Yesterday, I looked outta window an’ saw somethin’ amazing, somethin’ what made me wanna jump for joy.  It sure did make me gasp a soft breath an’ stare an’ smile.  Frost!  Cross the whole yard, it sparkled like diamonds and shined inna sun.  I opened the door an’ cold rushed in, then the warm billowed outta my mouth like a cloud of dragon steam. It was sharp an’ biting under m’toes, and the cold ran hop-skip-trembling up my spine, alla way up to the top of my head.  I stood there for a li’l, watchin’ the sun come up bit by bit, makin’ alla frost sparkle out farther an’ farther…  least, ’til I started tremblin’ with fits an’ starts cuz I was so cold, an’ Wren came an pull me back inna house, scoldin’ that I was like t’ catch a cold an’ here I was lettin’ alla warm air out an’…   She went on for a bit, but she was smilin’ too.

Cuz now I know for true:

Winter is comin’.


2 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Ooh – that is so pretty. We were up early yesterday – before 7, if you can believe it, but we didn’t have that here. But do be careful…don’t want you catching a cold. 🙂


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