Krissmiss Eve

I wanted ta write this last night, but Wren said I gotta go to bed early or maybe Santa wouldn’ come visit.  I wasn’t gonna risk that, so I figured I could write it up inna mornin’!

We finished up with decoratin’ the tree.  It was fun, gettin’ up the ribbons an’ jewels an’ things.  Wren worked onna back area with Juiper an’ Meikiko an’ me was workin’ onna front so we could make it all shine pretty.


Meikiko loved lookin’ atta little birds as we was workin’ onna rest.


When I stepped back t’ look atta tree an figure if it was done or not, Meikiko stepped back too.  After a li’l bit, she tugged onna my shirt an’ asked me if we outta maybe do somethin’ else too…


Umm…What’d we forget? She grabbed m’ hand an’ pulled me over t’ the cookie jars an’ asked me t’ get some down. Oh yea.  Cookies!  An’ hot cocoa!  So we started gettin’ stuff set up, an puttin’ cookies onna plates, an’ makin’ uppa cuppa cocoa.  I let Meikiko set it onna table so it’d be pretty an’ stuff.  An’ she was really excited ’bout gettin’ cookies ready for Santa.



Then, cuz it was gettin’ kinda late, we hurried up with the resta what needin’ doin’: stockins an’ gettin’ ready for bed an’ all. Wren’n’me hung stockin’s onna end of the bench where we sit.  We don’t gotta fireplace, but that seems pretty  ok for puttin’ ’em where Santa’ll see ’em.

Then we hurried up an’ got ready f’ bed.  Told Meikiko a bedtime story ’bout Santa’s ride cross the world, visitin’ alla kids an’ leavin’ ’em presents. Then we tucked in close an’ closed our eyes an’ got to sleep!


An’ the room’s sittin’ there quiet, waitin’ for a nighttime visit…


Merry Krissmiss t’all, an’ alla good night!


Gingerbread House–2nd visit

Meikiko took me back down the trail to visit the gingerbread house.  I wan’t sure what I was gonna see.  Was it the witch’s new home? Was the witch gonna catch an eat alla Littles wha’ came round?  But I wasn’t a Little.  An’ she’d have a bit more t’do to catch me.

When we broke through the forest an entered the clearing, Meikiko said “There.”  An’ there it was, a house made all outta gingerbread an’ done up wit’ icing an stuff.  But I wasn’t sure we was at the right place.


“Um…how mucha th’ house did ya’ll eat?”  Suddenly, I kinda understood why th’ witch mighta been upset they was munchin’ on her house if they ate down alla candy an icin’ and stuff.

“No no no…we didn’t eat that much,” Meikiko said.  “I don’t know what ate the rest.”  And she sat down on the rock and wouldn’t go any closer.


So I went closer an’ spent some time examinin’ the house.  It looked empty.  An’ munched.  Really, really munched.

But I couldn’ find anythin’ like no witch or nothin’ what mighta eaten th’ candy offa house.  Th’ whole thing was confusin’.  Cuz I sure believed the Littles when they told me they only licked a little an’ the witch came out.  Maybe she was just visitin’ too an’ was tryin’ t’play with the girls?  Dunno.

As Meikiko an’ me was leavin’, I thought mebbe I heard some gigglin’ from the house.  Made me turn right quick an’ look again, but there wasn’t nothin’ there.  I mighta gone back for another look, but Meikiko grabbed m’ hand an’ dragged me off.


I’ll keep an eye out, but it’s lookin’ maybe kinda ok for now.


In which the Littles have an adventure

Yesterday was a kinda nice day.  It’d been super cold for a bit, an’ I thought for sure it was gonna snow! But no snow. So yesterday, it started off pretty cold, but it got nice inna afternoon, so alla Littles were outside playin’.  They were over at our house cuz Nim needed time t’ get Dolli Lane cleaned up.  Hazel an’ Vega were over there, helpin’ her.  Wren an’ me was inside, cleanin’, so we could maybe getta Christmas tree set up afore too long, so I guess we weren’t payin’ too good a mind to the Littles.  I mean, we’d go check on ’em an’ stuff, but it wasn’t like we was standin’ out inna grass with ’em.

It gotta be dinner time, an’ Wren finally stopped an’ said that hadda be good enough.  She told me go get the Littles an she went t’ heat up a pot of soup.  So I put on m’ hat an’ headed for the door.

