Birthday Share 2

When I started openin’ other stuff, Meikiko’s eyes just lit up!  I mean, there I was, one second, sittin’ with a gift inna hand, an’ th’ next, she was standin’ there beside my chair, here eyes lit up like a candle.  It was awful funny.  I hadda let her help me open things!


I mean, could you resist sucha sweet li’l face?


I sure couldn’t.  So she helped.  An’ it worked for a li’l bit.

But it wasn’t goin’ fast enough for her.  Cuz pretty soon she was climbin’ up inna my lap, an’ openin’ from there!  I started laughin’ so much, I couldn’ do nothin’ else, just let her enjoy gettin’ the present outta its paper.


Once she gotten it out, though, an’ seen what it was, she said, “Umm…”


It’s a beautiful book about butterflies an’ moths!  I mean, super cool!  But Meikiko didn’ care too much bout it, cuz it wasn’t a bedtime story book, an’ she doesn’t care much bout butterflies ‘cept to say “Ooh, look! Pretty!”  I guess maybe I didn’ either when I was li’l.  But I think it’s neat now to know which one’s which.  Thanks Auntie Glenda an’ Pip!

Meikiko slid offa lap, tho, cuz she ain’t care too much bout no book, an pointed off atta other gift.  “Maybe I go help you with thatta one instead?”


I didn’ look too close at what she was pointin’ at, just said “Ok.”  Gave me a sec to look through alla pretty butterflies.

But soon, Meikiko came back, draggin’ a gift that was bigger’n she was.  I kinda blinked at her, then asked Cooper if he’d hold the butterfly book (he said ok right quick, an’ started lookin through it hisself!)


An’ well… of course she hadda help with it too.  But it was awful big, so I gotta help a li’l bit too.  She worked fromma bottom corner, an’ I worked onna top, an’ we kinda met inna middle.

Then we gots it out, an’ she just kinda sat there again, lookin’ at it.


“It’s a bag.”  Flat.  Monotone. Like she open a rolla toilet paper or somethin’.

I thought it was cool, though!  It’sa awsome big bag, with cool cool tassels.  I can use it out inna field if I gotta be gatherin’ stuff, like mushrooms or seashells, or if I wanna carry books along (cuz sometimes, I think it’d be neat t’ have a book bout monsters if you’re out huntin’ ’em.  Like, if you’re onna trail of somethin’, but you dunno what, maybe somethin’ inna book might tell ya more bout what you’re seein’, right?  An’ cuz Cooper’s good with books, I’m gonna start draggin’ him with me.  Just gotta get him train up so he can fight back iffa monster comes at he too!)

Anyhow, the bag is cool!  Cooper came over tho when he heard Meikiko bein’ how she was, an’ he said, “Sometimes there are things hidden inside a bag that is given as a gift.  Why don’t you check?”



That got her up an’ excited again!  Got me kinda interested too.  The bag was snapped close atta top, so I helped Meikiko get it open.  She peeked in, an’ sure enough, there was somethin’ inna bag.  She pulled it out.


“It’s just a chain,” she said, an’ seemed all sortsa sad again.  I was thinkin’ maybe the chain could be parta some cool trap for catchin’ beasties, tho, so it seemed like maybe it belonged inna bag after all.  Meikiko dropped it onna floor.

Then Cooper said, “I think there’s something else in the bag.”  So she dropped th’ chain an’ looked again.  An’ while she was tryin’ poke around inna bag some, Cooper scooped her up an popped her in.  Then she was gigglin’ like crazy!


“See?” he said.  “There was something else in the bag after all!”  I hadda roll m’ eyes at him (cuz it was kinda corny), but it was cute how he wanna help Meikiko be happy.  An’ he gave me an idea, if I hadda bring a Little along, they might travel inna bag. (or maybe we’ll just have fun poppin’ ’em in an carryin’ ’em around!)

So, yea.  I sure had an awesome birthday, with super cool presents (thanks, Auntie Glenda! an’ Pip! an’ Grammy Happy an’ Smidge!!!  Cuz, tho I ain’t really talk about it here much, the bestest birthday present was really havin’ Cooper round, an they helped bring him home!)  Cuz Cooper’s just awesome cool.  Next year, I’m gonna make sure to work on somethin’ nice for him too, cuz his birthday’s my birthday too.  That’s how twins work, right?  Birthdays onna same day an’ all?

