Friends at Dolli Lane

Wren and I were over at Dolli Lane, helping Nim with the Littles.  I remembered to take my camera this time!  So I wanted to introduce our friends over yonder.

First off, there’s Nim.  She does an amazing job of caring for all the Littles.  She’s good with them, and they all listen to her.  It’s pretty incredible.  I can’t get the lot of them to get in a line, much less clean up after breakfast, but they’ll do anything she asks them to do.  Nim is Wren’s best friend.  They’re both quiet, and they love to read, and they’re both super super smart.  Nim does all the cooking, and she’s really good at it (don’t tell Wren, but sometimes I sneak over there for lunch cuz I love Nim’s cooking so much!)  She has a problem with one of her eyes, though.  Glasses from the government didn’t help, so she just got an eye patch.  I think it makes her look really fierce!


Our friend Hazel has been over at Dolli Lane lately, helping Nim with the Littles.  I wanted to make sure to mention her too.  Hazel’s crazy and wild and always up for a good adventure.  Hazel’s really good with computers, too, like Vega.  It’s funny to watch them sitting on computers, working on something.  Their fingers fly!

Then there’s a whole pack of Littles.  The first at the orphanage was Aqua, who is a super sweet little girl with a big heart.  She loves to play outside in the grass and flowers.  Winter’s hard for her.  Maybe someday though I’ll find a way to show her how beautiful winter is.


And there are these little cats, like our friend Kitty.  I think they were all born from the same litter & they’re sisters?  They haven’t really said anything about it, but they kinda look like they’re the same age and size, and they act like sisters.  I guess that might be cuz they’re all cats, but…?  Anyhow, I talked about Kitty earlier, but I wanted to introduce you to her sisters Lily (gray) and Angel (white).  When the three of them get together, things get pretty crazy and LOUD!  It’s awesome.



There’s Poppy, too.  She showed up on our doorstep a few months back, but she spends a lot of time over with Nim and the others at Dolli Lane.  That’s ok.  It’s good to have friends your own age.  And Nim never seems to mind. She says that, the more there are, the better they seem to take care of each other.  They have a big garden out back, and she puts them all to work out there every morning. So it helps cut down on food costs.  She was talking too about maybe getting some chickens for eggs and goats for milk and stuff.  But more about those plans later.  Poppy.


And the last little is Rosie.  She arrived at Dolli Lane at about the same time as Meikiko showed up on our step.  I don’t think they knew each other, though.  But Rosie walks around on her tiptoes and twirls like a dancer, like Meikiko, so I can’t help but wonder a little bit…  She has pink hair like Nim, and she’ll follow Nim around like a shadow.  It’s super cute to watch them.  Now that Nim has an eyepatch, I think Rosie’s gonna be looking for one too.  I think she already stole the glasses.  At least, Nim said she can’t find them.  And Nim’s really careful with stuff.  But I’m not gonna go poking through Rosie’s things.  If she’s got the glasses, then they’re hers.  Nobody else really needs them now.


Last but not least, there’s a witch that lives in the attic at Dolli Lane. The Littles are terrified of her!  I’ve snuck up into her workroom before with Hazel when we were playing truth or dare one day.  We had to come back with a vial of ingredients to prove we’d been up there.  I swear she has monsters in the corners and a scorpion and a crystal ball and a big spellbook.  Meikiko told me once she’s so scared of the witch that she won’t stay overnight at Dolli Lane, but I think she’s braver than that.  Or she will be someday.  I think the witch is pretty cool.  She’s enrolled in a witch college.  But I haven’t talked to her much either.  I think maybe Nim has, but I can’t ask her about it or the witch might know I’m asking about her, and that seems kinda scary.


I think that’s everybody at Dolli Lane.  There’s a lot of folks over there!  Nim says she wants to teach all the Littles how to do ballet.  I think she’s nuts.  But she thinks that some of the things I do are nuts, too, so I guess it’s a fair trade.


With love,

Tiny Dancer shares her name!

One of my little friends, Tiny Dancer, has finally shared her name!  Once she pulled herself together, she whispered it (very quietly) to Hazel, who told Poppy, who told Kitty, who probably would have kept it to herself but for want of a saucer of milk.  In exchange for milk, she told Wren, who told me.  And a good thing she did, or I might never have found out! (at least, that’s what I told Wren).  Of course, she told me so I’d sort the socks…  Never mind that Tiny Dancer was twirling around the house all day, singing her name for the world to hear.  She was cute.  And she’s a good dancer, too!  And following her meant I dodged the socks one more time.  Not sure how long that’s gonna last.  Wren’s getting a bit irked about the pile.

But more about socks later.  Today is all about Tiny Dancer!  (Oops.  I promised I wouldn’t call her that.  It’s just so hard not to.)  I mean, today is all about our friend, Meikiko, and her pretty dance.


I can’t wait to see what tomorrow might bring!