Riley: Thanks, Smidge!

Smidge did an awful fine job, keep in’ Riley safe for me. I still dunno how I ain’t seen her jump outta bag. Good thing I gotta great cuzzin!

I think Smidge really liked havin’ a pet. She kept askin Grammy Happy if she could maybe have a pet. An’ Grammy Happy said “Hmm…” an’ “Not yet…” an’ even “No.” Cuz Grammy Happy’s smart. Even tho I kept sayin’ Smidge could do it, seein’ how she grew up her flamingoes from feet an’ took care of her bay tree. Pets are different. They need ya alla time, not just when it’s easy.

But Smidge did mighty good for bout a week. Then alla weather round here got hot. I mean, hot like dragon fire’s goin’ in when you breathe an’ hot like did someone dump a bucket on your head when you walk out your door cuz you start sweatin’ an’ can’t stop. Smidge looked outside an’ realized she didn’t wanna walk a dog inna heat like that. Gumdrops, I almost didn’t wanna do it either! But I love Riley. When Smidge called to say she was done havin’ fun with  keepin’ a puppy, I hurried over an’ brung her home. Thanked Smidge over an’ over for keepin’ her safe.


But gettin’ Riley back, an huggin’ on her soft, wiggly body…yea. I don’t mind walkin’ in alla heat, or out when it’s rainin’ or anytime it’s bad weather. As long as Riley’s safe an’ happy, I am too.

Love ya, pup!


3 thoughts on “Riley: Thanks, Smidge!

  1. Aw. Sweet one, Kestrel. Smidge missed Riley at first, but then Uncle Andrew from the UK offered to ship one of Maggie’s drag-homes, of which there are many. I told them she could have the cat, but she had to take care of making sure it got fed and helping change the litter boxes. I also told her she had to wait till we were finished with vacationing so they would have time to bond. I’m glad Riley is back home with you. It’s right where she belongs.

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