Doll Family

Morning, everybody!  I thought maybe I should introduce my family to you.  This won’t be everybody I know (‘cuz there’s a whole other family of dolls down the way at Dolli Lane) and I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of everybody, but it’s a start.

Of course, there’s me, Kestrel.  But you all know me, so that’s easy.  I love snow. I hate socks.  Some day, I want a dog (but Wren says it’ll be too much trouble).  I’ll find one, though.


Somebody I’ve mentioned a lot already is my doll sister, Wren.  She’s good at taking care of all of us.  She loves to read a lot too.  She’s kinda like a mom to us, but in a good way (not like a bossy mom who yells a lot.  I have never heard Wren yell).  Wren’s really good at telling bedtime stories, and she makes us all feel better when we get hurt.  She’s awesome, and beautiful, and I love her a lot.  I don’t know what we’d do without her.


Then there’s my friend, Vega.  She’s pretty crazy.  She loves pranks, and she loves adventures.  We have lots of fun together.  Sometimes our fun makes Wren a little cross, but she always forgives us.  Vega’s really good with computers, too, so if we need to know something, she’s the person we go to for help.


(in case you were wondering about the rabbit, he’s here on loan from the Hittys.  He was carved in Pennsylvania at a place called Pendle Hill by an amazing woman named Janet Cordell)

There are some Littles that live with us too.  There’s a gray cat.  I call her Kitty because she won’t tell me her name yet.  She has a problem with her eyes, and it makes her shy.  They have something like a film over them.  Wren helps her wash them with marigold water every morning.  It seems to be helping, but very slowly.  (and it’s been hard to find marigolds in the winter)  We’re hoping that maybe her eyes get better so she can see soon.  And there’s another Little that I call Tiny Dancer.  She can’t tell me her name yet either.

I have more friends, too, like Vega and Poppy.  They’re both over at Dolli Lane right now, helping my other friend, Nym, take care of the bunches of Littles that live there.  Nym said once that the government keeps sending her orphans?  Sometimes Wren and I go over to help her too, cuz taking care of all those Littles is a lot of work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get pictures of everybody else soon, too, so you know who I’m talking about!


Spring Trees

It got cold again.  I hoped maybe, maybe…  but Wren said no, there’d be no snow.  I moped until she threatened me with sorting the socks again.  Ugh! Socks.  No way.  So I slipped outside instead.  Somebody else can do the socks…

It was nice outside.  Chilly.  Windy.  Perfect for early spring.  And there were flowers everywhere in the trees!  I though maybe the cold would chase them back to sleep, but there they were, bright and waiting for the sun.  So I climbed higher to take a look.


Once in the trees, it was like there was a whole new world!  One of leaves and flowers and limbs and sun.  I like it up high.  There are no socks.  And all the flowers already match.  Trees are so smart.



I kinda felt like a bird.  Someday, I’d like to try to fly.  Next time there’s lots of wind (but it’s not so cold), I’ll give it a go.  Until then, though, there’s plenty to do on the ground, too.  Or in the trees. I found some purple flowers, and some white flowers.


The tree with the white flowers had some nice, comfy branches, so I sat back into one of the crooks and chilled for a bit, looking around.  It was nice and peaceful.


Then I spied something down on the ground.


Not really on the ground, though.  It was sort of in the trunk.  It looked a little bit like a dark shadow.  Or maybe a cave?  I thought I’d take a closer look.

Yep, it definitely looked like a cave.  I wondered if anything lived in there?  I peeked in.


The cave was really dark. And it smelled kinda funny.  Kinda like something lived there.  I saw footprints, and scratches in the dirt, and I thought I heard snuffling from deep inside…  Maybe it was a chipmunk, or a squirrel, or a rabbit.  Or maybe it was something scarier, like a wolf?  Or maybe a bear…?  Spring was the season for bears to wake up, wasn’t it?  Suddenly, going deeper into the cave did not seem like such a good idea!


When I got home, Wren didn’t even ask me where I’d been.  She just picked the twigs out of my hair and made me wash my boots off before I came in.  She handed me a  fuzzy blanket and a cup of warm tea.

She didn’t mention the basket of socks. But I know they’re still in the corner.  One day, when I’m feeling brave, I’ll take them out to the cave for whatever was sleeping deep in the shadows.