An’ thanks t’ Cooper too, for bein’ an awesome twin brother!


Birthday Share 1

It’s been a couple weeks since m’ birthday, an’ I didn’ take time t’ share what I got, so I thought maybe I’d put up a li’l bit now.  Cuz I hadda really great birthday, made alla better cuz m’twin was there! But he came outta blue, an’ alla m’friends didn’ know he’d find me, so they didn’ know t’get him nothin’.  I’m gonna share alla stuff I got with him an’ Wren an’ alla house.  Seems only fair.

First off, Nim sent me an awesome gift: a puppy!!!!!  For real!  A puppy alla m’own!  Her name’s Riley, an’ she showed up inna basket onna doorstep.  I just known she was mine, cuz she hopped out an’ ran up an’ started lickin’ my toes!


I mean, she’s just too stinkin’ cute, right??  I love her to pieces!  Nim popped out after an’ shouted “Surprise!” an’ boy was I.  I was laughin’ an’ just about cryin’, I was so happy.

Wren just sighed an’ shook her head an’ said I better take mighty good care of her.  But she was smilin’ too.  I guess maybe she’s not so worried I’m gonna leave alla mess for her t’ clean or alla work for her to do no more.  There’s lots of us to help take care of the house now.  A puppy won’t be too much more mess.

Oh!  An’ Nim’s bean drew a picture of me an’ Riley!  It’s awful cute!!  I gotta figure out how to get it inna frame an’ hang it up so it’ll be safe.


Isn’t Riley just the cutest darn thing you ever seen????

Speakin’ of pictures, Pip’s bean, Auntie Glenda, sent us a really really beautiful painting too!  It wasn’t a birthday gift, not for me, but it came round the same time.  An’ it’s really nice.  Wren likes it better’n Riley, even, maybe cuz it doesn’t make messes or track mud onna floor or shed?  Or maybe just cuz it’s really really pretty.


Wren says it’s a cherry tree blossom, an’ I know she’s always wanted a picture like that.  We just gotta figure out where to put it.

Thank you, Auntie Glenda!!!

Anyhow, there’s more t’ share, but I gotta go take Riley for her walk, so I’ll be back inna bit t’share more.  I hadda lotta help with th’ rest.  It was much fun.




Snowmelt & One Last Hurrah

Snow’s meltin’.  It got wamish yesterday, an stayed warmish through the night.  So the snow’s goin’ fast now. Patches of muddy ground ‘peared outta the white, an’ places where we been walk is all slick an’ slidy now.  This mornin’, I woke up, listenin’ to a lotta drip-drip-drippin’ from somethin’ (offa roof?  offa bush? outta trees?  who knows).  An’ I couldn’ stand it no more.  So I got up afore the sun peeked out, an’ I got Cooper up, an’ I told him there was somethin’ we hadda do.  I gotta say, Cooper’s not much for mornin’s, but I found him some boots (Wren had said they were for when I outgrew my trusty pinks, which meant they were just right for Cooper’s feet now) an’ a hat an’ dragged him out too.

The snow was perfect. (what was left of it, at least).  Cuz it’d been melty an’ wet, it was finally sticky.  Yay!  I was kind: I did NOT pelt m’ brother with snowballs afore the sun came up, though I sure wish I coulda. But he was a good sport, an’ help me roll up a few big balls of snow an’ stack ’em up onna each other. One two three.  Then we found some sticks, an I got a carrot an’ some string an’ stuff.  The mouth wouldn’ stick, an’ the nose kept fallin’ off, but we gotta few good pictures.


Cooper said he looked kinda cold still (even tho alla snow was meltin’ round him!  An’ I’m sue he ain’t gonna be there this evenin’, less he’s just a puddle an’ some sticks onna ground), but I said ok an popped m’hat onna snowman’s head.


I sure do love snow!  I wish it’d stay ’round a bit longer, but it sure got super cold this time, an’ we hadda good long time with it.  Mebbe I outta move somewhere super cold, like Siberia!  But I’d be missin’ my dolli family too much, cuz I don’t think none of ’em wanna go to Siberia or Antarctica or nowhere like that.  Instead, I’ll just be hopin’ for more snow soon!

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow too but stayed safe an’ warm too.


RIP Richard Adams

I feel like I been punch inna gut.

