Krissmiss Eve

I wanted ta write this last night, but Wren said I gotta go to bed early or maybe Santa wouldn’ come visit.  I wasn’t gonna risk that, so I figured I could write it up inna mornin’!

We finished up with decoratin’ the tree.  It was fun, gettin’ up the ribbons an’ jewels an’ things.  Wren worked onna back area with Juiper an’ Meikiko an’ me was workin’ onna front so we could make it all shine pretty.


Meikiko loved lookin’ atta little birds as we was workin’ onna rest.


When I stepped back t’ look atta tree an figure if it was done or not, Meikiko stepped back too.  After a li’l bit, she tugged onna my shirt an’ asked me if we outta maybe do somethin’ else too…


Umm…What’d we forget? She grabbed m’ hand an’ pulled me over t’ the cookie jars an’ asked me t’ get some down. Oh yea.  Cookies!  An’ hot cocoa!  So we started gettin’ stuff set up, an puttin’ cookies onna plates, an’ makin’ uppa cuppa cocoa.  I let Meikiko set it onna table so it’d be pretty an’ stuff.  An’ she was really excited ’bout gettin’ cookies ready for Santa.



Then, cuz it was gettin’ kinda late, we hurried up with the resta what needin’ doin’: stockins an’ gettin’ ready for bed an’ all. Wren’n’me hung stockin’s onna end of the bench where we sit.  We don’t gotta fireplace, but that seems pretty  ok for puttin’ ’em where Santa’ll see ’em.

Then we hurried up an’ got ready f’ bed.  Told Meikiko a bedtime story ’bout Santa’s ride cross the world, visitin’ alla kids an’ leavin’ ’em presents. Then we tucked in close an’ closed our eyes an’ got to sleep!


An’ the room’s sittin’ there quiet, waitin’ for a nighttime visit…


Merry Krissmiss t’all, an’ alla good night!


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