna know more about fightin’ monsters, cuz there are somethin’ called “moles” in their yard, an’ Auntie Glenda’s Haley puppy is a mole fighter, an’ maybe they’re gonna need to defend their own house too).  So we got busy workin’ with swords!

I dunno why we thought fightin’ with swords in our jammies was a good idea, but it sure was fun.  An’ cute.  I was usin’ the Hitty’s big sword, cuz I ain’t tried usin’ a two-handed sword before.  Man, it was heavy!  I hadda hold it all different.  But I wanted to make it work.

We started first with a sword-point together thing, like Three Muskateers.  An’ that’s kinda what we were feelin’ like:  three muskateers, friends out to protect our home an’ country!  Minus alla spicy drinks an’ swear words an’ stuff.  And France.  But it was close enough!  An’ we got all fierce.


Then we got inna talkin’ bout holdin’ swords, an parryin’, an’ blockin’, an’ usin’ proper form an’ all.  I dunno how much fun Pip had (she needed a true purple sword, I think), but Amalynn seemed like she caught on quick.

An’ Pip was somethin’ fierce too!  She came right up an’ woulda gotten both of us if we were actually fightin’, cuz neither one of us was ready for her.  It was a good move for her to make if she was inna fight for real.


But Pip, oh funny Pip!  She got bored with alla sword play, an’ went off to do some of her own things.  She’d be good inna play for sure.  But I’ll take her at my side any day.  Even if swords aren’t her thing, she’s gotta good brain an’ can think her way outta problems.


Funny Pip!