I’m super sad.  I just heard that Richard Adams, the guy wha’ wrote Watership Down, passed away on December 24, 2016.  An’ for Krissmiss, Grammy Happy gave us a new copy of Watership Down, cuz we kinda read the other one t’bits.  I’m glad he left us with Fiver an’ Hazel an’ Bigwig an’ Bluebell an’ Pipkin an’ Clover an’ even rabbits like General Woundwort, but I’m sad we gotta say goodbye to him.

I’m gonna go see what else he wrote.  Or maybe just pester Wren inna reading it again.  Maybe Cooper wantsta read some.  Alla Littles’d love to wander through the downs one more time, kinda an homage to a great man.  An’ alla rabbits we got’ll sit an’ listen too.

RIP, Richard Adams.  You gotta great mind, an’ for sure you’re gonna be missed.





Oh, I’m so happy!!!!  Last night, when we went to bed, there was nothin’ onna ground.  This mornin’, I woke up super duper early an ran to check an’–sure enough!–there was snow onna ground!!


Oh, how I love snow!  I shoulda waited for everyone t’get up, but I couldn’ do it.  I yanked on some boots an’ put on m’ hat an’ grabbed a coat an’ ran outta door.  SNOW!!!!



It was super deep.  I was standin’ there one second, an next I was gone up t’ my waist.  Thought for sure if I took another step maybe I’d be over m’head inna drift!  It wasn’t quite that bad, but it was enough that I tracked back the way I’d came an’ grabbed m’ sled an’ made for a hill.


I had fun for a bit, but I wanna get Wren an’ Cooper an’ Meikiko out there for buildin’ snowmen an playin’ snowball fights an’ stuff, so I didn’ stay out too too long.  Dunno what Cooper’s gonna do, tho.  Alla footstuffs he’s gots are these tennis shoes.  An’ I dunno if Meikiko’s got shoes at all.  We’ll figure it out tho.

But I’m so happy!  Yesterday was my birthday, an’ today there’s snow!!  Hope alla dollies’re havin’ fun too.


Smidge’s House an’ a Super Surprise!

Cuz it was Krissmiss, I wantedta go say Hi! t’Smidge an’ Snip an’ Sippie an’ Rikki.  But I forgot Smidge wasn’t home.  She’s up inna Minnesota, visitin’ her bestest friend Voir.  So I didn’ get t’see Smidge an’ give her Krissmiss hugs an’ tell her I loved her.  I hope she’s been havin’ fun with Voir, tho!  I checked onna Facebook afore I wrote this, tho, an’ it looks like they’re havin’ a great time, bakin’ an’ nursin’ an’ stuff.  But that’s kinda ok, cuz the stuff I wanna give Smidge ain’t quite done yet.  I work slow, even tho Wren’s helpin’.

But it was super good t’ visit with Snip an’ Rikki an’ Sippie!  I’d brought Smidge an Elephant Hat that Wren made, cuz she said she love love loved seein’ Aqua wearin’ hers at Halloweens.  But when Snip saw it, he said Smidgie wasn’t here an’ he liked it oodles, so we gifted it to him instead.  He looks so awesome!

Meikiko brought her little house t’ share with others, but she wound up playin’ with it herself instead.  She really likes her little house.


We gotta meet some new friends, too.  They gotta new friend named Chase!  He seems pretty cool.  He likes usin’ swords, which is awesome, an’ he spends a lotta time defendin’ the honor of the Amelie?  But he hadda spend a lotta time too inna dark dark place called “The Mausoleum,” an’ it sounds like he don’t ever wanna go there again!


Can’t say I blame him.  He was all alone, an’ bein’ alone inna dark dark place don’t sound like too much fun.  I’m glad he got out.  We gotta make sure he doesn’t ever go back.

An’ there was a baby!  Snip said it showed up onna doorstep, an’ they’ve been carin’ for it a bit, but they don’t really know whatta do with a baby.  I thought ’bout Nim tho an’ how Dolli Lane has lotsa Littles, an’ I said we’d take the baby to Dolli Lane.  Her name is Patience.

An’ there was another new friend named Pinkly.  I think for sure Smidge’s gonna love her.  She’s got pink hair!  She likes investigatin’ stuff.  She was akin’ me all sortsa questions bout where I’d been an’ what I’d seen an’ stuff.  I think she’s gotta find a magnifying glass.  There’s stories ’bout investigators like Sherlock Holmes, an’ I always see ’em with magnifying glasses.

