Winter? Summer? Spring?

It’s been awful lot like spring late.  There’ve been flowers alla poppin’, an’ sun, an warm breezes.  Birds been flyin’ inna sky, playin’ games again cuz the wind’s pushin’ em higher an higher.  An’ I been lookin’ atta weather, wonderin’ why, atta tail enda February, we touchin’ inna 80 degree weather.  Where’d spring go?  An’ wha happen to winter?  We ain’t even atta first day of spring yet, but it’s warm up like we already inna summer!!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I like flowers.  I like warm breezes.  I love watchin’ alla birds out playin’.  An’ maybe I getta try out me kite too!  But I loves winter.  I love snow.  I wanna li’l bit more afore it alla goes away.

So, inna true confuse fashion like spring do inna Virginia, this mornin’, the snow was fallin’ thick.  It ain’t stick onna nothin’, but it was there!  An’ it make me so so happy, just for to see it another time.  Maybe it’ll come back one more time afore winter let go for real.  Maybe it won’t.  But at least there was one last little breath of snowball an’ icicle an’ sleddin’ fun.

Hope alla you’s doin’ good!



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