Sweet Treats: Ramune soda


Wren had a fun idea!  We’re going to present some sweet treats to you.

Our first sweet treat:  Ramune soda, complete with a cool marble used to pop open the drink!  The marble’s the best part.  It makes this awesome sound when it pops into its spot and the rattling noise as you drink is giggle-inducing.


All we had left unopened was the original flavor.  We drank the others too fast.  My favorite was strawberry.  Wren liked the orange.  We had tons of fun trying these different flavors out.

Vega told me she’s absolutely going to figure out a way to get the marble out after the drink is gone.  I think she’s going to have a hard time doing it.  It was so hard to get the marble in in the first place!  But Vega’s smart, so I’m sure she’ll figure something out.

More sweet treats and more marble drinks later!

Hot, lazy days

We haven’t been doing much lately.  It’s been too hot.  Sticky hot, popsicle-melting hot, go live in a cool pool hot.  Makes me wish for winter.  But I always wish for winter!

One night, when we were all tired of salads and sandwiches, Juniper rolled up her sleeves and made us something called “sushi.”  Vega helped her.  It kept the kitchen cool, because all they cooked was some rice.  Then they wrapped it up in seaweed, added some other ingredients (like avocado and sweet potato and crab), and cut the seaweed-rice rolls into small circles.  Wren and I squeezed lemons to make lemonade, and dinner was served!


I admit: I like seaweed.  I like it a great deal more than I thought I would.  We all ate until we thought maybe our stomachs would explode.  Afterwards (and thankfully it was after), Juniper said that some kinds of sushi are made with raw fish. Wren and I looked at each other and quickly said no thanks: we like the veggie version.  Juniper just shrugged and smiled, the way she does, and said there’d be more for her to eat, then.

That night, though, my stomach hurt. A lot. Wren brought me cool water with mint leaves to sip.  She tucked me into bed with my stuffed bunny, then she lay down beside me and told me funny stories until my stomach stopped hurting.  It was really nice.  I like it when I get to spend time with just Wren.  There are so many of us now that it doesn’t happen very often.  Each chance is like a sweet memory, a drop of honey in the mind.


Meikiko found a music player that works with earphones.  She’s in heaven.  She doesn’t need to blast her music through the house now when she’s practicing her dance moves.  Plus she said she can tune into different radio stations, so she’s not limited to the music she had before.  I like playing with her music maker, but I have a hard time tuning to a station so we get more than static.  I think the device is in good hands with Meikiko.


Wren mentioned two things:  we might be getting a surprise soon (yay! I love surprises!) and we need to clean soon.  Even I noticed that.  The floors are getting messy as we track dirt in from outside.  Since it’s been so hot, there’s more and more dust everywhere.  We’ll break out the brooms and do a clean sweep  to shake the dirt out.

But, before that, some sort of surprise!   Wren seemed to think that we’d all like it. I wonder what it might be?