An’ there was someone else!  He’s been readin’ my blog!  An’ he used it to find his way t’ Smidge’s house (cuz she’s also on Facebook, an’ it was loads easier for him t’ find her Postal than mine).  Cuz he wanted t’meet me!  I think Chase musta helped him get t’ Smidge’s house.

It’s my brother!  My twin brother I’ve never met!  Oh my gumdrops!!


He seemed all shy an’ stuff, so of course I just ran up an’ hugged him!


Oh my gumdrops!  I couldn’ stop talkin’ an’ askin’ questions an’ wantin’ to know more!  So we sat an’ talked for hours bout how we got separated (cuz the orphanage wouldn’ tell me nothin’, an’ I didn’ even find out I hadda brother til Vega helped me look up stuff bout where I’d come from).


Our parents died.  Neither one of us knows how, but if we wanna know more, maybe Vega’ll help us look inna that too.  Right now, it’d be too much, I think. So I’m ok not knowin’.  Anyhow, he got adopted early on, but I never did.  His name’s Cooper, an’ he took his adopted family’s last name, Peregrine.  He’ll probably keep it.  They were inna all sortsa cool weird stuff, like readin’ an diggin’ up bones an’ studyin’ old things.  He said his mum was an arky-ologist, an’ his dad was a…a…well, he did somethin’ with pails?  I dunno.  But he sure did like diggin’ inna dirt for things, so pails make sense!  So Cooper, he likes that sorta stuff too, an’ he likes to read, an’ I figger a brother that’s good at readin’ AN’ diggin’ things up sure is a brother worth havin’!!  Anyhow, after he’d been readin’ my blog a bit an’ he realized I must be his sister from the orphanage where we got left as babies, he asked ’em if it’d be ok if he ventured out inna world to find me.  An’ they said ok!

Cuz Pinkly said we outta see if we could read each other’s minds, we leaned our foreheads t’gether an’ tried a twin mind meld.  It just made us giggle an’ laugh an’ fall down inna heap.  Maybe other twins can read each other’s thoughts, an’ maybe we’ll get like that if we spend enough time t’gether, but it’s just silly fun for now!


“Hey sis…what am I thinking?”

“Um…nothin’, if your forehead hurts as much’s mine!”

So it’s been a super good Krissmiss season!  Buncha us sat down ‘neath a super big tree an’ took a picture t’gether.  It’s good t’have family an’ cuzzins an’ friends.


Love you all!


Krissmiss Morn

Oh gumdrops!  I wrote this ages ago an’ never posted it!  Oops.  Shoulda asked Vega to check up on what I been doin’.  It’s just…so much has been goin’ on this season, I plumb forgot.  Forgive me 🙂


It’s Krissmiss!!!  Meikiko woke me up by bouncin’ on my tummy, an’ we both got Wren up by ticklin’ her.  We looked for Juniper, but she wasn’t anywhere around.  Sometimes she slips out on her own, an’ I know she was kinda worried bout Santa comin’ (yea, worriedd, not excited! I didn’ get it).  But we three went out inna main room t’see what maybe happened overnight…


There was presents under the tree, an’ stuff inna stockings, an’ Meikiko couldn’ stop squeak-eeking!  She was awful cute.  I was tryin’ t’show her what was inna stockings, but she wasn’t listenin’ a bit.  She just dove under the tree an’ disappeared.


She was after the bunnies.  I think they’re Juniper’s, but we’ll take care of ’em ’til she gets back.  Pretty soon, though, Meikiko saw a package with her name on it, an’ she forgot about the bunnies right quick.


There was presents too for Wren an’ me, so I dragged ’em out while Meikiko was turnin’ her thing round an round inna hand.  She kept sayin’ it was so heavy an’ askin’ what was inna paper an’ stuff.  Too cute!


Then we all ripped inna presents an’ made a big mess outta paper.  Meikiko was done first, an’ she was super happy with her gift.  She started playin’ with it right off.

Wren an’ me took a li’l bit longer with unwrapping, but it was so cool inna end!


Wren got her package open an’ found she had some pretty red an’ black dishes.  An’ I gotta kite!!  It’s gonna be too cold inna winter for kite flyin’, but I can’t wait for spring to try it out.

I hope everybody had a very merry Krissmiss!!