Turkey Day: Where’s alla birds?

So…t’day’s Thanksgiving.  Turkey Day.  Somethin’ bout celebratin’ some Pilgrims what settled in this country an’ managed to stay alive cuz some Indians came an helped ’em.  They mighta starved, but they didn’t.  They grew crops, like our gardens, an’ they hadda harvest, an’ they feasted for three days straight.  Buncha Native Americans came an’ helped ’em too, an’ that was good, cuz they (the Native Americans) known how t’ make America land grow stuff but the Pilgrims didn’t have a clue.  Least, not at first.  So now we have a big dinner cuz we remember what they done an’ how they survive inna place they ain’t never seen afore.  I guess they were mighty glad they ain’t starved–at least, the ones that were still alive.  Wren says a bunch didn’t make it that long, either, an’ the feast was just with the ones that lived an’ their Native American friends.

Lotsa food, like sweet potato an’ green bean an’ cranberry an’ YUM.  But the big piece is a roasted, toasted turkey.  Turkeys are big birds, so it’s good for a big dinner.  Right?  Seems like.  Anyhow, I’m kinda not sure how I feel bout it, cuz I’m named after a bird, an’ Wren is too, but traditions is traditions.  Least they don’t eat Kestrels or Wrens or nothin’.

Still, made me feel knda sorry for all sortsa birds, so I took some bread out to the beach.  It was warmer’n afore, which was awful nice, but there were lotsa people onna beach.  An’ no birds.  None.


I walked far far down one way.  Nuttin’.


Then I turned around an went t’other way til I got to the pier.


Still nuttin’.

I kept stoppin’ an lookin’ out atta waves, hopin’ maybe I’d see the pelicans from afore, but they wasn’t there.  No pelicans. No seagulls. No sandpipers. No li’l plovers.  No nuttin’.  Dunno where alla birds went.  Maybe they heard was Turkey Day an’ they hid.  Wouldn’t blame ’em none.

So I turned ’round an’ went back.  Didn’t even bother stoppin’ t’look for shells.  There were so many people.  An’ the sun was beatin’ hot like it should, like it was parta the hot hot place  of South Carolina.  I liked that.  There were people fishin’ too, just castin’ lines out inna ocean an’ waitin’ for a fish t’nibble.  Maybe I outta worry bout the fish too?  Nah.  Dunno no fish-bake holiday times.

Then, alla sudden, I saw a shadow onna sand.  An I looked up.  An’ there it was: the lone bird of Thanksgiving day!


I tossed it alla bread I had an’ went home happy.


Playtime atta Beach!

Oh yes!  Alla we went down to the beach!  I dragged down Wren, an’ Nim said the Littles could come play, an’ Pip tagged along, an’ Riki an Sippie!  Witch too. I couldn’ get Smidgie to come, tho.  She said she’d go if the sand was pink, but it wasn’t, so she didn’t wanna go again.  Not yet.  I think maybe she didn’ wanna get all sandy.  Maybe?

Anyhow, alla rest of us went out.  It was way way windy an totally awesome an’ I so wished I’d had a kite!  I did take my new hat, cuz I wanna keep m’ears warm.  We all piled onna rock for a group shot first.  Takin’ group pictures is tough.  Sometimes alla people look atta camera, but usually someone’s lookin’ up atta sky, or someone’s daydreamin’, or a doggy ran past an’ someone couldn’t help but watch an’ giggle…  An’ some of the Littles was bein’ silly. It was pretty good tho. For a big group shot.


(Left to Right, Top to Bottom.  Top: Pip, Vega, Aqua, Wren, Rikki, Nim, Sippie.  Bottom: The Witch, Hazel, Kestrel (me!), Poppy, Meikiko, Rosy)

Then alla Littles wanted t’go down an’ play, so they skip-ran down the beach, an Vega ran after ’em so they wouldn’ get inna too much trouble.  Least, not all alone.  They mighta gotten inna trouble with Vega.  An’ bein’ in trouble with a bigger dolly sister is better’n bein’ in trouble all by your lonesome, right?  Seems like it’d be.


They were good for a bit.  Meikiko dug around inna sand, an Rosie sat down with a shell she’d found.  So did Pip an’ Aqua.  But Poppy kept lookin’ out atta beach an’ atta ocean.


