Idles of March

Yesterday, Cooper told me we hadda be careful cuz it was the Idles of March.  An’ I’m like, whassat?  Isit a day when lazy people getta be honored or somethin’?  Or a day when we all getta be idle an’ lazy like little bums?  I kinda liked how that sounded, for true.

But he said no, it wasn’t Idles of March, but Ides of March.  An’ I hadda ask (again), whassat?  Cuz Ides  didn’t make any more sense.  Then I says no no, wait, lemme guess.

I asked if it was about twins.


Nope, wasn’t that.

I asked if it was about thinkin’ things, maybe like ideas, but without the A.

Nope, wasn’t that one.

I asked if it was about a buncha bugs that was gonna come swarmin’ through our house or somethin’, kinda like a buncha locusts.

Nope, wasn’t that either!

Finally, I just gave up, an’ asked him to tell me.  ‘Parently, these Ides of March are a day (but if it’s just one day, why’s it called Ides?  Ain’t that what you do when there’s more’n one thing?) when some famous dude died.  Cooper said he lived long long long ago, an’ his name’s Julius Caesar.  His son-in-law an’ a buncha senators killed him.  The dead guy’s name was Julius Caesar, an’ he ruled a place called Rome.  The guy what killed him was Brutus.

An’ then another old old dude named Shakespeare wrote a play about Julius Caesar an’ talked about these Ides of March.  “Beware the Ides of March,” he written, so lotsa people have gotten kinda scared ’bout the day.  I mean, a guy died an’ all, so I kinda see why they’d be worried!

But Wren say Ides hadda do with a calendar, an the Ides was when there was a full moon inna month, but that was all.  If is just the moon, I dunno why anybody gonna be ‘fraid of it.  But thatsa pretty cool idea, that the calendar is set by what th’ moon’s doin’.  Maybe we oughta go back an’ use that calendar again.  It’d be easy to track, ‘less there was lotsa clouds inna night.

Anyhow, the Ides is gone for now (‘less you think like Wren an’ realize it’s a moon thing, then there’s lotsa Ides to come still!).  But the baddest Ides is gone, an’ that’s good.

Tomorrow, we get a diffrent sorta day.  March 17.  St.Patrick’s Day!  Green an’ green an’ green.  Leaper Cons an’ pots of gold an’ shamrocks an’ stuff!

(Green’s my favorite color, so I’m lookin’ forward to alla fun!)

Sweet dreams, alla you!



One thought on “Idles of March

  1. Way back when I was in school and was learning (poorly) Latin, I was taught that “ides” merely meant the middle day of the month, generally the 15th, but any date that was the mid point. There is an ides for every month, so you always have a new one to anticipate. 🙂


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