Fun in Washington: Moles!

Haley-pup is a Molenator! She went after alla bad moles, diggin’ an’ chasin’ an’ burrowin’ down inna dirt caves they make.  She is somethin’ awesome!  So me an’ Pip an’ Amalynn wanna put our sword practice to good use.  I ain’t seen monsters round here, but moles…yea, there’s moles ‘neath these hills.


We started out right where Haley dug up her mole. Seemed like a good place for startin’, cuz I dunno how to track a mole.  We three went up to her mole hole an’ looked down innit an’ thought. We needed a closer look.  Since Pip didn’t have a sword, she went down, an’ me an’ Amalynn stood guard up top.  (yea…maybe not the smartest idea, sendin’ the girl what ain’t got a sword down where we knew a mole had been…)


So down she went inna hole.  She poked ’round a bit, lookin’ for pawprints an’ scuffle marks that might tell us where alla moles went.  But there wasn’t much down there.  Haley pup had done a good job, clearin’ that mole out, an’ it sure seemed like the others got the message.


Pip made her report: there were no more moles here.  An’ we were sad, cuz it meant there was no fightin’ to be done.  But it was good, too, cuz I dunno if mole fightin’ is the same as monster fightin’, an’ I didn’t wanna see my friends maybe get hurt.  We pulled Pip outta the hole an’ said maybe we outta be done huntin’ for the day.  We’d go find other stuff t’do instead!

Swords up, girls!  Job well done.  Mole patrol: clear.



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