Then, alla sudden, Poppy started pointin’ out atta ocean, beggin’ Vega to take ’em down closer to the ocean cuz she thought she saw somethin’.  Vega wasn’t too keen on takin’ alla Littles down there, tho.  But Poppy kept on with her pointin’ an askin’.


So Hazel an’ I said we’d take her down.  The others said they didn’t know if they wanna get so close t’ the water, cuz they didn’ know how to swim.  An’ Wren mention that maybe there’d be sharks or somethin’.  So we said we’d be super careful.  Aqua an’ Meikiko wanted t’come too.  So down the beach we marched!


We sat there an’ played for a bit.  It wasn’t a good place for shells, but it was great for diggin’.  Meikiko started a hole to the center of the world, an Aqua found herself the only shell around.  I was watchin’ some pelicans out over the water, divin’ down to catch fish an flyin’ back up.  Every now an’ then, one of ’em would open its wings an flap over the waves afore it settled back down.

Poppy kept askin’ to go down closer to the water.  Hazel wasn’t too comfortable with that, but I said I’d take her down an’ Hazel could stay mid-way with Meikiko an’ Aqua.  So I took Poppy by her hand an’ led her down closer. We didn’t quite get to the waves, but we got awful close.


When Poppy asked if she could go closer still, I hadda tell her no, we were close enuff.  It was still pretty awesome.  An’ we weren’t standin’ there very long, but we could see the waves creepin’ closer an closer.  We finally hadda back up so the waves wouldn’ get us!

While we was off playin’, the witch was out lookin’ for spell ingredients inna sand.  Dunno quite what she found, but she seemed awful happy.  We gathered her afore goin’ back t’ the house.



Alla we at Myrtle Beach, SC

We had so much fun today!  Alla we went down to play onna beach.  We found some pretty pretty seashells an played inna sand.  I hoped maybe we’d see Jax the dog again, but he wasn’t out playin’ with his ball.  Saw a poor doggy stuck on a balcony, barking, but then his people came out an let him in.  Oh! An’ there were pelicans an seagulls an seaweed.  I was hopin’ maybe we’d see a dolphin or somethin’, but Wren said she didn’t think it was good dolphin weather or somethin’.  What kinda weather does a dolphin like?  How can it tell what the weather’s gonna be if it’s swimmin’ inna sea??  I didn’t see dolphins today, but I’m gonna keep lookin’ tomorrow.

We came ‘cross bunches of beach chairs out onna sand an though maybe it’d make a nice picture.  So alla we stood pretty an got our picture taken together, as one big family. Alla dolli sisters an’ cousins an’ friends.  It was good to do that.  We took another up onna porch when we got back to the house, too.



(Left t’ right: back: Sippie, Wren, Rikki, Hazel, me!, Vega. middle: Snip, Poppy, Nim, Smidge, Lily Kitten, Pip, Kitty Kitten, Angel Kitten. bottom: Meikiko, the Witch, Winter (who was kinda havin’ a hard time keepin’ it all t’gether today), Baby Bunny, Aqua, Rosy, House Boy)

When we got back inside, Rikki told me I outta go back out an stomp my boots some more cuz I was makin a mess still.  So I sat down an’ tooka look, an’ sure enough, she was right.  I oughta’ve wiped my boots off a bit more.  I had all sortsa sand stuck inna treads!  I went out an’ cleaned ’em up a bit, but I took a picture first so’s I could remember!  How cool, right?  I mean, there’s sand in m’ boots!


Tomorrow’s gonna be awesome. I just know it!




Oh my gumdrops! We’re here!!


There was a lotta traveling, an it was far-far travel again.  Smidge says we’re at the same super hot place we went to before, but a different part?  It’s not so hot here.  I like it.  I wanted to travel in the Cargo Crate we got, but Wren said it was kinda too much bigger’n she thought we should bring, so we left it at home an’ traveled in a smaller box.  Too tight.  . I really think we’da been more comfortable in the Cargo Crate.  But that’s ok!  We’re here!!!  Onna way, we found a super sad frog, so we brought him with.  More about him later, tho.

So, first thing, I went down to the beach this mornin’.


Brrrrrr.  There’s no way this is the same super hot place we been to afore.  No way.  But the beach was awesome!  So awesome, I think I might hafta start lovin’ beaches even more’n snow.  Well, maybe not more’n snow, but a whole lot.  Yeah.  ‘Cept this is beach weather inna winter, an it’s a whole lot colder’n I thought it might be.  Alla I brought for wearin’ was shorts.  Oops.  Good thing we got some blankets an stuff.

