Kylie’s Hat

While we was at the beach, I made a hat for Pip.  It was cute an’ purple an’ gray striped, an’ it had a pom pom atta top.  Wren showed me how.  She’d made one for me, cuz I said it was awful windy an’ cold onna beach early inna mornin’.  So Pip showed off her hat on Facebook, an’ Kylie saw it, an’ she said she’d love a hat like that too, cuz it’s gettin’ colder where she’s at an’ she wants somethin’ for to keep her head an ears warm.  So I’m gonna make Kylie a hat!



Hats is pretty simple.  At least, they are if you got the right fabric.  If I hadda start with somethin’ else, I think they wouldn’ be so simple.  Like if I was tryin’ make somethin’ with ears or somethin’ like what Wren an’ Nim made the Littles for Halloween, I’d be lost.  But this…yea…this I could do.

Pip agreed:  it looks like a hat.  I hope Kylie likes it!!


Grammy Happy knows Kylie’s postal, so she’s gonna help me get it cross the big water (beeg vater!  oh, Watership Down!  Maybe I can get Wren to read it again for the Littles…)

Anyhow, if any other friends wanna hat too, lemme know!  Leave a comment or somethin’ an’ lemme know your postal so I can make it an’ send it.  We gots all sortsa colors: pink, purple, turquoise, pinky-peach, lavender…  an they’re striped with gray, too.


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