Access Denied

Ok.  So I hiked over to Dolli Lane this morning with my trusty pink rain boots on my feet (and a good thing too: the path was full of puddles from the overnight rains!)  Aqua answered the door and dragged me off to see their rocking horse.  I had to watch her rock for a bit, and Angel and Lily were in another corner of the room, playing pat-a-cake.  It was a happy way to spend time.  The Littles always make me smile.

But I went looking for Nim after a while, when I could get away.  Found her upstairs with Poppy and Kitty, reading a book.  I didn’t want to interrupt, so I sat down.  They were reading Surviving the Applewhites. Nim even passed me some of the reading, and the Littles enjoyed listening, even though I wasn’t as good as Nim.  By the time I looked up, the crowd of Littles was two or three kids deep.  Wow.

I like that book!  It makes me think we should set up a creative school for all of us.  I’ll have to talk about it with Nim and Wren later.

But back to my mission.  When we set the book aside, I told Nim I needed to speak to the witch.  She gave me a funny look.  I know nobody talks to the witch, but it doesn’t mean we can’t.  We just don’t.

Then there was a little tug on my sleeve.  When I looked down, Winter was standing just beside me.  She said that she didn’t think the witch was accepting visitors today.  It wasn’t the right phase of the moon or something.  Made me scratch my head. What kinda person only talks to other people when the moon is one shape or another?  Then she said maybe I could get in if I brought the witch a gift.

Yeah.  No.  I told Winter thanks, but I was gonna go talk to the witch.  We need answers.  So I marched up the rickety attic stairs and knocked on the door at the top.  At first, there was nothing. I was gonna knock again, when a voice from the other side asked “Who’s there?”

“Kestrel,” I said.

“Kestrel who?” the voice said.

“Kestrel me.  Let me in, please. I gotta ask you about monsters.”

“The witch is not taking visitors today.  Come back in two days, when the moon is but a ghost.  And bring a mushroom.  It will appease the spirits.”

“That’s crazy.  We need help now.  The monster won’t wait for the moon or mushrooms.”  And I knocked three more times.  But the witch wasn’t there.  And the door was locked.  So I went back down.

Nim didn’t have the key to the attic anymore.  She says she thinks the witch took it.  Which is a shame, cuz the kitchen for Dolli Lane is in the attic.  They’ve been eating lots of salads lately, which is ok.  The veggies come from the garden, and they can get water from the pump.  And Vega’s got a nice firecircle out back where she puts pots on to boil to make tea or to boil eggs or something.  But it’s gonna be harder in the winter.  I hope the witch lets them in then.

So now I gotta go back home to tell Wren that we still got nothing, because the witch won’t talk until the moon is a ghost and she gets mushrooms.  Ugh!!  Witches.

While I was writing this on Vega’s computer, I checked on my Facebook page and saw a picture that gave me an idea.  My friend Sippie posted a picture of her and her new friend Riki.  And I remembered that Sippie comes from a long line of vampires, even though she’s a vegetarian and only drinks O-neg.  Vampires are kinda like monsters.  Maybe she an’ her family can help us figure out what kinda monster we got and how to make it go away for good.

But mushrooms…where’m I gonna get mushrooms? Does she want them for her soup, or for a spell?  And what kinda mushrooms?!

Ok.  Sippie first.  Then home with the bad news.  Then mushroom hunting.  Then back to the witch.

Wish me luck.


One thought on “Access Denied

  1. Witches can be quite difficult. Our Hitty witches are like that. Only a few brave Hittys will venture up the mountain to visit them, and usually only if they have something to give them. Gifts are, apparently, your ticket in. Mushrooms do come in cans, you know (that from Sippie, who is our committed vegetarian).


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