But I wasn’t gonna let somethin’ like a little cold stop me from explorin’ a great place like a beach.  There was all sortsa water, an tons of sand, an shells, an birds, an wind, an waves.  I got out an walked down to the shore, just lookin’ around.  There was so much to see.  An other folk was out there too, doin’ the same, or lookin for shells, or walkin’ dogs, or runnin’ around.  I even saw a super cool girl who was playin’ her violin!  But she was awful shy, so I didn’ take a picture or anythin’.  But her playin’ was good, an’ it was spooky-cool t’ listen to it onna beach.


I hadda be careful bout the water, tho.  I only brought one pair of boots.  I thought maybe I could take ’em off an run around barefoot, but I figgered that’d be like walking on frost an maybe Wren’d yell (and for sure she’d yell if I went inna ocean water wearin’ my only boots), so I spent mosta my time onna beach, lookin’ for shells.  Found some nice ones, awful pretty ones.  Findin’ shells is fun.  It’s like a treasure hunt.  I’ll take pictures sometime of ’em for ya.

I went back where we was stayin’ afore too long. It was cold cold cold!  Who’da thought a beach’d be that cold!?  I mean, if it was snow, at least I’d expect for it to be cold like that.  But this was somethin’ else.  Lotsa lotsa fun, but cold too.  Made some tea with mint when I got back to the house.  It warmed me up some so I wasn’t shakin’ like a leaf inna wind.

Later on, it warmed up a bit, an I dragged Wren out with Pip an’ Smidge.  We had such fun!  There wan’t so much wind, an’ the sun had warmed up the sand a bit.  Water was still cold, but the rest was perfect.  We found so many shells!


An’ we met a man with an awesome cool dog named Jax.  He let us play with his dog.  Jax hadda ball, an we got to throw it for him, an he’d run and grab it outta the air an’ run it back.  Then we’d throw it again an’ out he’d go til he got it again.  When he brung it back, he’d drop the ball from a couple feet off an look atcha like he was waitin’ for the fun to begin…  He was a really nice dog.  He was smallish, but not tiny, an’ he had floppy ears an’ a fluffy tail an’ he had a soft black coat that wasn’t  super short but had some soft length to it.  Anyhow, when his owner figgered we’d played enough, he told his puppy to take the ball to the ocean an’ wash it off. An’ the dog did it!  I asked Wren again if we could please please please have a puppy.  She said she’d maybe think about it!  I’m so happy!

I like the beach.  I can’t wait to do more tomorrow!


A trip! and Reconciliation (maybe…?)

Smidge says we outta come with her an Pip (an Snip an Riki an Sippie) to the beach.  “We” is everybody: me, Wren, Hazel, Nim, Vega, an alla Littles.  Alla we!  I think they gotta have a super big house, or maybe we’ll be campin’ again?  But I wanna go.  I ain’t never seen a beach, so I’m super excited.  An’ happy that I getta go with alla my friends.  I jus’ gotta get Wren to say she’s gonna come too.  The Littles’ll say yes, no question.  An’ Nim’ll say yes, cuz it gives her some time off an a good field trip for them.  An’ the others’ll go along cuz it means they get a good trip.

But I hadda good idea.  I’m gonna ask if the witch wanna come.  I sent her a plate of cookies an a note an a hope for maybe she’d understand why I went an whack her familiar with a broom.  I thought maybe the witch could look for ingredients an’ stuff for her spellwork.  So I went an knock on her door an waited.

I thought maybe she’d come out shootin’ magic at me or yellin’ or somethin’, but nah, she came out an look at me.  She listen what I hadda say about goin’ t’ the beach an how she could use it to look for spellstuff an maybe I could help her too.  Her familiar was in the room, just lookin’ at me too.  It didn’t come any closer, tho.  Atta end, she say maybe yea, she’d think about it some.  Then she close up her door, an I gone away thinkin’ maybe she’s gonna come.

Super excited.  Gotta go pack.  See ya soon!



