Back to Virginia

Before we hadda leave Washington (cuz Pip an’ Amalynn an’ Aunty Glenda were comin’ back to Virginia with me!), we sat down an’ watched  a video an’ ate popcorn an’ did sleepover things.

Movie Night

Flyin’ back wasn’t so bad.  Onna way out, we got extra-checked by security, cuz they thought…well, I dunno what they really thought, but we sure got extra checked.  We was poked an’ prodded, an’ they made us lift up our arms an’ stuff.  Nothin’ like that happened onna way back, tho.  We just watched clouds outta window, an’ talked, an’ were glad we’d have more time spendin’ together until they gotta go back home to Washington.

In Virginia, there was a lot of work with alla beans cuz they were cleanin’ outta house an’ moving things.  I kinda sorta ignored alla that.  I think Snip paid more attention.  But we girls just hung out together an’ had fun.  Gramma Happy’s house has a lotta cousins now, an’ they gotta nice room set up with bunk beds (bunk beds!!  Wren, we gotta get some bunk beds.  They are super duper cool!!)  Amalynn an’ me hadda idea first, an’ we tested it out…

Upside Down

Hehe!  Yep, the world upside down was super cool!!  It looked all wonky an’ weird!  An’ it just made us giggle.  I called over to Pip an’ Smidge, invitin’ em to try it out too!

Upside Down Everybody

Havin’ alla we upside down just made me laugh more.  It was awesome good!  But it gave Pip a headache after a bit, so she an’ Smidge hopped up.  Then they found out that, cuz they’re short, an’ the mattress is squishy, they could jump onna bed while we was upside down, an’ everybody could be havin’ fun!  (without gettin’ a headache)

Jumping On Bed

An’ then, I guess cuz I’d been in Virginia for a bit but hadn’t come home, Cooper came lookin’ for me.  Poor Cooper.  Grammy Happy said he hadda stay inna room with alla boys, an’ I think he got kinda overwhelmed.  He likes history an’ books an’ stuff, an’ they was all talkin’ to him bout…well…I dunno. He wouldn’t say. But it was more’n he wanted!


He brought somethin’ for Smidge, tho.  Back at Krissmiss, Wren helped me make her an elephant hat.  But when I came to gift it, she wasn’t home.  An’ Snip seen it, an’ he took it for himself, cuz he loved it so.  I know Smidge didn’t mind.  Like I wouldn’t mind if Cooper loved somethin’ I was given an wanted it himself.  But I wanted to give Smidge a hat too.  So Wren’s been workin’ on somethin’ special…


Hehe!  She’s so stinkin’ cute!  PINK elephant hat.  Perfect for Smidge!  Apparently the ears are a bit big, cuz there was a gust of wind, an’ Smidge kinda almost went flyin’ off!  But she says she doesn’t mind.  She loves it.  I don’t think she’s taken it off since Cooper brought it.

Cooper an’ me went an’ explored the campsite one morning, afore anybody was awake.  I dunno if he’d ever been campin’.  He sure was interested in alla different parts!  So I took him out to the campsite, an’ we explored round a bit.


Cooper found a bag of marshmallows near the fire, so once we got it goin’, he stuck one onna stick an’ started roasting.


I guess marshmallows smell good, an’ the scent carried.  Soon, a whole lotta folk showed up!  An’ we got to singin’, an talkin’, an’ makin’ food, an’ havin’ a good time.  Cooper kept makin’ everybody marshmallows.  He found a good way to get ’em toasted onna outside (but not charred black!) an’ super soft an gooey inna middle.


Pip an’ Amalynn showed up, too.  It was a good day.

An’ there was a holiday!  The country’s birthday, 4th of July.  Alla beans had good food, an’ there were fireworks, an lotsa music.  There were sparklers too, an’ bubbles.  I like sparklers an’ bubbles!



But sparkler time meant it was time for Pip an’ Amalynn an’ Aunty Glenda to go home to Washington.  I don’t like goodbyes.  They aren’t fun. Lotsa hugs, lotsa tears, lotsa sad.  I like hellos so much better.

Smidge an’ me helped Grammy Happy take ’em to the airport, an’ wave goodbye.  I don’t think they like goodbyes either.  Solution:  we gotta find one place where we all can live.  That way the goodbyes aren’t so much like goodbyes, but more like see ya laters.  I wonder if Wren knows how we can get the government to move our house?


Smidge found me loads of kleenex.  Then a bucket.  An’ a mop.  I made a real mess.  Thank you Smidge, for bein’ such a good friend.

An’ I was such a mess, when it came time to go, I ain’t seen Riley jump outta bag!  I didn’ realize she wasn’t with us til we got home.  Then I quick-wrote to Grammy Happy, who wrote back that she’d have Smidge take care of Riley.  But it was the middle of the night, an’ Smidge found Riley on her own inna mornin’, an’ now she kinda wanna keep Riley, or get a pup of her own…  hehe.  I guess that’s somethin’ she’s gotta sort out with Grammy Happy!  At least I know Riley’s safe.



One thought on “Back to Virginia

  1. I think Smidge should have worn her long hairs for hanging off the upper bunk with you. Not much of a dangle with her short curls. And she really wanted to keep Riley, but I told her a very firm NO. Also NO to a puppy of her own. They are a lot of work, and she’s not ready for it, and I don’t want more work myself. No puppy. Sorry, Smidge.


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