Alla sudden, the Littles came burstin’ in.  They was wild-eyed an outta breath an’ scared.  Alla they grabbed onna my legs an’ just shivered.  I patted their backs for a bit.  The calmin’-down-after-nightmares is more Wren’s style, but I tried.  Finally, Meikiko calmed down an’ started talkin’

They was outside, playin’ tag, when somebody suggested maybe they go for a walk inna woods. (At this, I reminded Meikiko that they shoulda come an’ gotten me first afore they went wanderin’ off.  She kinda hung her head an mumbled, an’ I let it go.) So they all picked a path an’ wandered down it.

Thankfully, it was a nice day.  It wasn’ too cold or too hot, there wasn’t lotta rain or snow, an’ there ain’t a whole lotta scary bad animals inna wood, like bears or coyotes or nothin’.  They said they saw chipmunks an’ rabbits an’ even a red fox, so they kept walkin’  When they came to a path inna woods, they’d lay down some rocks onna side of the path so they’d know how to get home again in case they got confused.  I told Meikiko that was a smart idea.

After wanderin’ a bit, they came to a clearing.  Inna clearing was a house.  It wasn’t no ordinary house, tho.  Meikiko said it was made all outta candy, like gumdrops an’ gumballs an’ icing an’ gingerbread.  An’ I couldn’ say I blamed them for wantin’ a closer look, but parta me was wonderin’ if they ain’t never heard the story bout Hansel an’ Gretel!?


They hadda talk bout whatta do.  Rosy an’ Aqua wanna turn round an go back home.  But Poppy an’ Meikiko wanna make sure it was for real a gingerbread house.  An’ inna middle what they was talkin’ bout, Meikiko walked over an’ started messin with somethin’ onna roof.


She said she licked it, an’ it was candy for real, an’ that kinda decided it for alla they:  they wanna try some too.  I mean, what kid could resist an entire house made outta candy?!  I bit m’ tongue an’ let her keep tellin’ me what happen.  Onna other side of th’ house, Rosy scraped icing offa roof an’ licked it an’ said it was good too.  So then Poppy went to the walk an’ tried a gumdrop, an Aqua went for th’ gingerbread tree, an’ alla they was tryin’ somethin’ sweet.

Then Aqua stopped, an looked ’round a bit, sayin she thought she heard somethin’.


An’ Poppy stop too, an pointed atta house, sayin’ she thought she saw somethin’ movin’ inna window an’ maybe they outta stop eatin’ alla candy an’ let it be.  Which is kinda weird, cuz Poppy’s usually the first one who wantsta do somethin’ kinda dangerous.


Aqua an Rosy started listenin’ to Poppy, tho, an’ they agreed maybe they outta get outta there.  But Meikio had finally gotten an entire candy offa roof, so she wasn’t listenin’ too good to her dolly sisters.


Then, outta blue, Meikiko heard somethin’ from behind her, near the back of th’ house, an’ when she turned, she saw lotta curly red.  She yelled, “Witch!” an’ threw her candy down an’ alla Littles high-tailed it outta there.

Poppy said the witch was sayin’ somethin’ as they ran, but not a one of ’em stopped t’ hear what she hadda say.  I think every one of ’em was thinkin’ hard bout Hansel an’ Gretel an’ how that story ended, an’ they sure didn’ wanna have no part of it!  They woulda gotten lost but for the rocks they left, an’ afore too long, they cam burstin’ outta woods at our house an’ came runnin’ in.

Oh my gumdrops!

I told ’em I was glad they got home safe.  An’ I made ’em all promise me they wouldn’ go wanderin’ off again without gettin’ a big doll t’ go with ’em.  They said ok.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get one of ’em to take me back to see it.


(ps:  from Kestrel’s BEAN:  The gingerbread house was constructed by my two little beans and their friend.  They kindly allowed me–encouraged me, even!–to take pictures with the Littles, which prompted this story line.  Thanks, guys!)

Last days atta beach

I wrote this last bit after we’d left the beach, cuz there wasn’t time to enjoy it all an’ write up about it.  So I’m a bit late with everythin’, but I hope maybe it’ll be ok.  Oh!  I forgot t’ mention: when we were packin’ up to come here, we found the missin’ ‘puter!  I’ll miss goin’ to Dolli Lane t’ borrow their ‘puter alla time, tho.  I’ll just hafta come up with new reasons for bein’ over there so much.