Yesterday, I looked outta window an’ saw somethin’ amazing, somethin’ what made me wanna jump for joy.  It sure did make me gasp a soft breath an’ stare an’ smile.  Frost!  Cross the whole yard, it sparkled like diamonds and shined inna sun.  I opened the door an’ cold rushed in, then the warm billowed outta my mouth like a cloud of dragon steam. It was sharp an’ biting under m’toes, and the cold ran hop-skip-trembling up my spine, alla way up to the top of my head.  I stood there for a li’l, watchin’ the sun come up bit by bit, makin’ alla frost sparkle out farther an’ farther…  least, ’til I started tremblin’ with fits an’ starts cuz I was so cold, an’ Wren came an pull me back inna house, scoldin’ that I was like t’ catch a cold an’ here I was lettin’ alla warm air out an’…   She went on for a bit, but she was smilin’ too.

Cuz now I know for true:

Winter is comin’.


Confronting the Witch

Ok.  I been thinking about this for a bit.  That witch tricked me.  An’ she did it so she could keep the monster for herself.  But who was the one who did alla work?  An’ who now has to keep an eye on her an’ her monster t’ make sure nobody else gets hurt?

I’m upset with the witch.

So I pulled on my trusty pink hiking boots (cuz I might have to stomp someone–or something), grabbed a hat, and hiked on over to Dolli Lane.  The witch an I hadda have a talk.

I kissed alla Littles on the head first so they wouldn’t know nothin’ was wrong.  They were still wearin’ their little animal hats, too.  I’d been afraid maybe seein’ ’em would make me not wanna talk to the witch (cuz there’s nothin’ better for gettin’ rid of a foul mood than a smilin’ Little), but it just made me wanna keep them safe even more.  Nim saw me too, but she just stepped aside an’ lemme pass.

I barged inna witch’s attac.  No knocking this time.  The time for politeness was past.  An’ the first thing I seen?  The witch, standin’ over some fancy new witchy pot.  She looked up at me but didn’t say nothin’ at first.


“What’d you do with the monster?” I asked.  “I seen you let it outta the cage.”

Still no words, but she pointed off inna corner.  An’ there, blendin’ in with some shadows, sat some little beasty, some weird cat-goat-scorpion-creature.  It sorta looked like the thing she let outta the cage, but it was so much smaller’n the monster, so much…less.


I still didn’t trust it none.

It slid up close to the witch, rubbin’ against her leg like a cat.  “It is my familiar now,” she said.  She pet it, kinda fondly, then she grabbed her broom like we weren’t talkin’ an all she hadda worry about was keepin’ her place clean.  While she swept, she kept talkin’. “I needed to bind it to me for one of my college assignments, but the portal I cast was not stable.  It was the fault of the tool I used.  Cooking pots do not make for good magic tools. They remnants of their former uses taint the spells.  But now, I have earned my cauldron. Such mistakes will not happen again.”  She set her broom down beside her an’ looked back at me.


“I don’t care what you got now,” I said.  I was kinda yelling, I was so mad.  “You said you would make the monster go away, but here it is.  Maybe it looks smaller, but it’s still got a monster’s heart.  I ain’t gonna see my friends hurt anymore.”

Alla sudden, the monster came rushin’ at me, hissin’ and growlin’. It got between me an’ the witch an’ went all splay-legged, fur bristling.


I shouldn’ta let my guard down.  I shoulda been ready for it, but it took me by surprise.  I really wasn’t expectin’ to see the monster here.  I balled up my fists, an’ the witch laughed.  She laughed.  Then I saw her broom, so I snagged it.  Knocked m’ hat right off my head.


“He will not hurt you,” she said again.  Yeah, right.  Big fangs. Poison-tipped tail.  Hard, goat-like horns.  Smallish or not, it still looked like it could do plenty of damage.

“Call your dog off,” I warned her,  “or I’m gonna beat it down.”

She just laughed again.

No more warnings.  I smacked it with the broom.  It flew ‘cross the room an’ nearly knocked her chair over when it hit.

She gasped and rushed to help it and started crooning to it like it was some hurt baby.  I shoulda cared.  I don’t wanna hurt things most times, but she hadda know:  I wasn’t playin’ no more.

“Keep your beast onna leash,” I told her.  “If I hear that it’s hurt any of the Littles or Nim or anyone, if I even hear it’s gotten outta this room, I’m gonna come back an’ kill it.”  I dropped her broom and grabbed back my hat an’ left.


Monster-Familiar threatened.  Witch warned.  I’m a little worried bout what she might do to retaliate, but that’s all maybe-future stuff.  If it happens, I’ll deal with it then.  (but…note to self: plan these things before they come up.  Shoulda rehearsed more so I’d thought to include her in that death-threat. Oops.)

Anybody know how far magic can reach?