Cooper’s Eyes: The Horse

I have been speaking at length with Falcon about the horse, an animal that he contends is good and noble.  And I believe he may be correct.  It is furry.  It has four legs.  But it is a working animal, as opposed to a housepet.  The horse transports people from one location to another.  It works with farmers to plow fields, to rustle cattle, to move long distances across farms without damage to the land.  It pulls heavy loads.  It can be hitched to a cart or a buggy or a wagon and used to transport multiple people or people and supplies or supplies and a driver.  There is much that a horse does that elevates it above the status of common pet or even simple farm animal.

Falcon even contends that horses are intelligent creatures.  I have not had enough experience myself with the species to know whether or not that is true, but I’m willing to examine further.  I’m not certain of the best way to study an animal to determine its intelligence, but I’ll do some research into that area as well.  If there are other, well-respected scholars that speak about the subject, it might be I don’t need to do primary research on the matter but can resolve the question with others’ primary sources.

Kestrel, where are you?  I have seen Facebook posts from Pip and Smidge that make it seem as if the are together and in Richmond, yet we have had no sight of you.  If I can find a way to Smidge’s place, I would like to make sure you are ok.


Cooper’s Eyes: Siblinghood


It seems that Falcon is accepting his status as adopted brother with grace. Meikiko is telling him about her Totoro doll, and Falcon surprised all of us by talking about how much he loves little black cats! I do not know whether he intends to add to our menagerie? Somehow, three rabbits, a cat, and a puppy under one roof seem like a bit much. When he started discussing horses he has worked with, I walked away. Animals are cute, but pets do not particularly entrance me (my apologies to Riley).

I returned to the Rubik’s cube, hoping to pass some time with more intellectual pursuits. The green stickman I have adopted to hold your place came over and watched, but it was not very helpful. Actually, I wanted it to go away, as it’s mechanisms made a most displeasing sound at that time.


In all honesty, I think I simply miss you, Kestrel. I am glad Meikiko has adopted Falcon and that he has embraced his new role, but it has only served to reinforce just how much I miss you.