Did I say that I love snow?  I love snow.  But it doesn’t fall enough.  Too much warm.  Too much sun! Too much rain.  Who needs rain when you could have snow?

Now, I admit, having some sun is good.  It makes going hiking and camping loads easier.  And if I ever had to fight anything like a dragon or something, I’d definitely want to do it when there’s sun in the sky and nice, hard ground.  But not too hard.  I’d want something soft to fall on, like grass.  But snow is just…snow is just so much fun.  How could you not wish for more of it?

I came to this house when it was winter.  And it was so much fun when the snow came!  My doll-sister Wren wouldn’t always let me go out to play, no matter how hard I stomped my boots and begged, but I did manage to sneak out one time…

I got up early that day and ran to the window to check.  I couldn’t tell if there was a lot of moonlight on the ground, making it glow bright, or if that was actual snow.  Nope, that was actual snow!  So, quietly, I got dressed, pulling on my boots and coat and hat.  I had to be super quiet so I wouldn’t wake Wren.  I didn’t want to hear her fuss and tell me I couldn’t go out.  I was like a ninja!




I stopped to check out the window one last time, making sure it was really, really snow, and I had to check on Wren to make sure she was still asleep, but then I went outside with my sled and into the snow!

It was still falling, all these pretty white flakes drifting down from the sky.  The trees were all covered in white, and the sky was dark, and it was like I’d walked into another world.  It was awesome!!


I caught snowflakes on my tongue for a little bit before I realized how much time I was wasting (Wren could wake at any time!).  I hiked for a little bit, looking for a good hill.  I really wanted to try out the sled.  It didn’t take long to find one!

The sled was so much fun!!  The first time I went down, it was kinda scary.  I didn’t know how to stop it or anything.  I wound up in a snowbank.


But the snowbank was awesome too.  Cold, but awesome.


It made me think about other things I could do with snow, like make snowballs.


Then I realized I didn’t have anyone to throw them at.  I tried playing with a squirrel, but the squirrel wasn’t having none of it.  He just ran up a tree and scolded me from the branch.  I guess I’d yell at someone too if they tried to chuck a snowball at me the moment I woke up.

I did some quieter stuff too.  I tried to make a snow angel, but it wasn’t very good.  I’ll need to practice more.  It just looked like I lay down in the snow and thrashed around a bit.  Too embarrassing to share. (But really, how hard is it to make a snow angel!?  Little kids make them all the time.)


And I went exploring through the woods, which was neat.  It was cold, and dark, and so very quiet.  I’d never seen the woods like that before.


But I went home finally.  I didn’t want to worry Wren, and I was starting to get a little cold.  She wasn’t too mad at me for sneaking off.  She just made me change out of my wet clothes and curl up under a blanket until my fingers weren’t so numb.  She listened as I told her about how cool it was out in the snow.  Wren’s a really good listener.  She didn’t want to go out herself, though.

And it’s good I went out when I did, because the snow melted before mid-afternoon.  So now I have to wait for the next snowfall, cuz I forgot to try to make a snowman.  Oops.

There’d better be more snow.




Hi!  My name is Kestrel.  I find myself in the middle of an awfully exciting life, and I wanted to share it with you.  I’m glad you found my page!  I’m new to the whole “writing about myself” thing, though, so be patient while I figure it out.  But I think it’ll be fun, and I do so love to have fun!!

Some background stuff:  I am a 1:6, 21cm Ruruko doll made by a company in Japan called Petworks (CCSgirl 15AW Ruruko Girl).  I’m supposed to be part of a twin set, but I’ve never met my twin.  The adoption agency kinda messed that one up, I guess!  Maybe we can have a family reunion someday.

I like to play games and have fun.  I like to explore new places and things, so I’m always getting into loads of trouble.  My favorite thing in the world is SNOW, so I guess you could say I love winter.  Snow is just so much fun!  You can make things out of it, you can flop down in it and not get hurt, you can have snowball fights, you can catch snowflakes on your tongue!  Snow season is almost gone, though, so I gotta wait a whole year for more.  Ugh.  I hate waiting!  Maybe there’ll be more fun stuff to do while I wait for snow.  You’ll have to check back here to see!