Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Alla we put on summin’ green cuz we don’t wanna get pinch by no leaper cons.  Cooper laughed when I said that, an’ he said I weren’t pronuncing the word right.  So I asked if it was leper cons.  He just laughed harder.

Wren saved me.  She said they was “leprechauns” (an’ she even spelled it alla way out).

So, yay, no pinchin’ from tiny green men.  Or sisters. Or brothers!  We’s all set.


Even Riley is safe from pinches:  she’s gotta li’l bitty stripe of green inna collar.


I likes this day.  Is alla green, an’ it’s my favoritest color.  An’ alla trees is startin’ to put on they green too, so the world’s geetin’ bit brigher an’ happier an’ more  alive.  I loves snow, true, but sometimes snow’s awful chilly.  An’ trees is nice too.  They don’t much care for snow.  Least, they leaves don’t.  So yay for spring.  An’ yay for green.

(Grammy Happy says she thinks maybe Cooper’n’me, we gotsa wee bitta Irish inna blood, cuz we gots red hair an’ all.  That’d be pretty neat.  Dunno how we gonna find out for sure, tho, so maybe it’s just somethin’ neat for to think bout)

An’, cuz I can’t resist, I taken some close up shots for alla we, cuz we all pretty up in alla we green.  Maybe we like trees too?

, StPatricksDay_Sparrow01StPatricksDay_Kestrel01StPatricksDay_Cooper_02StPatricksDay_Wren01

Happy clover day for alla you!!


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