Goin’ out onna beach that last day, tho, I found alla missin’ birds!  They was out an’ about again, so I guess they weren’t worried no more about gettin’ stuffed an’ eaten.  Poor birds.  It’s awful they gotta worry bout that.  D’you think carrots an spinach an alla vegetables worry bout it too?  Geez.  If alla food we eat gets worried bout bein eaten, don’t we gotta, like, stop eatin’?  I’m gonna think ’bout that a bit more.  Cuz I don’ wanna starve, neither.

Anyhow.  Birds!  There was seagulls, an’ sandpipers, an’ pelicans, an’ alla sortsa birds I dunno what to call.  Some of ’em didn’ wanna sit still for a picture, but I got a few cuz they were playin’ inna water by the shore, where it was shallow.  The tide was comin’ in a bit too, so they kept runnin’ closer to where I was, then headin’ back out a bit afore they got scared an’ flew off.



Seein’ alla birds again was nice.  When I got back t’ the house, I helped Pip sort through alla shells she’d gathered, an’ we traded some back an forth.



After that, I kinda did a not-so-good thing: I left Wren an’ Nim with alla Littles an’ alla packin’ so I could hang out with Pip, cuz she was leavin’ to go with Smidge an Snip to a faraway place called Arkansas, where they’d be helpin’ more Hittys come alive. Sounded mighty cool, an’ I wish I could go with ’em, but not this year.  Wren didn’ mind.  So Pip an’ me, we hung out through the evenin’, laughin’ an playin’ an tellin’ stories an’ jokes an’ all.


When we got so tired we couldn’ see straight, we decided to go to sleep.  Pip hadda extra-big sleepin’ bag, so I tucked in with her an’ her Hitty friends.  It was nice, havin’ a sleepover.  Dunno why we didn’ think of it sooner.


There wasn’t much time inna mornin’ afore Pip an’ Smidge hadda go, so I helped Pip pack her stuff up real quick.  We each hadda cup of tea afore it was time for to go.  Even tho we neither one wanted to part, Pip hadda really awesome adventure waitin’.  So Pip an’ me hugged an’ hugged an’ said we’d keep in touch, an then we hadda go.


I wanted to stop her car from goin’, but I knew that was a selfish doll-friend thing to do, so I only sat onna windshield for a li’l bit.  Then I hopped off an’ waved nice an wished her good travels.  But boy, I’ll sure be missin’ my li’l friends.  Can’t wait for to hear about their new awesome adventures!

I helped Wren finish up alla packin’ (tho there wasn’t much left, she’d kept some for mornin’ cuz she knew I’d need somethin’ to keep my mind offa missin’ friends).  Then I got alla Littles inna travel box (oh my gumdrops!  so squished!  next time we goes somewhere, we gotta take the cargo crate so we ain’t pokin’ each other inna stomach an’ stuff!) an’ signaled to our bird-transport that we was ready to go.  We waved bye to the beach as we were takin’ off!

I’ll miss it here, but can’t wait to see what’s comin’ next.


Kylie’s Hat

While we was at the beach, I made a hat for Pip.  It was cute an’ purple an’ gray striped, an’ it had a pom pom atta top.  Wren showed me how.  She’d made one for me, cuz I said it was awful windy an’ cold onna beach early inna mornin’.  So Pip showed off her hat on Facebook, an’ Kylie saw it, an’ she said she’d love a hat like that too, cuz it’s gettin’ colder where she’s at an’ she wants somethin’ for to keep her head an ears warm.  So I’m gonna make Kylie a hat!



Hats is pretty simple.  At least, they are if you got the right fabric.  If I hadda start with somethin’ else, I think they wouldn’ be so simple.  Like if I was tryin’ make somethin’ with ears or somethin’ like what Wren an’ Nim made the Littles for Halloween, I’d be lost.  But this…yea…this I could do.

Pip agreed:  it looks like a hat.  I hope Kylie likes it!!


Grammy Happy knows Kylie’s postal, so she’s gonna help me get it cross the big water (beeg vater!  oh, Watership Down!  Maybe I can get Wren to read it again for the Littles…)

Anyhow, if any other friends wanna hat too, lemme know!  Leave a comment or somethin’ an’ lemme know your postal so I can make it an’ send it.  We gots all sortsa colors: pink, purple, turquoise, pinky-peach, lavender…  an they’re striped with gray, too.